In his earlier days, James Hudson worked for Am-Can as a petrochemical engineer. When he discovered the company’s deep-seated corruption, Hudson left immediately, stealing his latest invention: a super-suit primed to search for underground oil deposits. Fleeing the consequences of his actions, Hudson became Guardian, the founding member of Canada’s elite team of superhumans known as the Alpha Flight, defenders of the True North.

GUARDIAN’s Mechanics

Guardian uses his Force Field to increase his defenses and absorb his Opponent’s Special Attacks. He can release his built up Force Field energy on his Opponents with his Electromagnetic Beams.

Base Stats & Abilities

HealthAttackPI (Max Signature)
(Rank 3, Level 45)

Character Class: Tech

Basic Abilities: 

Force Field, Armor Up, Perfect Block, Taunt


Armor & Resistances

  • Besides granting Guardian increased Armor Rating, his Armor Up Buff will provide him with Bleed, Energy and Critical Damage Resistance. This makes him an extremely durable champion!

Perfect Blocking Special Attacks

  • Guardian benefits from blocking his Opponent’s Special Attacks. Well-Timed Blocks allow him to gain Perfect Block Chance and additional Power.


Armor Break & Nullify

  • Guardian’s Armor Up is the key to his success. It provides him with all of his defensive capabilities. By removing it, Guardian becomes extremely vulnerable for a window of time.

True Strike & Unblockable Specials

  • Guardian’s Auto-Block can block an entire Special Attack, but with Unblockable or True Strike, his Opponent can ignore his defensive abilities entirely.

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion



  • Guardian can’t land Critical Hits naturally, however every time he would have landed a Critical Hit, he deals a burst of Shock Damage. This ability scales with Critical Damage Rating.
  • Guardian can trigger the Parry Mastery against non-contact attacks.
  • While all of Guardian’s Abilities are below 100% Ability Accuracy for 3+ second(s), he inflicts a Shock Debuff, dealing 345.15 Energy Damage per second. This ability scales with Base Attack only and cannot be affected by Ability Accuracy.

Armor Up

  • Start each fight with an indefinite Armor Up Buff, increasing Armor Rating by 2100.
  • If this Buff is removed for any reason, it will return after 14 second(s).

Force Field

  • Force Field Charges last indefinitely, up to 3 Charges. Any additional Force Field Charges last for 22 seconds.
  • Gain 1 Force Field Charge every 12 seconds.
  • While Guardian has an Armor Up, Well-Timed Blocks against Special Attacks grant 100% Perfect Block Chance over 0.5 second(s). Each Perfect Block grants 10% of a bar of Power.
  • While Guardian has an Armor Up, gain a +15% chance per Force Field Charge to Auto-Block the Opponent’s Special Attack. Gain a flat +15% chance against Mutants. This Auto-Block is considered a Well-Timed Block and can reach a 75% chance max.
  • Consume 1 Force Field Charge(s) to Block Unblockable Special Attacks against Mutants.

Developer’s Note: 

While Guardian has an Armor Up effect he’s able to mitigate Special Attack damage with a Well-Timed Block. When facing a Guardian, watch out for Armor Up effects added through Quest Buffs since these will count towards some of his abilities.

Ending a Combo with a Light Attack

  • Consume 2 Force Field Charge(s), inflicting a Power Drain removing 20% of the Opponent’s current Power.

Developer’s Note: 

Guardian’s Power Drain only buys him time to bait out a Special 2 Attack when he’s in danger of a Special 3 Attack. This ability does not allow Guardian to control his Opponent’s Power to the degree that other Power Control Champions can.

Heavy Attacks

  • The first hit consumes 1 Force Field Charge(s) to gain an Armor Up Buff, increasing Armor Rating by 2100 for 15 second(s).

Developer’s Note: 

In order to retain Guardian’s defensive abilities after using a Special 2 Attack, Guardian can gain an additional Armor Up with his Heavy Attack which is consumed by the Special 2 Attack.

Special 1: Supersonic Charge

  • After activation, gain 3 Force Field Charge(s).
  • The last hit inflicts a Taunt Debuff lasting for 6 seconds. Opponents that are Taunted have their Attack Rating reduced by 40% and have 70% higher chance to activate a Special Attack.

Developer’s Note: 

Guardian’s Special 1 Attack is the fastest way to gain Force Field Charges. It also allows Guardian to Taunt the Opponent briefly for an easier time dealing with the Power Meter.

Special 2: Electromagnetic Beam

  • The first hit consumes all Force Field Charges, increasing Attack Rating by 2876.25 for each Force Field Charge for the duration of the Special Attack.
  • If Guardian has 3+ Force Field Charges consume 1 Armor Up Buff, inflicting a Shock Debuff, dealing 5752.5 Energy Damage over 3 second(s).
  • This attack cannot be Evaded by Mutant Champions.

Developer’s Note: 

This is Guardian’s big burst of damage. Try and get as many Force Field Charges before blowing up the Opponent with this ability. Be careful after using ability if you’ve consumed your only Armor Up Buff, you won’t be able to Perfect Block or Auto-Block Special Attacks until it returns.

Special 3: Striking Oil

  • On activation, gain 6 indefinite Force Field Charge(s).
  • Inflict a Shock Debuff, dealing 3451.5 Energy Damage over 20 second(s).

Developer’s Note: 

The Special 3 Attack is the most reliable way to gain Force Field Charges since all Charges are indefinite. This allows Guardian to stack tons of Charges for an even bigger burst of damage.

Signature Ability – Weapon Alpha

  • While Guardian has an Armor Up effect, gain the following effects:
  • +2563.46 Block Proficiency
  • +8392.11 Energy Resistance
  • +79.98% Bleed Resistance
  • +314.01 Critical Damage Resistance

Developer’s Note: 

Weapon Alpha provides protection against a wide range of Quest Buffs, Masteries and Champions making Guardian a good choice in fights with some Damaging Debuffs or high Attack Ratings.



  • All Champions except Guardian: +1000 Block Proficiency.
  • Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate Synergies.

ON GUARD FOR THEE: Wolverine, Sabretooth, Squirrel Girl, Deadpool

  • All Champions except Guardian: The first 3 blocks have a 100% chance to be Perfect Blocks.
  • Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate Synergies.


  • Guardian:  Well-Timed Blocks inflict a Shock Debuff, dealing 50% of Attack Rating as Energy Damage over 2 second(s).
  • Solo: Only affects this Champion and does not stack.


  • Guardian: Each time Guardian would gain a Force Field Charge and he has no Force Field Charges, gain 1 charge(s).
  • Mole Man: When blocking a hit to gain Unstoppable, do not consume a Monster Mass.
  • Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate Synergies.

FRIENDS: Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler

  •  All Champions gain +130 Armor Rating

TEAMMATES: Red Hulk, Spider-man

  •  All Champions gain +5% Perfect Block Chance


Double Edge

  • Guardian’s signature, Weapon Alpha, allows him to resist a large portion of the Bleed damage inflicted by Double Edge.


  • Guardian’s high Bleed and Energy Resistance with Weapon Alpha allow him to heal more damage than he’s taking from some Shock, Incinerate and Bleed Debuffs.