About Aunt May (Herald Of Galactus)

When May Reilly Parker was left to babysit the son of her nephew’s friend, a young boy named Franklin Richards, she never could have expected that cosmic powers would later be transferred to her! A fight against Galactus caused the loving Aunt to become a cosmic Herald, known to some as the Golden Oldie! Now she assists the World-eater by finding alternative (sometimes baked-good based) sources to satisfy his never-ending hunger!

Aunt May’s Mechanics

The power of the Herald has granted Aunt May multiple immunities and resistances. Aunt May’s abilities are driven by her need to feed Galactus. May builds up Wheatcakes Stacks which can be deployed after using her Special 3. The Wheatcakes are then “fed” to her opponent, causing them to be weighed down by these carb heavy treats as Aunt May gains fury from your inability to CLEAN YOUR PLATE FOR ONCE! 

Base Stats & Abilities

HealthAttackPI (Max Signature)
(Rank 3, Level 45)

Character Class: Cosmic

Basic Abilities: Invisibility, Energy Damage, Fury, Wheatcakes


Incinerate, Coldsnap, Shock Debuffs

  • Each Incinerate, Coldnsap, or Shock Debuff on Aunt May deals 100% reduced damage and counts as a Unique Buff for her abilities, greatly increasing her potential damage output. Also if you find a Coldsnap, then put on a sweater. You’ll catch your death out there kid!
  • Mixed with the Willpower Mastery, Aunt May will be able to regenerate health while affected by these Debuffs. We all want a happy and healthy Aunt May.

High Energy Damage 

  • Each Unique Buff deals a burst of energy damage on hit. 
  • Aunt May’s Special 2 greatly increases the amount of damage generated by this ability.


Frequent Bleeds

  • Even though Aunt May is immune to Bleed, whenever she would receive a Bleed she loses two Wheatcakes Stacks and doesn’t generate any Fury from their removal. This can’t occur more than once every 2 seconds, but even so, any Champion that can frequently, repeatedly, trigger Bleeds will be able to keep Aunt May’s Wheatcakes Stacks and Fury at a low level throughout the fight. This means her Special Attacks won’t gain additional abilities, and she won’t go Unstoppable when struck. Of course the next time you look in the mirror you’ll need to have a long hard think about the fact that you made Aunt May bleed. That feel good? You making the right choices in life? Wow, bud. Just wow.


The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion


  • Immune to Bleed, Armor Break, Armor Shattered, Nullify, Stagger, and Fate Seal effects.
  • Incinerate, Coldnsap, and Shock Debuffs on Aunt May generate 1 Wheatcakes Stack per Debuff
  • Generate 1 Wheatcakes Stack when Struck.
  • Generate 1 Wheatcakes Stack when Blocking a Hit.
  • Generate 4 additional Wheatcakes Stacks with a Well-Timed Block.
  •  Aunt May removes 3 Wheatcakes Stack(s) when she would receive a Bleed. This can’t occur more than once every 2 second(s).

Developer Note: Wheatcakes Stacks are Aunt May’s main ability. Learning how they’re generated and making the best use of them is key to both fighting as Aunt May, and fighting against her. The best Wheatcakes are made using buckwheat flour mixed with whole wheat flour. Use applesauce or bananas as an egg replacement if you have a plant-based diet. Make sure the molasses is room-temp when mixed into the batter. Flip them when you see the tiny bubbles rising to the top. Serve with the REAL maple syrup not that chemical stuff.

Passive – Wheatcakes Stack

Wheatcakes Stacks last indefinitely, up to 15 Stacks. Any additional Wheatcakes Stacks last for 5 seconds. Wheatcakes Stacks are capped at 20.

  • For each Wheatcakes Stack, Physical and Energy Resistance is increased by +127.66.
  • Whenever a Wheatcakes Stack is removed or the duration expires, Aunt May gains a permanent Passive Fury, granting +36.81 Attack. These Fury effects are capped at 60.

Developer Note: The fact that Aunt May’s Wheatcakes Stacks have a duration once she reaches 15 Stacks is actually beneficial. When those Wheatcakes Stacks expire, they’ll give Aunt May a passive Fury for the rest of the fight. These Wheatcakes are also deeply carb heavy and will stick to your ribs. You look so skinny. Have you been eating? Load up on some of these before you go fighting.

When Attacked

  • When Aunt May is Hit and she has 15 or more Wheatcakes Stacks, she becomes Unstoppable for 5 second(s) and removes 3 Wheatcakes Stack(s) instead of generating any.

Developer Note: This is the main ability to keep in mind when fighting against Aunt May. As soon as she has 15 Wheatcakes Stacks, any additional hit will grant her Unstoppable. This takes effect immediately, so Aunt May is able to strike back, even if her opponent is still swinging. But first the opponent must remember that they HIT AUNT MAY! Why? Not cool.

Special Attacks

  • For the next 8 second(s), Aunt May’s attacks Nullify all Unstoppable buffs when striking the Opponent.

Special 1 – What Am I Looking At?

Aunt May’s new golden form confuses her opponent and they lose track of her.

  • The second hit in this attack inflicts a non-stacking Passive Shock, dealing 2440.2 Energy Damage over 8 seconds.
  • After this attack, Aunt May activates a cosmic cloak to go Invisible for 3 seconds, giving the Opponent a 100% chance to Miss. This will not trigger when fighting an Opponent with #Psychic Shielding.
  • If Aunt May lands an Attack, Blocks an attack, or the Opponent activates a Special Attack, her position is revealed and Invisibility is removed.

Developer’s Note: When playing Aunt May you will never want to throw your SP1 while the opponent has 1 or more full bars of power since the opponent might retaliate with a Special Attack of their own and strip away Aunt May’s cloak. Instead bait the Opponent’s SP before using Aunt May’s, this way you have free and easy access to Heavy Intercepting via the cloak! Also good for you May, putting the GOLD into your Golden Years.

Special 2 – Golden Oldie 

Aunt May gathers more of the Power Cosmic and shines even brighter, blinding and pushing back her opponent.

  • Aunt May increases the potency of any bursts of Energy or Physical damage by 180% for the duration of this Special Attack.
  • If at least 3 Unique Buffs were active when launching this Special Attack, Aunt May creates an Unblockable Buff for 4.0 seconds.

Developer’s Note: Once Aunt May is sitting on a comfortable number of Unique Buffs, launching the Special 2 can be devastating for the opposing Champion. If the Unblockable Buff is something to be desired, players can hold onto their Power Cosmic Buff until after this Special Attack has concluded and refresh it’s duration. The image of Aunt May will likely be burnt into your eyes for half a day. We’re sorry and/or you’re welcome.

Special 3 – Terrestrial Treat 

Aunt May crushes the Opponent with a piece of the arena, then travels to space to “feed” a planet-sized breakfast treat to them.

  • Aunt May is Unblockable and Unstoppable for 8 second(s).
  • If Aunt May has 15 or more Wheatcakes Stacks, she removes all Wheatcakes Stacks and gains a Passive Fury for 8 second(s), increasing her Attack by +490.8.
  • If Aunt May has 20 Wheatcakes Stacks, all her Fury effects are +100% stronger for 8 second(s).

Developer’s Note: The ability Aunt May gains at 20 Wheatcake Stacks improves all her Fury effects, including the Fury she gains at 15 Wheatcake Stacks, all of the passive Fury she’s gained so far from removing Wheatcakes Stacks, and any new Fury gained from removing Wheatcakes Stacks while the ability is active. She slaved over a hot cosmic-oven to make you these Wheatcakes. You’re not just going to push the plate away now are you? Maybe you need more syrup.

Signature Ability – You Wouldn’t Hit An Old Lady?!

– Unstoppable

Special Attacks: Aunt May becomes Unstoppable, shrugging off all Attacks for 10 seconds.

Developer’s Note: Seriously…you’re going to try and beat up Aunt May? Just because she’s gold and shiny? I can’t stress this enough. IT’S AUNT MAY! You absolute monster.


SPIDER’S AUNT with Spider-Man, Spider-Man (Symbiote), Spider-Man (Stealth Suit), Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced)

All Champions gain 5% Health.

HERALDS OF GALACTUS with Silver Surfer, Air-Walker, Terrax

All Champions gain +90 Critical Damage Rating.


All Champions gain +8% Special Attack Rating.

LEFT AT THE ALTAR with Doctor Octopus [Unique Synergy]

All Champions gain +4% Perfect Block Chance.

ANTI-AUNTIE ANT ANTE with Ant-Man [Unique Synergy]

All Champions gain +1 to Wordplay. (Only works if Ant-Man opposes Aunt May while putting down his bet during a Poker game).


Double Edge

Aunt May is immune to Bleed, so the Bleed caused by Double Edge won’t affect her, but she’ll still gain the attack boost. In a regular fight, Bleeds remove Wheatcakes Stacks (and don’t grant Aunt May any Fury), but the Bleed from Double Edge happens at the start of the fight, before Aunt May has any Wheatcakes Stacks to remove. But remember, with great wheatcakes comes great digestibility. Be careful where you go with that much carbs and fibre rumbling around inside you!