GHOST RIDER enters The Contest October 27th at 10AM PDT!

About Ghost Rider:

Tricked by the demonic being Mephisto into selling his soul to save a loved one, stunt cyclist Johnny Blaze soon found himself bonded to the Spirit of Vengeance, a being of almost unlimited power from Hell itself. With the power to control Hellfire as well as his mystical Hell Cycle and Hell Chains, Ghost Rider has turned against Mephisto’s purpose and instead uses his newfound abilities to protect the innocent and cast judgment upon the wicked.

Base Stats & Abilities

*All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

  • Health: 16,040
  • Attack: 1,187
  • Max PI
    • Without Signature: 3,545
    • Signature Level 99: 4,424


Ghost Rider can see his opponent’s transgressions and place Judgments upon them. Each Judgment can only be applied once and lasts indefinitely.

The Duration of each Judgment’s Secondary Effect is increased by 75% for each Judgment already active.

  • This duration increase stacks for each Judgment effect active. If the opponent has 4 Judgments on them, then each Judgment’s Secondary effect will have its Duration increased by 300%. More Judgments = longer secondary effects.

Finish a 5 Hit Combo with a Light Attack

  • Judgment of Spite: 70% Chance
  • Secondary: Inflicts Bleed, dealing 104% of your Attack as Direct Damage over 3.5 seconds.

Heavy Attacks

  • Judgment of Malice: 80% Chance
  • Secondary: Gain a Life Steal Passive effect for 6.5 seconds, allowing Ghost Rider to steal 34.5% Health with each attack.

Special 1: Retribution

  • Judgment of Pride: 70% Chance.
  • Secondary: Fate Seals the opponent, Nullifying all Buffs for 5.1 seconds.

Special 2: Hellfire Blast

  • Judgment of Anger: 80% Chance
  • Secondary: Drains 17% of the opponent’s Power over 2 seconds.

Special 3: Penance Stare

  • Judgment of Guilt: 100% Chance
  • Secondary: Inflicts Damnation upon the opponent through the Penance Stare for 3.5 seconds, dealing 40% of Ghost Rider’s Attack as Direct Damage. Opponents under Damnation are also Power Locked, Heal Blocked and Fate Sealed.
  • When Damnation ends, all Judgments are removed from the opponent and can be applied again.

Evil’s Bane – Passive

  • Against Villain opponents, Ghost Rider’s chance to place a Judgment is increased by 20%. Additionally, his Armor and Critical Chance are increased by 16.5%

Bleed Immunity – Passive

  • A lack of Blood provides full immunity to Bleed effects.

Signature Ability – Spirit of Vengeance

  • Finish a 5 Hit Combo with a Medium Attack
  • Judgment of Corruption: 65% Chance
  • Secondary: Ghost Rider gains a burst of  (25 – 100%) Attack for 7.5 seconds.

Synergy Bonuses

  • Teammates (+5% Perfect Block Chance) – Wolverine (X-23)
  • Teammates (+5% Perfect Block Chance) – Deadpool or Elektra
  • Rivals (+25% Critical Damage) – Punisher

Recommended Masteries


  • Landing a Heavy Attack is paramount to gaining Ghost Rider’s Life Steal effect. Grabbing this Mastery will allow you to Stun your opponent long enough to land a Heavy Attack.

Mystic Dispersion

  • Ghost Rider’s Fate Seal on Special 1, when timed correctly, can allow him to strip away the opponent’s Buff effects and gain a large burst of power. This can allow him to quickly build up to multiple Judgment effects before hitting the big Damnation to finish the fight.


Strong Match-Ups: This is a list of Champions that Ghost Rider performs well against.

  • Gamora, Drax – Ghost Rider’s Bleed Immunity and class advantage puts him over these Champions easily.
  • Kang, Wolverine, Wolverine (X-23) These Champions rely heavily on their power meter, which Ghost Rider can strip away with his Special 2 Judgment. Additionally, his Damnation power locks and Heal Blocks these Champions, giving him a strong upper hand.
  • Groot, Black Panther (Civil War), Venom – These Champions rely on their Buff effects to do well in any given fight. With Ghost Rider’s Fate Seal on his Special 1 Judgment, and Damnation to Fate Seal them, he can lock down these Champions very well.

Weak Match-Ups: This is a list of Champions that Ghost Rider performs poorly against.

  • Red Hulk, Captain America – In addition to a class advantage over Ghost Rider, these Champions do not rely on Buff effects for their damage output and are not hit as strongly by Damnation or Fate Seal.