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August Mutant Celebration

August All-out Mutant Celebration: Marvel Contest of Champions

Summoners! August is almost here and we’ve got an all-out Mutant celebration planned for The Contest…

Starting with the introduction of the two New Mutants and the return of the Classic “Polar Opposites” Quest, it is going to be a HUGE month filled with a lot (more!) to look forward to than usual…

All-out Mutant Celebration for August:

X-Machina Event:

Roberto Da Costa, aka Sunspot, needs your help in locating his lost Business Partner, the alien Mutant Warlock. After an incident at Da Costa International, the “being from beyond the stars” has gone missing.

Where’d he go, you ask? Here’s your first clue: The always mischievous Deadpool has been seen throughout the Battlerealm with a certain robot that he’s been claiming is his “son.” Locate Warlock and bring him back to safety before his Techno-Organic power falls into the wrong hands!

Two New Champions Make First Contact with The Battlerealm:

Sunspot is a Brazilian mutant, former member of the New Mutants, and an ambitious businessman out to use his wealth and influence for the greater good of the world. By absorbing various forms of radiation and energy, Sunspot is able to bolster his physical strength and durability, as well as discharge concussive bursts of force.

Warlock is a Technarch, a techno-organic alien, hunted by his own people for his peaceful idealism. Despite his best efforts though, Warlock occasionally has to make use of his shapeshifting abilities to defend himself, whether this means sprouting claws or transforming his face into a shield. However, his most dangerous ability comes from the lethal Transmode Virus that all Technarchs can spread with just a touch…

Sinister Labs Event:

Mister Sinister has opened challenging and randomized Labs to test the mighty mutants of The Contest! Mixing mutants and crushing Champions can bring forth some unexpected results. Use new Sense Boosts and get rewarded as you try and take down randomly buffed opponents in the Sinister Labs Event Quests!

Back Issues #3 – Polar Opposites:

In a bid to free his mutant brethren through any means necessary, Magneto has begun his assault on The Battlerealm! Help the Collector (and a surprising ally) to stop Magneto!

Return to a Classic Quest from the early days of The Contest with this 3rd edition of Back Issues! This Quest will feature both Classic and Variant difficulties. Choose Classic to experience the Quest as it was in 2015, and Variant to face off against highly challenging fights demanding specific Champions and strategic counters!

Old Man Logan and Colossus Enter Their Beta Stage! The Winner of the Community Choice rework is entering the Beta Stage…but he isn’t alone! Along with Colossus, another Mutant will also be receiving an update: Old Man Logan!

We’ll be inviting a select group of Summoners to take part and test out their new abilities and optimizations later this month!

What are you looking forward to the most?
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