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02.18.2017 by MCoC Team

Elder’s War Battlerealm Updates

Big changes are on the horizon! As the Grandmaster starts to make his play for control of The Contest, The Collector’s continued experimentation has started to reshape and rework the entirety of the Battlerealm. As this Elder’s War commences, the very rules of combat have been rewritten. Champion abilities, stats, synergies and many other factors […]

12.05.2016 by MCoC Team


v11.1 will be available Tuesday, December 6th! Here’s more on what to expect… Howard and Hyperion’s Holiday Hijinks The Battlerealm falls silent as the Collector sends his Champions away for a much-needed break while he retreats to a sanctuary to plan his next move against the Grandmaster. Left by the Collector to catalogue and organise […]

11.02.2016 by MCoC Team


Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” is in theaters on November 4th! There are powerful mystics at play, and the Battlerealm is not immune! Sorcerer’s Conclave has begun! The Collector has organized a tourney for his many Mystic Champions, but something dark lurks in the background of this event. Doctor Strange, his old friend Mordo, and the enigmatic […]

08.25.2016 by MCoC Team

Quest Rewards and Crystal Cornucopia Updates

We’ve recently made some updates to the Story Event Quest Rewards and Crystal Cornucopia. Below is a summary of the updates. Login to the game now to check it out! Story Event Quest Reward Update Terrigenocide Part 2 has an increased number of Tier 4 Basic Catalyst Fragments in Heroic difficulty (now at 18,000, up […]

08.23.2016 by MCoC Team

Mastery Point Recovery & Rank Up Changes

Masteries have come a long way since they were first released back in March 2015. Since then, we’ve opened a third Mastery tree: Utility. We’ve also added various new strategy-altering Mastery abilities, introduced several Mastery Core types, and more! All of these updates have had a major impact for Marvel Contest of Champions and we […]

07.13.2016 by MCoC Team

July 2016 Synergy & Mastery Update

Greetings Summoners, On July 26th, we will be performing a comprehensive update of our Mastery and Synergy systems. We will be making a significant change to the functionality of Willpower and removing the Leadership Synergy. In addition, we will be introducing four new Masteries and improving the Synergy Relationships of many of our Champions. These […]