Gambit enters The Contest August 18th at 10AM PDT!

About Gambit:

Remy LeBeau, raised by thieves on the dark streets of New Orleans was eventually forced to leave that life behind after winning a duel he wasn’t meant to. Gifted with the power to supercharge objects he touches with powerful kinetic force, Gambit now fights alongside his fellow mutants to protect mankind, while also occasionally dipping into his more scoundrel-like nature to pull off a heist here and there.

Base Stats & Abilities

*All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

  • Health: 14,976
  • Attack: 1,187
  • Max PI
    • Without Signature: 3,498
    • Signature Level 99: 4,286


  • Blocking: Gambit charges his weapons while holding Block, gaining a Kinetic Charge for every 0.5 seconds he isn’t attacked. Whenever Gambit is struck by a combo-ending attack, he has a 50% chance to Fold and lose all his Kinetic Charges.
    • The amount of time needed to build up Kinetic charges increases based on how many charges Gambit already has.
  • Special Attacks: Gambit’s Ability Accuracy increases by 2% for each Kinetic Charge he has during Special Attacks.
  • Heavy Attacks: Gambit cashes out, converting his Kinetic Charges to Prowess Buffs, each increasing Special Damage by 17% for 10 seconds.

Physical Resist

  • Passive: Gambit’s unique armor grants him 18% Physical Resistance & Bleed Resistance. Once Gambit has lost 20% of his max Health from Physical Damage, the armor breaks.

Special Moves

Special 1: Cardshark – With a little sleight of hand, the Ragin’ Cajun sends a hidden ace flying.

  • This attack has a 85% chance to Stun the opponent for 2.5 seconds. The chance to Stun increases based on how low the opponent’s Armor is.

Special 2: Bayou Beatdown – Super-charged staff strikes from the back alleys of N’awlins.

  • This attack has a 78% chance to give the opponent a Concussion, reducing their Ability Accuracy by 72%. The Potency of this effect is affected by Class relationships.
  • This ability is stronger against Champions that Gambit has a class advantage against, skill Champions. Meanwhile, it is weaker against Tech Champions.

Special 3: Royal Flush – With quick movements, Gambit lets fly a perfect hand. Au Revoir.

  • This attack has a 86% chance to Paralyze the opponent for 2.8 seconds, Stunning them and reducing their Power and Health gains by 66%.
  • Paralyze also counts a Stun effect, meaning it can be decreased or increased by other effects in the game, like the Limber and Stupefy Mastery.

Signature Ability – Ragin’ Cajun: Gambit maintains 30% of his Kinetic Charges whenever he Folds. Additionally his Prowess Buffs also grant him (5 – 20%) increased Critical Damage each.

Synergy Bonuses

  • Friends (+6% Armor) – Wolverine (X-23)
  • Enemies (+7% Critical Chance) – Magneto
  • Teammates (+5% Perfect Block Chance) – Beast or Nightcrawler

Recommended Masteries

Parry & Stupefy

  • By utilizing this Mastery, in conjunction with Stupefy, Gambit can buy himself enough time to build up Kinetic charges when he is already at a high count.


  • With two of Gambit’s Special Attacks causing a Stun, picking up this Mastery can help him land multiple combos on his opponent and not worry as much about a Special Attack retaliation. Additionally, the effects of Paralyze stack with this Mastery.


Strong Match-Ups: This is a list of Champions that Gambit performs well against.

  • Black Panther, Hawkeye, Agent Venom – In addition to a class advantage, Gambit’s armor protects him from these Champions’ Bleed effects. Additionally, his Concussion ability will deny them their much needed ability triggers.
  • Wolverine, Deadpool, Wolverine (X-23) – Gambit’s Bleed resistance and strong Paralyze ability allows him to overpower these Champions quickly by reducing their offensive power and reducing their regeneration effects.

Weak Match-Ups: This is a list of Champions that Gambit performs poorly against.

  • Civil Warrior – In addition to a class disadvantage, Civil Warrior can reduce Gambit’s ability to trigger his Stun effects as well as his Special Damage, which he relies on heavily.
  • Dr. Strange, Magneto, Magneto (Marvel NOW) – These Champions deal Energy Damage, thus ignoring Gambit’s Physical Resistance. Additionally, Dr. Strange’s frequent Counterspell effects can tear away Gambit’s much needed Prowess buffs.