Celebrating 80 Years of Marvel Comics

Greetings Summoners! It’s Marvel Comics’ 80th Anniversary! That’s 80 years of iconic characters, unforgettable comic arcs, cinematic awe, and stories that we’ll never forget!

80 Years of Marvel Comics: 3 Huge Events

We’re celebrating 80 years of Marvel Comics (a momentous occasion!) for the entire month of September with three HUGE events that take you back in time:

  • Amazing Fantasy
  • Time After Time
  • Boss Rush: Community’s Choice 2

Experience each Epic Era of Marvel Comics history. Meet two Champions that date back to the earliest days of Marvel Comics!

Amazing Fantasy: Vision and Black Widow

Sightings of a strange sorceress casting mysterious magic across The Battlerealm have spread panic and fear. What is she up to? What is her intent? Nobody knows.

Vision and Black Widow band together with Captain America and a newcomer to The Contest that also claims the mantle of “Vision” to find her, and attempt to decipher her plan, and put an end to her actions before this new threat upsets the balance of power within The Battlerealm!

Before the Vision that we all know, there was Aarkus, the original Vision. An Alien law enforcement officer from another dimension known as Smokeworld.

After being accidentally contacted by a scientist from Earth, Aarkus came to our dimension to fight crime. He has the ability to control gasses, smoke, and cold, even teleport to the far side of the world using little more than a smouldering cigar!

The original Black Widow, Claire Voyant was a spirit medium who communicated with the dead through supernatural means.

Killed by a client in a job gone wrong, Voyant is sent to Hell where Satan gives her the ability to kill with a single touch, sending her back to Earth to avenge her own death.

After avenging her murder, Voyant returns to Satan who, no longer content to wait for evil souls to die a natural death, charges her with bringing more souls to him.

Time After Time: 5 Epic Eras of Marvel Comics

Let’s take it back to the beginning! Experience every epic Era of Marvel Comics’ history! Every week, quests will be available that take Summoners through the Golden, Silver, Bronze, Copper and Modern Ages!

Each week, you’ll be able to dive into a new Chapter of the Quest, focused on a new Era, starting with the Golden and Silver Ages. Although these Quests will require certain Champions to complete all of the Paths, if it looks like you’re missing any…you’ll be able to expand your roster with special 2-Star Crystals containing those Champions from 1v1 Arena Fights in the last week of the event!

Community’s Choice Boss Rush 2

For Round 2 of our Community’s Choice Boss Rush, we asked 11 Content Creators and members of the Community to help us design six Fights for you all to face! They’ve chosen their Champions and their Buffs, so get ready for what promises to be a tough fight! (Available mid-September.)

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