About Hawkeye

Clint Barton – a regular guy amongst super soldiers, armored geniuses, and gods of thunder. Known as the World’s Greatest Marksman, he’s mastered the bow and arrow, and the ability to transform nearly any projectile into an accurate weapon. Tenacious, brave, and heroic, Hawkeye stands tall amongst the mighty Avengers!

Base Stats and Abilities

HealthAttackPI (Max Signature)
(Rank 3, Level 45)

Hawkeye’s Mechanics

The World’s Greatest Marksman is back with a fresh quiver of trick arrows. In addition to his Bleed and Power Drain, Hawkeye has new abilities which expand his utility while supporting his core strengths. Utilizing the new Perfect Release mechanic will not only increase Debuff duration, but will grant additional effects to Hawkeye’s Special Attacks that build on their core utility. Special 3’s are now ultra-deadly, as a high Crit Rating can see long and devastating Critical Bleeds. Finally, new and updated synergies grant Hawkeye even further utility — not even stone-skinned Champions are safe from Hawkeye’s trick arrows!

Character Class: Skill

Basic Abilities: Slow, Bleed, Suppression, Fragility

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Power Control
    • Hawkeye is able to deplete 75% of a bar of power from the opponent with every Special 1, and inflicts a Suppression Debuff with a Perfect Release.
  • Bleed
    • Depending on his Critical Rating, Hawkeye can potentially inflict Critical Bleeds with twice the duration during his Special 3.


  • Bleed Immunity
    • Hawkeye’s damage is reliant on being able to Bleed an opponent. Champions that are Immune to Bleed will be a big problem for him! 
  • Cornered Node
    • Hawkeye’s powerful Bleeds can backfire against nodes like this one!

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion


Dialed In

  • During Special Attacks, press the Block after the first hit Input to slow down time. Releasing the Block Input precisely when Hawkeye releases the arrow grants a Perfect Release bonus.
  • Activating a Perfect Release bonus grants a Dialed In Passive, increasing duration of personal Debuffs inflicted by Arrow strikes by 10%. All Dialed In Passives are removed when failing to activate a Perfect Release. Max Stacks: 5.

Basic Attacks

  • Pause all Bleed Debuffs on the opponent for 1 second(s)

Developer’s Notes: Keeping up the offensive and controlling Power with Hawkeye’s SP1 is a good way to maintain a deadly stack of Bleeds.

Heavy Attacks

Cause a Slow Debuff on the opponent for 10 seconds.

Special Attacks

  • Final Hit: 100% chance to inflict a Bleed Debuff dealing 2369 direct damage over 10 seconds. Each bar of Power spent beyond 1 grants +1 bleed and +5 seconds duration. 
  • Perfect Release: Arrow attack becomes a Guaranteed Critical Hit.

Special Attack 1 – E.M.P. Arrow

  • 100% chance to inflict Power Drain, removing 75% of a bar of Power.
  • Perfect Release: 100% chance to inflict a Suppression Debuff, reducing the Opponent’s Combat Power Rate by 50% for 8 seconds.

Developer’s Notes: Hawkeye’s Special 1 is your bread and butter. It has a 100% chance to trigger a Power Drain and is very reliable in many situations where you need access to Power Control. With Hercules on the team, draining the opponent’s power will grant Hawkeye a lengthy and powerful Fury Buff!

Special Attack 2 – Incendiary Arrow

  • 100% chance to inflict a 25 second Fragility Debuff. Attacking a Fragile Opponent grants +900 Critical Damage Rating and reduces Block Proficiency by 50%.
  • Perfect Release: Inflict an additional Fragility Debuff.

Developer’s Notes: The Special 2’s 25-second Fragility Debuff (27.5s if a Perfect Release!) will juice up the damage on all those Critical Bleeds, helping shorten the time to set up the perfect killshot.

Special Attack 3 – Explosive Barrage

  • All Bleeds triggered during this attack gain up to +200% duration based on Hawkeye’s Critical Rating.
  • Based on Hawkeye’s Critical Chance, Bleeds triggered during this attack can be Critical Bleeds, multiplying the Bleed’s Potency by Hawkeye’s Critical Damage Multiplier.

Developer’s Notes: Who says Special 3’s can’t crit bleed? Keep your Crit Rating high with the Precision mastery and you’ll see deadly Critical Bleeds with up to double the duration!

Signature Ability – Hemorrhage

Always Active

  • Landing a Critical Hit with an Arrow Shot will cause any personal Bleed Debuff triggered to become a Critical Bleed, multiplying the Bleed’s Potency by Hawkeye’s Critical Damage Multiplier.
  • Additionally each Bleed Debuff on the opponent reduces their Physical Resistance by 552.53.

Developer’s Notes: Hawkeye’s Signature Ability is paramount to his kit, granting him the ability to inflict his deadly Critical Bleeds. Awaken him to unlock his maximum potential!

Synergy Bonuses 

Nerve Toxin Arrows – Unique Synergy

With Abomination, Immortal Abomination, Diablo, King Groot

  • Hawkeye: Arrow strikes Pause all Slow Debuffs on the opponent for 6 seconds per level of Special Attack.
  • Other Synergy Champions: +7% Attack Rating.

Adamantium Arrows – Unique Synergy

With M.O.D.O.K., Old Man Logan, Wolverine (X-23), Wolverine (Weapon X)

  • Hawkeye: Arrow Strikes remove all Rock Stacks & Rock Charges from the opponent.
  • Other Synergy Champions: +7% Attack Rating.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Survival Gear – Unique Synergy

With Nick Fury, Black Widow, Black Widow (Deadly Origin), Quake

  • Hawkeye: Gain Immunity to Poison Debuffs from Non-Mutant Champions.
  • Other Synergy Champions: +7% Attack Rating.

Romance Level 3 

With Scarlet Witch (Classic)

  • All Champions gain +5% Power Gain

Friends Level 3 

With Iron Man, Hulk, Hulk (Immortal), Moon Knight

All Champions gain +130 Armor Rating Recommended Masteries:  

  • Deep Wounds
    • Hawkeye’s Bleeds are perfect for Deep Wounds. With this mastery maxed, you can significantly increase the Bleed damage on his Special Attacks!
  • Precision
    • Hawkeye’s Special 3 Bleed damage is reliant on how high your Crit Rating is. Maximize your potential for Critical Bleeds with the Precision mastery!