AMERICA CHAVEZ Enters Marvel Contest of Champions on July 29th @ 10 AM PST!


America Chavez was born in an alternate dimension outside of time and space, the Utopian Parallel. Being a Dimension in close proximity to the Demiurge, America Chavez absorbed powerful mystical energies which granted her the ability to willfully travel through alternate Dimensions. 

Base Stats & Abilities

HealthAttackPI (Max Signature)
(Rank 3, Level 45)


America Chavez is a powerhouse brawler who draws strength from Buffs and specializes in back to back heavy hitting combos. By launching Special Attacks during her Heavy Attack, she opens Parallel Dimensions which provide powerful utility and improves her base stats. 

Character Class: Mystic

Basic Abilities: Utopian Parallel, Dark Dimension, Negative Zone, Dimensional Energy Infusion 


Stat based Buffs: 

  • Each Buff active on the Opponent increases America Chavez’s Attack Rating and Energy Resistance. If the Buffs the Opponent is gaining are Fury, Armor Up, Precision, or Cruelty Buffs, she can also invert their effectiveness, giving America Chavez full advantage over the Opponent.

Power Gain Buffs

  • The easiest Parallel Dimension for America Chavez to activate is the Negative Zone which reduces the Opponent’s Ability Power Rate. With 2 Heavy Attacks she can invert any Power Gained by the Opponents abilities. 
  • If the Power Gain on the Opponent is coming from Buffs, they also provide her with bonus Attack and Energy Resist! Looking at you Aarkus! *shakes fist*


Petrify and Wither

  • Any effect that reduces or inverts Ability Power Gain rate will prevent America Chavez from launching multiple Special Attacks back to back. Her Special 1 relies on its ability to generate Power. 

Defensive Abilities:

  • America Chavez has no way to deal with common Defender mechanics such as Miss, Evade, Auto-Block, Unstoppable, or Unblockable. If America Chavez can’t maintain her momentum in a fight her Parallel Dimensions will fall off before she can cash in a high damaging Special 2. 

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion


Parallel Dimensions:

  • Each hit of a Heavy Attack switches the dormant Dimension in the order they appear below. 
  • Launching a Special Attack during a Heavy Attack, or if the Heavy Attack ends for any reason, activate the Dimension for 30 seconds. 
  • Utopian Parallel: Reduce Opponents’ Fury, Armor Up, Precision, and Cruelty Buff Potency by 70%.
  • Dark Dimension: Deal 40% of damage taken back as Energy Damage. Damage is capped at 4389.6
  • Negative Zone: Reduce Opponents’ Ability Power Gain Rate by 60%
  • Matching Dimensions suffer –20% Duration for each stack. 
  • Whenever affected by a Wither Debuff, remove the most recently activated Parallel Dimension.
  • While Defending a Quest Node, if activating a Dimension that already has 2 active stacks, she activates 1 random unopened Dimension as well.

Developer’s Note: The only way America Chavez can activate Utopian Parallel and Dark Dimensions safely is by launching a Special Attack after the first or second hit of her Heavy Attack.

Dimensional Energy Infusion – Max 9

  • For each unique Dimension on America Chavez and each Buff on the Opponent, gain the following benefits:
  • +584.88 Attack Rating. 
  • +286.36 Energy Resistance.

Heavy Attacks

  • Charge a Heavy Attack after landing any non combo ending hit of a Basic Attack combo to inflict a Passive Stun for 0.75 seconds. Heavy Attacks launched this way generate 25% less Power on Hit.

Developer’s Note: Start charging a Heavy Attack after your third Light Attack or first Medium Attack in a combo to safely throw a Heavy Attack. This is the ideal way to end any basic attack combo.

Special 1: Power Stomp

  • Each unique Parallel Dimension creates a Passive Power Gain effect providing 40% of a bar of Power over 1.5 seconds.

Developer’s Note: Use this Special Attack to quickly activate multiple parallel dimensions. This should naturally push you towards your Special 2.

Special 2: Star Burst

  • For the final 3 hits of this Special Attack, America Chavez opens a Portal to an additional Big Bang Dimension dealing a burst of Energy Damage equal to 50% of hit damage dealt. 
  • These hits gain a bonus effect based on the last Dimension activated: 
  • Utopian Parallel: Deal 1949.6 additional damage on Hit. 
  • Dark Dimension: Regenerate 12% of hit damage dealt. 
  • Negative Zone: Unblockable.

Developer’s Note: Combo into this Attack from a Heavy Attack to gain the Dimension bonus. 

Special 3: Dimensional Dash

  • Activate 1 of each Parallel Dimension. 

Signature Ability: Super Charged

  • If at least 3 unique Dimensions are active, America Chavez becomes Supercharged, granting the following bonuses: 
  • +50% Dimensional Energy Infusion potency.
  • Launching a Special 2 during a Heavy Attack provides +1 stack of whichever Dimension was activated.


Superstars: with Mojo and Longshot

  • America Chavez: Utopian Parallel reduces Unstoppable Buff duration by 50%
  • Mystic Champions: For each Buff that expires or is Nullified, the next hit deals +300 damage. Max 1500
  • Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate Synergies.

Out of this World: with Hood, and Ghost Rider

  • America Chavez: Dark Dimension Regenerate 30% of damage dealt to the Opponent by this Dimension.
  • Dimensional Beings: +25% resistance to Degeneration Damage.
  • Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate Synergies.

Stay Positive: with Annihilus

  • America Chavez: Each Stack of Negative Zone generates 1% of a bar of Power every second.
  • Annihilus: While Annihilus has an active Unstoppable Buff he receives 50% less hit damage.
  • Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate Synergies.

K.O Queens with She-Hulk, and Captain Marvel (Movie)

  • America Chavez: Big Bang dimension has +12% Potency.
  • Female Champions: Heavy Attacks on Opponents that aren’t Stunned have +600 Attack Rating.
  • Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate Synergies.

Teammates: Thing, Tigra, Iron Man

  • All Champions gain +5% Perfect Block Chance.


Mystic Dispersion: 

  • Extra Power generation will allow America Chavez to launch even more Special 2’s once all of her Dimensions are activated. 


  • America Chavez Regenerates health based on Damage dealt by her Special 2. The extra Regeneration provided by Recovery can be valuable. 


  • America Chavez has high resistances and will likely stick around a fight for a while. The Assassin Mastery will make it easier for her to close out fights, and give her a slight edge when facing Opponents with Defensive Abilities she doesn’t have an answer for.