MCoC Champion Spotlight – CIVIL WARRIOR

CIVIL WARRIOR has been updated in Marvel Contest of Champions! Learn more about his updates here:


There are many rumors about the origin of the mysterious Civil Warrior… legend says he is a Captain America from an alternate Earth ravaged by the Civil War between his own army and Iron Man’s forces. On that world, the two heroes mortally wounded each other in the final battle of the war; Steve survived, but Tony didn’t. Riddled with guilt for the battle’s destruction and the death of his former ally at his own hands, he assumed the mantle of the Civil Warrior. Adding Tony’s ARC technology to his Captain America gear, he vowed to use his friend’s legacy to stop this senseless conflict from ever happening again.


Stack tons of Fury with Civil Warrior, unleash his array of utility to get massive damage, or keep the opponent under your control for the fight. 

Base Stats & Abilities

HealthAttackPI (Max Signature)
6-Star★★★★★★(Rank 3, Level 45)40065296513250

Character Class: Tech

Basic Abilities: Armor, Fury, Heal Block


  • Long Fights
    • Civil Warrior can stack up a ton of Fury buffs, use him in long fights to get some massive damage!
  • Heal Block
    • An on demand Heal Block with his heavy will let you deal with any healing needs you may encounter!


  • Buff punishment
    • Although he is immune to Stagger and Nullify, he is very susceptible to any effects that punish you for stacking a lot of buffs. Be careful for these matchups!


The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion

Always Active

  • Civil Warrior’s combination of Super Soldier Serum and advanced Stark Tech renders him Immune to Nullify and Stagger effects.
  • For each Armor Up Buff active on Civil Warrior, reduce the opponent’s Bleed and Poison Ability Accuracy by 25%.

Personal Armor Up Buffs

  • Unless otherwise stated, Civil Warrior’s Armor Up Buffs provide +233.33 Armor Rating and last 11 seconds.

All Attacks

  • Every 5th basic attack that either Champion throws has a 100% chance to grant 1 Armor Up Buff.

Dash back and Hold Block for 1.2 seconds

  • Converts all Armor Up Buffs into Fury Buffs, with each providing +276.12 Attack Rating for 12 seconds.
  • These Fury Buffs have a Max Stack of 50 and are Refreshed each time an Armor Up Buff is converted this way.

Heavy Attacks

  • 100% chance to inflict a 10 second Heal Block Debuff, preventing the target from recovering Health.

Special Attacks

  • When launched: Pause all Armor Up Buffs for 20 seconds.
  • On hit: Pause all Heal Block Debuffs on the opponent for 6 seconds.

Special 1 – Arc Blast

  • Gain up to 4 Armor Up Buffs. 100% chance each.

Special 2 – Repulsor Rush

  • 100% chance to Power Burn 2 Bar(s) of Power, dealing direct damage proportional to the amount of Power lost.

Special 3 – Overload

  • The opponent is Passively Power Locked during this attack.
  • 100% chance to inflict Power Drain, removing 1 Bar of Power. If the target is reduced to 0 Power, they also receive a Power Lock Debuff for 14 seconds, preventing them from gaining Power.

Dev Note: Gain a ton of control in a long fight after stacking your Fury with some massive power locks. I love to ramp Civil Warrior up, then power lock the opponent to let me get some long Back-Draft combos going.

Signature Ability – Arc Shield

Always Active

  • Civil Warrior begins the fight with 2 indefinite Armor Up Buffs.
  • Blocking during the opponent’s Special Attack inflicts them with a Passive Weakness, reducing their Attack Rating by 60%. This is also true if Civil Warrior was Blocking prior to a Special Attack 3.

Dev Notes: If you accidentally get an opponent to SP3 and don’t have an Sp2 or 3 on deck to pull them down make sure to just hold block to get some massive damage reduction from the attack!



Winter Soldier, Falcon

All Champions: +130 Armor Rating


Iron Man, Hulkbuster, Iron Man (IW), Superior Iron Man

All Champions: +155 Critical Damage Rating



All Champions: +5% Perfect Block Chance


Captain America

All Champions: +6% Attack Rating.


Captain America (WW2)

All Champions: +6% Attack Rating.


Captain America (IW)

All Champions: +6% Attack Rating.


  • Collar Tech
    • Boasting a lot of power control in his kit already, pair Collar Tech with him to keep your opponent’s power under wraps!