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The Mutant known as Bishop was born into a bleak alternate future in which the robot Sentinel wiped out most of the X-Men, and Mutants were branded with an “M” over their right eye for identification. After chasing a criminal through a time portal with no means to return to his own timeline, Bishop joined the X-Men.

Base Stats & Abilities

HealthAttackPI (Max Signature)
(Rank 3, Level 45)

BISHOP’s Mechanics

Bishop is a master of Power and Prowess. Fighting opponents who are foolish enough to use energy attacks against you, or from the Skill class, Bishop will gain a massive amount of Prowess. The more Prowess Bishop has, the more powerful his Special Attacks become. Using his new and updated Stead Release Passive on Special 1 will let you melt your opponent with stacking Incinerate Debuffs, or bank them all into a massive Special 2 for some serious damage. Watchout when you run into Bishop in your quests as well, he’s got new abilities to punish pesky Skill Champions shrugging off his Debuffs!

Character Class: Mutant

Basic Abilities: Prowess, Regeneration, Unblockable Incinerate


  • Energy Damage
    • Bishop loves to fight anyone that tries to get him with Energy Damage, building Prowess and melting the opponent away.
  • Punish Debuff Shrugging
    • Whenever the opponent Shrugs off a Debuff, Bishop will punish them with a burst of damage, careful not to bring Kingpin against Bishop’s new kit!


  • Tech Champs
    • Bishop will not gain Prowess when being struck while fighting Tech Champions, reducing his defensive threat greatly!
  • Power Control
    • Bishop relies heavily on his Special Attacks to get his full potential, cutting off his power will make things much harder for him.

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion


Persistent Power Meter

  • Bishop’s mastery over energy and time enables him to enter a fight with 100% of the Power he finished his previous fight in the same Quest with.
  • Bishop’s Special Attacks cost no Power when activated. Instead, after the Special ends, Bishop immediately loses however many Bars of Power that special would have cost

Dev Note: Bishop’s Special Attacks not costing power anymore means that if you finish a fight with a big Special 2 or Special 1, you’ll carry that power over to the next fight!

Always Active – Personal Prowess

  • All of Bishop’s Personal Passive Prowess effects increase Special Attack Damage by 10%.

Always Active – Energy Transference

  • +4076.47 Energy Resistance.
  • Every 1 second(s), on receiving any Energy Damage gain 3 Passive Prowess.
  • Absorbing the kinetic energy of Blocking or being Struck generates 1 stack of Prowess, Well Time Blocks gain an additional +6 Prowess.
  • All these abilities grant +2 Prowess vs Skill Opponents, and -1 vs Tech.

Dev Notes: Bringing Bishop into any fights with pesky Skill Champions will let him generate tons of Prowess!


  • Holding Block for 0.5 seconds, Bishop converts 1 Personal Prowess into a Regeneration Buff every 0.33 seconds, granting 186.67 Health over 5 seconds. Max Stacks: 5.
  • Each Prowess converted also has an 100% chance to Purify a Bleed Debuff.

Always Active – Debuff Feedback

  • Each time the Opponent Purifies a Debuff they instantly receive 1902.57 Energy Damage.
  • Skill Champions also receive a Passive Stun lasting 1.50 second(s) if the Debuff Purified was a Stun.

Dev Notes: Funny that those silly Skill Champions thought they could escape from Bishop’s Debuffs. Make sure no matter what they do, Skill Champions will feel Bishop’s wrath!

Warning: Power Overload!

  • While Bishop has more than 30 Prowess, or if he’s Bleeding, he Overloads and begins consuming his personal Prowess effects 1 at a time, getting faster the longer he’s been Overloading.
  • If Bishop is suffering from a Bleed, Shock, or Incinerate, Debuff or Passive, each time he consumes a Prowess this way he also deals 476 Energy Damage to his Opponent, scaling with Base Attack.

Special Attacks

  • After each Special Attack Bishop consumes all his Personal Prowess Passives.
  • If Bishop is Overloading go Unblockable for the Duration of the Special Attack.

Special Attack 1 – Steady Release

  • After this Special Attack finishes, gain a Steady Release Passive for 10 seconds.
  • While active every 0.75 second(s) while near the opponent, inflict an Incinerate Debuff on them, dealing 773.5 Energy Damage over 3 seconds.
  • Each Prowess consumed by this attack increases the Duration of Steady Release by 2.5%.

Dev Notes: Standing near the opponent while Steady Release is a great way to juice some extra damage. I love hitting into the opponent’s block and staying on top of them as much as possible to stack up as many Incinerates as I can.

Special Attack 2 – Burst Release

  • The last hit has a 100% chance to inflict an Incinerate Debuff lasting 10 seconds, and dealing 70% of the total damage dealt by this Special.

Special Attack 3 – Diffusion Wave

  • 100% chance to inflict a non-stacking Energy Vulnerability reducing Energy Resistance by 1274.04 for 20 seconds.
  • Against enemies at full Health, this Energy Vulnerability becomes indefinite.

Signature Ability



  • Bishop prepares a unique bonus based on how many bars of Power are full at the start of the fight that last for the remainder of the fight.
  • With 0 Bars: Special Attacks become Unblockable with a stack of 10 or more Prowess.
  • With 1 Bar: While Blocking, gain Stun Immunity and enemies lose 80% ability accuracy.
  • With 2 Bars: Special Attacks have a 100% chance to leave the target Incinerated for 70% of the Special damage over 10 seconds.
  • With 3 Bars: Start the fight with Steady Release active for 15 seconds.

Synergy Bonuses

Chronal Anchor w/ Psylocke

Both: Opponents are inflicted with a Passive Petrify for 1 second after they fill a bar of Power, reducing Regeneration and Power Gain effectiveness by 100%. This Petrify is paused during Bishop and Psylocke’s Special Attacks.

Energy Conduit w/ Storm Lv. 2

Bishop: Start with +2 Prowess and 1 Bar of Power.

Storm: +15% energy resistance

Energy Conduit w/ Cyclops

Bishop: Start with +2 Prowess and 1 Bar of Power.

Cyclops: +15% energy resistance

Energy Conduit w/ Doctor Strange

Bishop: Start with +2 Prowess and 1 Bar of Power.

Doctor Strange: +15% energy resistance

Energy Conduit w/ Electro

Bishop: Start with +2 Prowess and 1 Bar of Power.

Electro: +15% energy resistance


  • Double Edge
    • Bishop has a quick and clean way to get rid of Bleed in his kit! Make sure to pick up that extra attack.
  • Recovery:
    • Bishop’s Regeneration might not be the biggest in the game, but with Recovery you can help top yourself up even more!