About Abomination (Immortal)

In an attempt to study gamma mutation and weaponize it, leader of the U.S. Hulk Operations program “General Reginald Fortean” teleported aboard Gamma Flight’s orbital base with the goal of taking back the husk of Abomination’s body. In a moment of curiosity Fortean touched the Abomination’s remains, quickly becoming engulfed by the husk and transforming into a ruthless new Abomination tied to a mystical force known as the “One Below All”.

Abomination (Immortal)’s Mechanics

Abomination (Immortal) focuses on stacking Poisons on himself to use as a resource. Incoming nodes or foes that place Poisons on him will power him up even farther! Each Poison on Abomination will Passively make him more tanky, however they can also be spent to fuel his Toxic Aura, allowing him to output massive Poison and Acid damage onto his Opponent! Using Special Attack 2 to activate the Toxic Aura, and looping Special Attack 1 to upkeep it for as long as possible is Abomination’s core rotation!

Base Stats & Abilities

HealthAttackPI (Max Signature)
(Rank 3, Level 45)

Character Class: Science

Basic Abilities: Acid Burn, Weakness, Petrify, Poison


  • High Damage Potential
    • Abomination (Immortal) excels at high damage output, especially in places where he can inflict Poison on his Opponents.
  • Blocking multihit attacks
    • While Poisoned, blocked attacks will weaken the Opponent for 2 seconds. Although this is short it can stack multiple times meaning attacks with a lot of hits in a small window (such as Doctor Doom’s Special 1) can be blocked easily and deal little chip damage.
  • Healing suppression
    • Lots of Poisons means very little healing for the Opponent, but if that isn’t enough for your liking, Petrify can drive healing down even farther!
  • Block Breaking
    • Acid Burn allows many free openings into an Opponent who is playing Passively.


  • Poison Immunity
    • If the Opponent is immune to Poison, it will take a lot of extra effort and ramp time to see meaningful numbers out of Abomination.
  • Debuff Purification
    • Opponents who Purify Debuffs will make stacking 10 Poisons take a lot longer and thus cause Acid Burn to take a lot longer to trigger.
  • Always inflicted with a Debuff
    • Abomination will almost always have a Poison on himself, this can make him extremely vulnerable in certain scenarios such as when fighting Void.
  • Critical Hits / Damage effects
    • Each Poison on Abomination grants Physical Resistance, this can make him quite tanky. Critical hits bypass 80% of Physical Resistance and most damaging effects will bypass it entirely making him especially vulnerable here.

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion



  • Take 100% less damage from Poison effects and the recovery reduction from Poison is 50% less effective.

Dev Note: Each Poison will still reduce the effectiveness of healing on Abomination but at half the rate that Poisons normally reduce it. This allows Abomination to heal via the Willpower mastery quite a bit even while suffering multiple stacks of Poison.

Corrosive Poisons:

  • Contact with the Opponent has a 15% chance to inflict them with a Poison Debuff, dealing 2253.35 Direct Damage over 25 seconds and reducing health recovery by 30%.
  • If the Opponent reaches 10 Poison Debuffs they are converted into an Acid Burn Passive dealing 14580.5 Direct Damage over 5 seconds.
  • While Acid Burn is active, the Opponent is inflicted with an indefinite non-stacking Poison Debuff dealing 0 damage and reducing health recovery by 30%. While this is active, no additional personal Poison effects can be inflicted onto the Opponent.
  • When striking an Opponent suffering from Acid Burn, all attacks are Unblockable and deal a burst of 1590.6 Physical Damage.
  • When triggering Acid Burn, Abomination inflicts a Petrify Debuff for 5 seconds reducing Regeneration and Ability Power Rate by 60%.

Dev Note: Acid Burn is potentially Abomination’s most powerful mechanic, if he is fighting on a node that places Poisons on the Opponent this can help him pull off even more Acid Burns and absolutely devastates his Opponent!

Self Inflicted Poisons – Max 10:

  • Every 10th Basic Attack landed by either Champion inflicts Abomination with an indefinite Poison Debuff dealing 0 damage.
  • Each Poison on Abomination grants 182.61 Physical Resistance.
  • While Abomination is Poisoned, each time he Blocks an attack the Opponent is inflicted with a Weakness Debuff, reducing Attack Rating by 30% for 2 seconds.

Dev Note: Each Poison on Abomination acts as a resource for his kit, nodes, Masteries or Opponents who inflict Poison effects will take him to a whole new level!

Special 1: Toxic Roll

  • On Activation, inflict a non-stacking Petrify Debuff for 25 seconds reducing Regeneration and Ability Power Rate by 20%.
  • Abomination inflicts himself with +4 Poisons during this Attack. This is increased to +6 if his Toxic Aura is active.

Dev Note: Although this Petrify will not stack with itself multiple times, Abomination can stack this with his Petrify from Acid burn, allowing him to significantly reduce or even invert the Opponent’s Regeneration and Ability Power Rate.

Special 2: Corrosive Spray

  • Activate Toxic Aura for 10 seconds. While active, consume 1 Poison Debuff on Abomination every 2 second(s) to keep the Aura paused. Consumption is paused during the Opponent’s Special Attacks.
  • During Toxic Aura standing near the Opponent inflicts 1 Poison Debuff every second, dealing 2253.35 Direct Damage over 10 seconds and reducing health recovery by 30%.
  • Each stack of Toxic Aura beyond the first increases the speed that it inflicts Poison by 25%. The Toxic Aura can stack up to 4.

Dev Note: Abomination’s core loop is stacking multiple Toxic Auras to inflict Acid Burn at quicker and quicker rates, causing massive damage to the Opponent. Start with SP2 to activate the Aura, then SP1 to fuel it with Poison while building to stack more SP2 Auras.

Special 3: Acidic Feast

  • Inflicts Acid Burn, dealing 14580.5 Direct Damage over 5 seconds. Each stack in the Toxic Aura inflicts 1 additional Acid Burn effect.
  • Until the next time the Toxic Aura expires it becomes enhanced, increasing the time it takes to consume a Poison by 0.5 second(s). This enhancement cannot stack but can be activated even while the Toxic Aura isn’t yet active.

Dev Note: This is a great attack to use in a longer fight to extend Abominations SP2 uptime since it increases the time required to consume a Poison. However it can also deal insane damage if used while multiple SP2 Auras have been stacked.

Signature Ability – Toxic Husk

  • Self inflicted Poison stack limit is increased to 12 and Abomination self inflicts 3 Poisons at the start of each fight.
  • Poison, Petrify, and Acid Burn effects last +30% longer.


FAIREST OF THEM ALL with Venom the Duck and Man-Thing (Unique)

  • Abomination (Immortal): Heavy Attacks inflict an Armor Break Debuff reducing the Opponent’s Armor Rating by 250 for 15 seconds.
  • Venom the Duck: Symbiote Buffs gain +15% duration.
  • Man-Thing: The Opponent’s Combat Power Rate is reduced by up to 50% based on Agitation when struck by a Special Attack.

ABOMINABLE COMRADE with Abomination (Unique)

  • Abomination (Immortal), Abomination: Each time a Poison Debuff expires or is removed from the Opponent there is a 5% chance to inflict an Enervate Debuff for 3 seconds, preventing Power gained when struck.

IMMORTAL RULERS with Red Skull (Unique)

  • Abomination (Immortal): The Basic Attacks required to trigger a Self-Poison are reduced by 2.
  • Red Skull: Each Armor-Up Buff grants +5% Attack Rating. Additionally, every 10th Basic Attack triggers 1 personal Armor-Up Buff, these count toward Red Skull’s Armor cap.

IMMORTAL KINGS with King Groot (Unique)

  • Abomination (Immortal): +15% Potency in Personal Poison and Acid Burn effects.
  • King Groot: During cooldown gain a 25% chance to inflict a Poison Debuff dealing 30% of modified attack over 12 seconds each time a contact attack is landed. Additionally the chance to gain Fury charges during cooldown is increased by a flat +11%.

ENEMIES Lv. 3 with Hulk, Red Hulk, Hulk (Immortal), Hulk (Ragnarok)

  • All Champions gain +155 Critical Rating.


  • Willpower / Recovery
    • Abominations ability to stack Poison on himself with a reduced recovery reduction allows him to heal near constantly in every fight.
    • Recovery allows him to heal even more from Willpower while running this setup.
  • Liquid Courage
    • Abomination will take no damage from this Poison and benefit greatly from the Attack Rating boost it offers. Additionally his Self-Poisons allow him to heal back a lot of Recoil Damage he might take.
  • Inequity
    • Abomination stacks a ton of Poisons, this allows him to reduce their Attack alongside dealing a ton of Poison damage.