Celebrate 5 Years of The Contest in December


The year of the Fantastic 4 is coming to an end soon, but there’s one final vital member left to be returned. This December, Silver Surfer joins The Battlerealm to celebrate the 5 Year Anniversary of The Contest

Hark! The Herald of Galactus approaches!

To protect his planet from certain Annihilation, Norrin Radd relinquished his life to become the Silver Surfer, a Herald of Galactus. He has searched the far reaches of The Battlerealm for his friends. Now that they’ve been reunited, they stand united against a threat unlike any the Battlerealm has ever encountered…

The Trial of Reed Richards

Reed Richards is found, and the truth is revealed! The beacon designed by him and developed by the Fantastic Four was built to call GALACTUS to The Battlerealm! The Grandmaster, greatly angered by his actions, destroys the beacon and holds a “trial”, allowing Richards a chance to explain himself. Surprising everyone, Mister Fantastic’s greatest defender is an unexpected ally.

Back Issues #4: Waning Moon

With the help of Deadpool and Spider-man, you must track down the wily and dangerous Moon Knight and return him to the Collector! Play through Classic and Variant difficulties of this throwback quest! Choose Classic to experience the Quest as it was in 2015, and Variant to face off against highly challenging fights demanding specific Champions and strategic counters!

This Variant Difficulty will make you dig back into your Roster, and use Champions of all different Rarities! Start stocking up on your 1-Stars and 2-Stars!

Dive back into time and journey through the Hall Of Heroes

Get the feelings of Nostalgia as weekly Quests allow you to challenge almost all the Champions of The Battlerealm in the order they were released! Complete the Halls to earn Potions, Gold, Crystal Shards, and much more!

5 Year Anniversary Celebration

The Battlerealm may have been around for Eons, but Marvel Contest of Champions is turning 5 this December! We’re celebrating with a special Calendar, Events, and more! Don’t forget to log in to get your Anniversary Title and Profile Pic!

The Holiday’s of Champions begins!

Later in the month, you’ll gain access to a special Holiday Calendar! Log in every day for Crystal Shards, Rank Up Materials, and More!

Trade in your Beacons!

All 4 Beacons have been released! Time to trade them in for those special Profile Pics! Spend your Beacons on exclusive Profile Pics of the Fantastic 4. Summoners that collected all 4 will also gain access to a special Silver Surfer Pic to adorn their Profile with!

December is always a busy month in The Contest, and we’ve still got a lot more surprises in store! Check back for more information on all of the above, and more, throughout the Month!