Born of a mixed French-Algerian heritage, the mysterious Guillotine is the latest in her bloodline to inherit “La Fleur du Mal”, a mystical sword with dark supernatural powers. Across the centuries, many have wielded the enchanted blade – some for good, some for evil. For the will of the sword is strong, and its thirst for blood is limitless, and many have succumbed to its whispers in their minds. The current Guillotine uses the blade to punish the guilty and keeps the sinister instincts of the sword in check …for now!

GUILLOTINE’s Mechanics

Guillotine revels in the blood of her enemies! Releasing her blood-thirsty blade on her enemies, Guillotine has a chance of inflicting Bleed debuffs with each swipe, earning her Attack-boosting Soul Charges while recovering a percentage of her own HP for each percentage of damage dealt. Not inflicting enough Bleeds for your liking? Throw a Heavy Attack into the mix to cast a Bleed Curse on the unfortunate opponent, followed by a Special Attack! This will guarantee you Bleeds with each hit, and if Guillotine is Unshackled, you can be sure no Block can match her blade. Once enough Soul Charges have been accrued, activate your Special 3 to inflict a debilitating Degeneration debuff, lasting until all Charges have been spent or your opponent has fallen.

Base Stats & Abilities

HealthAttackPI (Max Signature)
(Rank 3, Level 45)

Character Class: Mystic

Basic Abilities: Bleed, Bleed Curse, Spectre, Degeneration


  • High Damage Potential
    • Stacking Bleeds, especially when Heavy/Special combos, can deal some serious damage over time, especially with a high number of Soul Charges!
  • Buff-heavy Opponents
    • Opponents who utilize many Buffs at one time will quickly realize their folly, as Guillotine’s chance to inflict bleeds rises with each Buff on the opponent!


  • Purify
    • Opponents who are not Immune but can Purify Guillotine’s Bleed debuffs can severely hamper her ability to deal and heal damage.
  • Concussion
    • Having a big #Metal sword has its perks, but a certain Master of Magnetism can turn off much of what Guillotine relies on!

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion


Always Active – Life Siphon

  • Guillotine Heals 2% of all damage taken by the opponent

Developer’s Note: Note “all damage” – stack those bleeds and watch the HP roll in!

Soul Charges – Max Stacks: 15

  • Each time either Champion loses 5% of their Max Health or is inflicted with a Bleed effect, gain 1 Soul Charge. The first 10 Soul Charges are indefinite and additional charges last 10 seconds each.
  • Each Soul Charge grants +148.92 Attack Rating.
  • At 10+ Soul Charges: Guillotine becomes Unshackled, enhancing her Special Attacks until she’s back below 6 Charges

Developer’s Note: Wait until Guillotine is at 10+ charges, then unleash her Heavy/Special combo for maximum damage

Critical Hits:

  • 35% chance to inflict a Bleed Debuff, causing 1737.4 direct damage over 5 seconds. Chance increases by a flat +5% for each Buff on the opponent.

Developer’s Note: Crit Rate is important for Guillotine — maximising this stat and reliably inflicting crits means more bleeds more often

Heavy Attack:

  • 100% chance to inflict a 10 second Bleed Curse Debuff. 
  • An opponent with a Bleed Curse suffers a Bleed Debuff, causing 2233.8 direct damage over 5 seconds each time they’re struck with a Special Attack.

Developer’s Note: Guillotine’s Heavy is incredibly important — don’t forget to use it before launching a Special attack for maximum damage output!

Special Attacks:

  • Unshackled: Guillotine is Passively Unblockable during the attack.

Special 1 – La Force d’Ancêtres

  • Final hit has a 100% chance to inflict a Pain Link Debuff lasting 10 seconds. While active, any Non-Physical damage taken by Guillotine is also inflicted on the opponent as Physical Damage.
  • Unshackled: Spend 10 Souls to apply an additional Pain Link Debuff when launching the attack.

Developer’s Note: DOT damage got you down? Share the pain with your opponent!

Special 2 – Coup De Massue

  • Final hit has a {100}% chance to inflict a Spectre Debuff for {10} seconds, reducing Regeneration Rate by {200}%.
  • Unshackled: Spend {10} Souls to Pause the Spectre for {10} seconds when it is first activated.

Special 3 – Coup De Grâce

  • 100% chance to inflict a Degeneration Debuff causing 1737.4 direct damage over 3 seconds. Then consume all Soul Charges to increase the Degeneration duration by +3 seconds for each Soul spent this way.

Signature Ability – Cursed Aura


  • Whenever the opponent is Immune to Guillotine’s personal Bleed effects, she has a 100% chance to inflict a matching Rupture Debuff, causing Physical Damage. This Rupture Debuff grants 1 Soul Charge.

Developer’s Note: Awakening her Signature Ability grants her effectiveness against a large pool of Bleed-immune opponents, and is incredibly important to her kit!


  •  Friends Lv. 3 with Black Panther (Classic), Black Panther (CW), Black Panther (Jabari)
    • All champions: +130 Armor Rating
  • Nemesis Lv. 3 with Venom, Red Skull, Morningstar
    • All champions: +6% Attack Rating
  • Rivals Lv. 3 with Magik, Guillotine 2099
    • All champions: +115 Critical Rating
  • Teammates Lv. 3 with Magik, Guillotine 2099
    • All champions: +5% Perfect Block Chance


  • Recovery
    • With Life Siphon, Guillotine has access to a Life Steal effect at all times. Increasing the amount of life stolen can be a huge boost to her survivability in long Quests or Alliance Quests.
  • Precision & Cruelty
    • Guillotine relies on being aggressive and dealing consistent damage to feed her blade and gain extra souls. Increasing Critical Hit Rate and Critical Damage helps accomplish this by increasing her bleed output and Soul Charge accumulation.
  • Glass Cannon
    • By increasing her attack by as much as possible, Guillotine also increases her Health Regeneration via Life Siphon, increasing her damage output while offsetting the decreased HP from this mastery.