alliance wars season 10 news

Alliance Wars Season 10 News

Alliance Wars Season 10 Starts June 19th –with updates!

Greetings Summoners! Thanks in large part to you, our players, we’re starting Season 10 of Alliance Wars with brand new maps for all difficulties!

Read on to learn more…

Beta for Alliance Wars: Feedback and Features

We recently ran a *Beta for Alliance Wars that featured a number of different updates to the current mode.

In our Beta, we updated the map with a new layout and new buffs, and introduced “Defense Tactics,” a new feature that allows Alliance Leadership to choose a Global Buff to apply to the map (which allows the Defenses to customize and setup in a more meaningful way).

The feedback we received immediately following the beta helped us tremendously!

Implementing both major changes simultaneously would be “jarring” and seen as “too much all at once,” the players said.

So, we decided to stagger the release of the map update and the Defense Tactics (currently scheduled to be released for Season 11).

The New Alliance Wars Maps

Our areas of focus for these new maps includes:

  • More information to help you make stronger strategic decisions
  • More flexibility in your path choices
  • More battlegroup meetup points before taking on mini-bosses

Stronger Strategic Decisions

To help you make better educated and informed decisions regarding which Champions you’ll use on your attack team, we’re limiting the number of hidden Champions to a single path in our top tier maps.

This strategic update will prompt you to first scout out your paths, then choose your best battle-ready Champions to suit up as your attack team.

There will only be 5 hidden nodes on the map, so this is where you’ll want to place your most surprising Defenders! These hidden nodes will hide all Defender Information, including Class and Champion Rating!

More Flexibility with Your Path Choices, More Meetup Points!

Currently, the Alliance Wars Map gives you a few chances to change the path that you’re on. However, it is still pretty rigid with regards to where you can move once you’ve made a choice.

The new map will bring your battlegroup back together at key junctions. That means you’re no longer on your own to take down the toughest fights when you’ve chosen a lane! From there you’ll be able to choose your next path, enabling you to alter your strategy or backup an Alliance Mate who might be having trouble on their paths!

The New Map Layouts

There are 2 new map layouts being implemented for Season 10 Alliance Wars: 1. New Map Layout for Easy and Normal play; and 2. a New Map Layout for alliances that play on Intermediate, Hard, Challenger, or Expert.

New Alliance Wars Map – Easy or Normal (see below image)

New Alliance Wars Map – Intermediate, Hard, Challenger, Expert (see below image)

New Buffs and Nodes

New maps mean new buffs and new nodes! For your reference, we’ve attached the Season 10 Map Update – New Buffs list complete with descriptions for each new buff (below).

Season 10 Map Update – New Buffs and Descriptions

Finally, Summoners, it’s important to remember: “Tactics win battles, strategy wins wars.”

Alliance Wars Season 10 begins June 19th. Will you be battle ready?

*NOTE: As this is an early look, the aforementioned is subject to change.