Attention Summoners!

We have made some major changes to The Contest, and have been closely reviewing your feedback and concerns regarding it.

We had the best intentions with this update. We made some deep changes to support future content for years to come.  But in our focus on the future, we lost sight of how big the impact of these changes would be to the day-to-day experience in the game. While we still stand by some of our intentions, we changed too much, too fast, and we didn’t adequately warn you. That wasn’t fair and we are working to make this right.

We recognise that you are unhappy with many of the changes we’ve made, and we are working to address many of the issues you have communicated to us about. Some of these include:

  • The severity of some Champion adjustments
  • Difficulty tuning of Realm of Legends, Labyrinth of Legends and other harder content within the game
  • The current difficulty of the game and the way that Parry is functioning

As a reminder, we are also rolling with new changes for Alliance Quests and Alliance Wars difficulty based on this update, and Act 5 (which will release soon!) has been carefully tuned with these changes in mind.

We will have a further announcement for you all on Monday, March 6.

Keep an eye out here for more updates as well as via our official social media channels, in-game messaging and email.