About Gambit

Remy LeBeau, raised by thieves on the dark streets of New Orleans was eventually forced to leave that life behind after winning a duel he wasn’t meant to. Gifted with the power to supercharge objects he touches with powerful kinetic force, Gambit now fights alongside his fellow mutants to protect mankind, while also occasionally dipping into his more scoundrel-like nature to pull off a heist here and there.

Gambit’s Mechanics

Gambit is coming back into The Contest with a new Stun stacking special smashing style. Use your prowess to deal some huge special damage and stack your Stuns to lower the opponents Combat Power rate and Regen rate.

Base Stats & Abilities

HealthAttackPI (Max Signature)
(Rank 3, Level 45)

Character Class: Mutant

Basic Abilities: Prowess, Concussion, Flak Jacket, Stun


  • Anti-Thorns:
    • Gambit’s Updated Kit now lets him counter Thorns by ignoring the damage he would take from Thorns type abilities.
  • Special Damage:
    • Gambit has got a huge amount more prowess now, as well stacking his prowess faster for stronger specials than ever before.
  • Bleed Resist:
    • Gambits Flak Jacket lets him ignore 100% of incoming bleed debuff damage letting him be a reliable counter to any bleeds you may run into!


  • Stun Immune:
    • Gambits Utility relies a lot on him being able to Stun, and stack Stuns on the opponent. Running into Stun immune is going to have him struggle with applying his Regeneration and Combat Power Rate reductions.
  • Nullify:
    • Gambits Damage is heavily based on his Prowess, running into an enemy that has the ability to nullify or remove your buffs often is going to lower his damaging abilities.

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion



  • Gambit charges his weapons while holding Block, gaining a Kinetic Charge every 0.40 seconds. Kinetic Charges build up more slowly as Gambit accumulates more of them. Max Charges: 10.

Dev Note: Gambit has the same base timer for building his Kinetic Charges, but they do not slow down nearly as much and he should be able to hit the cap of 10 much faster now!

When Charging a Heavy Attack

  • Gambit cashes out, converting his Kinetic Charges to Prowess Buffs, each increasing Special Damage by 30% for 16 seconds.

Dev Notes: Now that Gambit’s Prowess is gained on charging a Heavy Attack instead of Hitting it, you can Parry, Heavy charge and cancel it into a Special Attack. This works great with his Stun stacking abilities.


  • Each Stun Debuff on the Opponent Reduces Regeneration Rate and Combat Power Rate by 40% while active.
  • All Stun Debuffs currently on the Opponent are Paused for the duration of Gambit’s Special Attacks.

Dev Notes: Combine Gambit new abilities found here with his on Heavy Charge prowess and Parry to stack Stuns and tons of damage against your opponent.

Medium, Heavy, Special 1 and Special 2 Attacks

  • These attacks utilize a burst of kinetic energy, reducing the amount of damage the opponent can deal with Passive effects when being struck by 100% for 0.20 seconds.

Dev Notes: This is the exact same implementation as Omega Red!

Flak Jacket

  • Gambit begins each fight with a Flak Jacket charge which is lost once Gambit has taken 15394.5 Attack Damage. Tech Champions’ Attack Damage counts double for this purpose.
  • While Flak Jacket is active, Gambit gains +1400 Armor Rating and incoming Bleed effects suffer -150% Potency.
  • Against Non-Contact Physical Attacks, the Flak Jacket provides an additional +1400 Armor Rating and Critical Resistance.

Dev Notes: Bleed Resists as well as Armor and Critical Resistance are going to leave the new and improved Gambit stronger than ever.

Special Attacks

  • If the opponent does not have an Armor Up BUff, all hits gain +20% Ability Accuracy.

Special Attack 1

  • 85% chance to inflict a 2.50 second Stun Debuff.

Special Attack 2

  • This attack has a 85% chance to inflict a Concussion Debuff, reducing Ability Accuracy by 85% for 13 seconds. The Potency of this effect is affected by Class relationships.

Special Attack 3

  • This attack has a 85% chance to inflict up to Two 5 Second Stun Debuffs.

Signature Ability – Ragin’ Cajun

Always Active

  • Prowess Buffs now also grant Gambit +110.74 Critical Damage Rating each.
  • Additionally, his Flak Jacket is upgraded to allow it to absorb an additional 6157.8 Attack Damage before breaking.



All Champions Gain +130 Armor Rating

Wolverine (X23), Warlock


All Champions Gain +5% Power Gain



All Champions gain +5% Perfect Block Chance

Nightcrawler, Beast, Magneto(House of X)


All Champions gain +155 Critical Rating

Magneto, Apocalypse, Mister Sinister


All Champions gain +4% Health & Attack Rating

Professor X


  • Precision
    • Up your Crit Rating to get some lucky crits on those Special Attack to really make that Signature Ability and Prowess Shine
  • Petrify
    • Pair Petrify with Gambit’s Stun stacking to lower the opponents Regeneration Rate even further!