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02.18.2017 by MCoC Team

Elder’s War Battlerealm Updates

Big changes are on the horizon! As the Grandmaster starts to make his play for control of The Contest, The Collector’s continued experimentation has started to reshape and rework the entirety of the Battlerealm. As this Elder’s War commences, the very rules of combat have been rewritten. Champion abilities, stats, synergies and many other factors […]

02.15.2017 by MCoC Team


Dormammu enters The Contest February 16th at 10AM PDT! About Dormammu: Dormammu was born to a race of powerful beings made of pure magical energy known as the Faltine, and has only one true desire: power. This desire drove him from his home world and brought him to the Dark Dimension, where he now rules […]

02.01.2017 by MCoC Team


The Hood enters The Contest February 2nd at 10AM PDT! About The Hood: Always fascinated with super humans, young petty thief Parker Robbins used his gains to help his family, including his ailing mother. When a burglary took an unexpected turn, Parker found himself in possession of a pair of mystical boots and cloak. Struggling […]

01.18.2017 by MCoC Team


Cable enters The Contest January 19th at 10AM PDT! About Cable: Nathan Summers was a child of destiny even before his birth. His parents, Scott Summers and Madelyne Prior, were manipulated into having him by Mister Sinister, who was attempting to create a genetically superior mutant as his ultimate weapon. As an infant, he was […]

01.17.2017 by MCoC Team


V11.2 will be available on January 18th! Here’s what you need to know about our latest update… New 5 Star Characters added to the 5-Star Crystal: Superior Iron Man Colossus Guillotine Yellowjacket Moon Knight Hulkbuster Bug Fixes: Moon Knight Special 1 Attack, Waxing Crescents and Special 2 Attack, Divine Justice abilities have been fixed Chat […]

01.04.2017 by MCoC Team


Gwenpool enters The Contest January 5th at 10AM PDT! About Gwenpool: Through unknown means, the avid comic reader Gwen Poole was transported into the world of the comics she loves so much, with all of her memories of the “real” world intact. Unwilling to remain an extra in her own story, she sets out to […]

12.21.2016 by MCoC Team


Howard the Duck enters The Contest December 22nd at 10AM PDT! About Howard the Duck: When Howard was whisked away from his detective agency in New York City to the Battlerealm, he didn’t know what to expect. He certainly didn’t expect to be shoved into some back warehouse, organizing the Collector’s Crystals all day. Well, […]

12.07.2016 by MCoC Team


Hyperion enters The Contest December 8th at 10AM PDT! About Hyperion: An infant cast into space, Hyperion was the only survivor of a dying race, on a dying world. He crashed to Earth, and was found by a man who called himself Father. Father would teach him right from wrong, good from evil, instilling in […]

12.05.2016 by MCoC Team


v11.1 will be available Tuesday, December 6th! Here’s more on what to expect… Howard and Hyperion’s Holiday Hijinks The Battlerealm falls silent as the Collector sends his Champions away for a much-needed break while he retreats to a sanctuary to plan his next move against the Grandmaster. Left by the Collector to catalogue and organise […]

11.30.2016 by MCoC Team


We are proud to be part of Games for (RED). We can end AIDS by 2030. Only if we act now. From now until December 6, 2016, when you purchase the (POWER PACK)RED, the Global Fund will receive 100% of the proceeds from your purchase. Log in now to help this great cause! (POWER PACK)RED […]