About SORCERER SUPREME Sorcerer Supreme was born into poverty, collecting stray dreams on the outskirts of the Nightmare Realm before finding her way to the Temple of Vishanti. Realizing her potential in the mystic arts, she rose up and became one of the most brilliant students in the Temple. Now, armed with her cunning, daring, […]

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Champion Spotlight – Silver Surfer

About SILVER SURFER To protect his planet from certain Annihilation, Norrin Radd relinquished his life to become the Silver Surfer, a Herald of Galactus. Now imbued with the Power Cosmic, the Silver Surfer travels the galaxy in search of new planets to feed Galactus’ insatiable hunger. SILVER SURFER’s Mechanics Silver Surfer’s gameplay is focused on […]

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Champion Spotlight – Mister Fantastic

Mister Fantastic enters Marvel Contest of Champions on November 28th @ 10 AM PDT but you can check out his preview bundle today! About MISTER FANTASTIC: Reed Richards is a brilliant scientist, who spearheaded an experimental voyage into space accompanied by his friends and family. An accident occurred during the trip, and the ship was […]

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Champion Spotlight – Doctor Doom

DOCTOR DOOM Enters Marvel Contest of Champions on November 14th @ 10 AM PDT but you can check out his preview bundle today! About DOCTOR DOOM Leaving his tribe in Latveria, Victor Von Doom moved to the United States to study at the Empire State University where he combined sorcery and technology to create fantastic […]

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Champion Spotlight – Guillotine 2099

GUILLOTINE 2099 Enters Marvel Contest of Champions on October 31st @ 10 AM PDT but you can get her in a Preview Bundle today! About GUILLOTINE 2099 In the future world of 2099, the Alchemax Corporation acquires “La fleur du mal”, the ancient demon sword of the Guillotine lineage. Using future technology and corporate mystical […]

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Champion Spotlight – Man-Thing

MAN-THING Enters Marvel Contest of Champions on October 17th @ 10 AM PDT but you can check out his preview bundle today! About MAN-THING The Man-Thing was once the brilliant biochemist Dr. Ted Sallis. While working for S.H.I.E.L.D. to replicate the Super Soldier Serum, Dr. Sallis was forced to flee due to an A.I.M. plot […]

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Champion Spotlight – Elsa Bloodstone

ELSA BLOODSTONE Enters Marvel Contest of Champions on October 3 @ 10 AM PDT! About ELSA BLOODSTONE Elsa Bloodstone is the second of her name, daughter of legendary Vampire Hunter Ulysses Bloodstone. Elsa possesses the ancient Bloodgem artifact, granting her superhuman capabilities and the ability to destroy any vampire foolish enough to drink her blood. […]

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Champion Spotlight – Mysterio

The newest Champion to enter The Contest is Quentin Beck, aka Mysterio Here’s more on the Who, What, When, Where, Why, & How… Mysterio Preview Bundle: July 17 @ 10 AM PDT Mysterio Marvel Contest of Champions: July 25 @ 10 AM PDT Get an early chance to see this superhero in action, live — […]

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Spider-Man Stealth Suit

CHAMPION SPOTLIGHT – Spider-Man (Stealth Suit)

MCoC Champion Spotlight: Spider-Man (Stealth Suit) New character coming to MCoC July 11th! Read all about this webbed super hero in our latest Champion Spotlight: Spider-Man (Stealth Suit)! Traveling light (without The Suit made by Tony Stark), Peter Parker is in Europe with his Midtown High School classmates — when Nick Fury shows up looking […]

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invisible woman


Invisible Woman Preview Bundle: June 18 @ 10 AM PDT Invisible Woman enters Marvel Contest of Champions June 27th – Check out her Preview Bundle June 18th! About Invisible Woman: Susan “Sue” Storm-Richards became the “Invisible Woman” when she joined her brother and her husband on a spacecraft test flight. During the flight, their ship […]

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