Atlantean Rifts

Atlantean Rifts

Atlantean Rifts Begins June 5th

Greetings Summoners! A new, month-long Atlantean Rifts Event starts on June 5th!

Collect Atlantean Coral by completing the Imperius Rex! Event Quest and use it to open Atlantean Rifts where valuable items can be found!

These Rifts contain valuable rewards such as Tier 5 Basic Catalyst Fragments and 6-Star Hero Crystal Shards!

Stable Rifts and Unstable Rifts

Similar to past Rifts, your choice of path will dictate the type of rewards you will receive. This time around, there are two versions of Rifts available:

  1. Play it safe in a Stable Rift and you’ll find it contains more predictable rewards.
  2. Take a risk in an Unstable Rift and your rewards are less predictable but potentially far greater.

Atlantean Crystals

Will you be rewarded with Awakening Gems or Crystal Shards? Or maybe you’ll play for Crystal Fragments or Catalyst Fragments?

There will be Atlantean Crystals available halfway through the event (on June 19th) for players who are keen to explore the Atlantean Rifts, but also realize they may be somewhat out of their depths.

Dive into the Unknown this June.