Champion Spotlight – Elsa Bloodstone

ELSA BLOODSTONE Enters Marvel Contest of Champions on October 3 @ 10 AM PDT!


  • Elsa Bloodstone is the second of her name, daughter of legendary Vampire Hunter Ulysses Bloodstone. Elsa possesses the ancient Bloodgem artifact, granting her superhuman capabilities and the ability to destroy any vampire foolish enough to drink her blood.


  • Elsa’s focus is on unloading both of her ammunition as quickly as possible. To maximize her damage output she should empty her Behemoth Buster rounds first then focus on her Hellfire rounds.

Base Stats & Abilities

* All stats based on 4-Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

HEALTH: 14596  ATTACK: 1216

*All stats based on 5-Star, Rank 5, Level 65, Signature Level 200

HEALTH: 29264 ATTACK: 2437
WITH SIGNATURE (200): 10540 

Character Class: Skill

Basic Abilities:  Hellfire Rounds, Behemoth Busters, Precision, Cruelty


  • High Resistance Champions
    • Elsa’s Busted Debuffs deal a burst of direct damage whenever she lands a Critical hit on her Opponent, bypassing any of their resistances. 
  • Advantage against Stun Immunity
    • Elsa has a counter attack built into her Evade that allows her to combo off of a Well-Timed block. Even if the Opponent was immune to the Parry Mastery.
  • Non-Damaging Debuffs
    • Elsa’s Bloodgem will Purify any Debuff while she is affected by a Non-Damaging Debuff and convert them into Precision Buffs. 


  • True Strike and True Accuracy
    • If Elsa’s Opponent has True Strike or True Accuracy she is unable to access her Well-Timed block Evade
  • Incinerate and Coldsnap Immunity
    • If Elsa’s Opponent is Immune to both Incinerate and Coldsnap she will lose out on a major source of damage.


  • Bloodgem Protection
    • When Elsa is affected by a Bleed Debuff, Non-Mutant Champions gain a Passive Degeneration dealing 145.92 Direct Damage every 0.5 seconds until all Bleed Debuffs on Elsa end. While this Degen is active Opponents are also Heal Blocked.
    • While suffering from a Non-Damaging Debuff, Elsa has a 100% chance to Purify 1 of any Debuff every 2.60 seconds. 
    • After Purifying a Debuff, Elsa gains a Precision Buff increasing Critical Rating by 2000 for 9 seconds.
  • Well Timed Blocks
    • When performing a Well-Timed block on basic attacks, Elsa has a 100% chance to Evade. This ability goes on Cooldown for 11 seconds.
    • When performing an Evade, Elsa counter attacks with her Revolver and deals 182.4 Direct Physical Damage on Hit. This attack generates no Power for the Opponent
  • Enhanced Munitions
    • Elsa loads her Winchester with Hellfire Rounds and her Revolvers with Behemoth Busters. Each gun can fire 6 rounds before Reloading.
    • Reloading lasts 11 seconds. Each stack of Reloading increases Elsa’s offensive Power Rate by 40%.

  • Winchester: Hellfire Rounds (Medium Combo Ender and Special 1):
    • On Hit: Inflict an Incinerate Debuff, dealing 608 Energy Damage over 11 seconds. This also removes Perfect Block Chance and reduces Block Proficiency by 50%.
    • If the Opponent has triggered an Evade or they are Immune to Incinerate, a matching Coldsnap Debuff is inflicted instead, which prevents Evade from activating. 
  • Revolver: Behemoth Busters (Light Combo Ender and Special 2): 
    • On Hit: Inflict a Busted Debuff, increasing the Potency of incoming Incinerate or Coldsnap Debuffs by 50% for 21 seconds. Additionally, each time the Opponent is Struck by a Critical Hit, deal 304 Direct Damage for each Busted Debuff. This Damage scales with base attack only. 

Special 1 –  Focused Fire

  • On Activation gain a Precision Buff increasing Critical Rating by 3000 for 9 seconds. This Precision is paused until Elsa activates her next Special Attack.

Special 2 – The Bigger They Are

  • If Elsa runs out of Behemoth Busters she will fire her Hellfire Rounds instead.

Special 3 – From Dust to Dust

  • Gain up to 3 Cruelty Buffs, each increasing Elsa’s Critical Damage Rating by 222 for 22 seconds.
  • These Cruelty Buffs expire 1 at a time. Each time Elsa triggers a Reloading effect, she refreshes their duration. 

Signature Ability: Huntress of the Contest

  • When Fighting Science Champions, Critical Hits with Hellfire Rounds deal an additional 1824 damage.
  • When Fighting #Large or #Extra Large Champions, Critical Hits with Behemoth Busters deal an additional 1824 damage.
  • Elsa’s Critical Damage Rating is increased by 857.14 when fighting the final node in a Quest.


Hunting Party with Darkhawk (4* and above)

  • Elsa Bloodstone: When fighting Villains, Elsa gains the effects of the level 1 Assassin Mastery. If the Assassin Mastery is already acquired, it instead activates when the Opponent is below 25% of their Maximum Health.
  • Darkhawk: Darkhawk instantly charges 50% of a bar of Power when entering a mode from a different mode.

Beauty and the Beast with Beast (4* and above)

  • Elsa Bloodstone: The Cooldown for Elsa’s Evade counter attack is reduced by 2 seconds.
  • Beast: Beast’s Special 3 Fury is maintained until his Combo count is reset.

Enemies III: Carnage, Doctor Octopus, Scarlet Witch (Available at 4* and higher)

  • All Champions gain +155 Critical Rating.

Enemies II: Carnage, Doctor Octopus, Scarlet Witch (available at 3*)

  • All Champions gain +115 Critical Rating.

Enemies I: Carnage, Doctor Octopus, Scarlet Witch (available at 2*)

  • All Champions gain +85 Critical Rating.

Friends III: Wolverine (Available at 4* and higher)

  • All Champions gain +130 Armor Rating.

Friends II: Wolverine (available at 3*)

  • All Champions gain +95 Armor Rating.

Friends I: Wolverine (available at 2*)

  • All Champions gain +70 Armor Rating.

Recommended Masteries

  • Precision and Lesser Precision
    • Elsa’s Behemoth Busters deal a significant amount of damage when landing Critical Hits. Anything that increases Critical Rating will be essential when pushing for her maximum damage. 
  • Despair: 
    • Elsa can quickly unload several long duration Debuffs onto her Opponent. If used correctly along with this Mastery she should be able to prevent the Opponent from gaining any meaningful regeneration. 
  • Assassin
    • With the Hunting Party Synergy, Elsa has this Mastery available whenever fighting Villain Champions. If the Mastery is already acquired, it will be activated at 25% health instead.