The King of the reclusive but technologically-advanced African nation Wakanda, King T’Challa’s birthright is not only to rule but to don the mantle of the Black Panther, a powerful warrior and symbol to his people. T’Challa will aggressively defend his country and citizens against any threat, no matter how menacing.

Base Stats & Abilities

HealthAttackPI (Max Signature)
(Rank 3, Level 45)

Character Class: Skill

Basic Abilities: Bleed, Precision, Cruelty, Panther’s Might


Dodge, Dip, Dive, Duck, and BLEED. Darting around The Contest, Black Panther excels at playing aggressive and Fast. Intercept the opponent and land tons of critical hits to watch your opponents HP bar melt away.


  • Bleed Damage
    • Black Panther packs a ton of Bleed Damage with his new update!
  • Debuff Shrug
    • With his Signature Ability Black Panther can shrug off any Debuffs a defender might throw his way.


  • Bleed Immune Champions
    • A lot of the new Black Panther’s Damage comes from his frequent bleed debuffs, a Bleed Immune opponent will net a large loss in damage.
  • Power Gain abilities
    • Looking for intercepts all day means Black Panther wants his opponents at low power as often as possible. Be careful against opponents with lots of power gain!

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion


Critical Hits:

  • Critical Hits have 100% Chance to apply a Bleed dealing 1035.45 direct damage over 6 seconds.

Dev Note: This update to Black Panther (Classic) includes the majority of his original kit – plus chances to rack up bleed damage!

All Attacks:

  • 100% Chance to gain a Cruelty Passive granting +158 Critical Damage Rating for 1.25 second(s). These Cruelty Passives fall off one at a time. Max Stacks: 15
  • Intercepting the Opponent or striking them while they are recovering from a Heavy or Special Attack grants an additional Cruelty Passive.
  • While striking into an Auto-Block, Panther is Immune to Stun.

Dev Note: Black Panther’s Cruelty is going to be an important part of every fight, so make sure to stay on the aggressive side so you can keep 15 floating the whole fight!

Panther’s Might – Inactive Charges

  • Dashing back after a non-combo ending attack will grant 1 Indefinite Inactive Panther’s Might Charge. Max: 5 Charges.
  • Inactive Panthers Might Charges cannot be gained while Panther’s Might is Active.

Dev Note:  Instead of your regular 5-hit combo, try dashing out early after 2-3 hits to gain 1 charge. Then, dash back in for a draft-back and race to 5 charges! More charges = more duration spent in Panther’s Might.

Panther’s Might

  • Landing a Heavy Attack while at 3 or more Inactive charges grants Panther’s Might for 3 seconds per charge consumed.
  • Upon Activation: Gain 1 Precision Passive for each Personal Cruelty Passive active, each increasing Critical Rating by +87.5.
  • Intercepting the Opponent or hitting an Opponent recovering from a Heavy or Special Attack pauses Panther’s Might for 5 seconds.
  • Pause all Personal Cruelty Passives.
  • While Active: 
  • Bleed Debuffs gain +8% Duration for each Personal Cruelty Active on Black Panther.
  • Attacks reduce opponents Defensive Ability Accuracy by 50%.

Dev Note: Defenders aren’t going to like Black Panther when he’s angry. Punish the opponent’s Special Attacks, and land Intercepts wherever you can to stay in Panther’s Might for as long as possible!

Special Attacks 1 and 2

  • Intercepting the opponent: Each hit of this Attack is a Guaranteed Critical Hit and apply an additional Bleed Debuff.

Special 1 – Roundhouse

  • Gain 3 Inactive Panther’s Might charges. Then consume all charges and enter Panther’s Might for 5 seconds per charge consumed. 

Dev Note: For those fights where you can’t seem to land a Heavy Attack, or the opponent is Stun Immune, you can use the Special 1 as an alternative to extend Panther’s Might!

Special 2 – Panther Strike

  • This Attack gains +115.05 Attack Rating for each Personal Cruelty Active on Black Panther. 

Dev Note: Intercept with the Sp2 during Panther’s Might and you’re going to be dealing a TON of Bleed damage.

Special 3 – For Wakanda!

  • Inflicts up to 5 Bleed Debuffs, with each having a 100% chance to apply, and dealing 805.35 direct damage over 15 seconds.
  • Refresh the Duration of Panther’s Might.

Dev Note: In fights where you want to maintain Panther’s Might the whole fight – throw a Special 3 instead of a Special 1 or 2. Or, if you need to keep your opponent’s Defensive Ability Accuracy down, land a Special 3 and put your mind at ease.

Signature Ability – For Wakanda!

  • Intercepting the Opponent has 100% Chance to Purify one of each Debuff from Black Panther. Cooldown 1.04 seconds. 
  • Each Bleed Debuff on the Opponent decreases their Defensive Ability Accuracy by 10.05%. Max 5 Bleeds.

Dev Note: Pair the Bleed Defensive Ability Accuracy with Panther’s Might and you’re going to be keeping your opponent’s Abilities in check for the whole fight! On Demand Shrug off for one of eachDebuff on him is also a great tool to help with any fight.


On Black Panther:


  • Storm, Black Panther

Black Panther: Gain a 1 second Unblockable Passive when activating a Special Attack during Panther’s Might.

Storm: Each Shock Debuff on the opponent grants +[20]% Special Attack Damage, Max Potency at [5] Shocks.



  • Killmonger, Black Panther

Black Panther:  Intercepting the Opponent grants a True Strike Passive for 10 seconds, letting his attack ignore all Armor, Resistances, Evade, and Auto-Block effects.

Killmonger: Can activate Special 3 Bleed Debuffs an additional 1 time per fight.



  • Iron Fist,Iron Fist White, Black Panther

Black Panther: Start the fight with 3 Inactive Panther’s Might Charges.

Iron Fist (Both): 25% Armor Break Debuff Potency.



  • Deadpool

All champions gain +155 Critical Rating


  • Iron Fist, Iron Fist (Immortal)

All champions gain +155 Critical Damage Rating


  • Storm

All champions gain +5% Power Gain

Synergy Updates:
Tigra’s Feline Possession:

Black Panther: Gain an additional Cruelty Passive from all Hits.

HulkBuster’s Engineering Experts:

Black Panther: +25% Bleed Duration.


  • Deep Wounds
    • Black Panther is all about BLEED damage. Maximize every Bleed Debuff he places with Deep wounds!
  • Liquid Courage and Double Edge
    • Shrugging off Debuffs is a thing of ease with Black Panther’s Signature Ability. Juice out even more damage with Liquid Courage and Double Edge!