HERCULES Enters Marvel Contest of Champions on July 15th @ 10 AM PST! 

Hercules, the Summoner’s Choice Champion is here! Visit Marvel Contest of Champions on YouTube to see how Champions are created from start to finish.


Born in Ancient Greece, Hercules is a demigod born to Zeus – the king of Olympian Gods – and Alcmena, a woman of Thebes. As an infant Hercules was cared for by his stepmother Hera, Queen of the Olympian Gods, and bestowed with her blessings. These blessings further elevated his demigod physiology to near Godlike heights, providing him with immense strength, stamina, immortality, and near invulnerability.

Base Stats & Abilities

HealthAttackPI (Max Signature)
(Rank 3, Level 45)

HERCULES’s Mechanics

Hercules is a damage powerhouse, focusing on skillful combat by performing Feats of Strength and Intercepting with Special Attacks to unleash the ultimate flex on the opponent! As Hercules completes Feats, he gains a large bump in his base damage output and can extend the duration of all Buffs by a significant amount. The best part about feats is that they can be carried forward through the quest, allowing Hercules to get more and more powerful with each fight! Overall, Hercules is a Champion who will demonstrate and reward your personal skills in a big way!

Character Class: Cosmic

Basic Abilities: Infuriate, True Sense, Precision, Cruelty


  • High Damage Potential
    • In the hands of a skilled player Hercules is capable of dishing out some very high damage with bursts of Physical Damage on each hit and huge Critical Hits with his Cruelty and Precision Buffs!
  • Bypass Auto-Block and Miss mechanics
    • Hercules can activate True Sense on his Special Attack 1 allowing him to Bypass Auto-Block and Miss. As an extra bonus, the duration of this effect can be extended if used right after completing a Feat.
  • Eat the Opponent’s Special 3s!
    • Hercules becomes Indestructible after throwing Special Attack 3, if used at the right time, he can use this to take a Special Attack 3 from the opponent and receive no damage from it!
  • Safety net in high stress situations
    • Hercules’ Signature Ability gives him a chance to avoid death once per fight, this can be a major saving grace in high stress situations such as Alliance War where a big mistake might normally cost you a lot!


  • Nullify, Stagger and Fateseal
    • Hercules gets a lot of his damage from Precision and Cruelty, if these are Nullified or prevented, his damage output will suffer significantly
  • Physical Resistance 
    • A lot of Hercules’ damage comes in bursts of Physical Damage on each hit, opponent’s who can reduce its effectiveness will reduce his potential.
  • Opponent’s Power Over Time
    • If the opponent is gaining a lot of power or throwing a lot of Special Attacks, Hercules will need to waste a lot of time baiting power and spend a lot less time intercepting like a boss! Playing aggressive is important for Hercules!

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion


Always Active

  • Blessings bestowed from the Goddess Hera protect against physical injury, reducing the potency of incoming Bleed effects by 50%.
  • A strong resilience to conventional drugs and toxins reduces the potency of incoming Poison effects by 15% and makes the recovery reduction from Poison 20% less effective.

Developer’s Note: If using the Willpower Mastery, Hercules can heal from Bleeds and Poisons so long as their potency isn’t too crazy. This works really well with the Liquid Courage and Double Edge masteries too!

Feats of Strength – Passive – Max Stacks 12 

  • Feats:

1. Strike a non-stunned Opponent with any hit of a Heavy Attack.

2. Intercept a dashing Opponent with any attack.

3. Stand up after being knocked down.

  • Completing a feat grants 1 indefinite Strength, each increasing Armor Penetration by 182.61 and causing all attacks to deal a burst of Physical Damage equal to 10% of the damage they dealt.
  • The first time each unique feat is completed in a fight, gain +1 Persistent Strength for the rest of the quest, allowing Hercules to start each fight with Strength equal to his Persistent Strength.
  • For 2 second(s) after completing a feat, Hercules gains +777 Attack Rating and +50% Buff duration. If a Special Attack is activated during this time, the bonus remains throughout the Special Attack.
  • While Hercules has Strength he becomes Stun Immune. Each Stun prevented by this immunity removes 1 Strength.

Developer’s Note: There are many strategies to build strength and Hercules is all about finding the perfect opportunity to do so! This could be something like waiting for a Parry Stun to fall off before releasing a Heavy Attack or even intercepting a dashing opponent with a Heavy Attack to complete 2 Feats at once!

Dashing back after landing the first Light or Medium hit in a Combo

  • Inflict a non-stacking Infuriate Debuff for 7 seconds, making the Opponent more aggressive and reducing their Offensive Ability Accuracy by 60%. Cooldown 10 seconds.
  • While fighting as a Defender the duration of Infuriate is increased to 10 seconds and it is triggered whenever Hercules dashes back.

Developer’s Note: Infuriate is a great way to control the opponent’s aggression, making intercepting and special intercepting a lot easier and more reliable.  This is also a great way to set up a fairly safe Backdraft-Intercept chain! Watch out when fighting Hercules, this can be annoying to fight against too, since it has a chance to make offensive abilities fail!

Special 1 – Master of Pankration

  • On Activation gain a True Sense Buff, bypassing the effects of Miss and Auto Block for 16 seconds.
  • The first hit grants a Precision Buff increasing Critical Rating by +2100 for 25 seconds. If this attack was used to intercept a dashing Opponent gain +2 additional Precisions.

Developer’s Note: Special Attack 1 is best used to set up some big Critical Hits, without these Precisions Hercules will not crit very often due to his lower base crit chance.

Special 2 – Mace Cyclone

  • The Potency of Burst Damage dealt via Strength during this attack is increased by 50% for each Armor-Up effect on the Opponent, up to a maximum increase of 200%.
  • The first hit grants a Cruelty Buff increasing Critical Damage Rating by +1233.33 for 15 seconds. If this attack was used to intercept a dashing Opponent gain +2 additional Cruelties.
  • The final hit has a 100% chance to inflict a 3 second Stun Debuff.

Developer’s Note: Intercepting with Special Attack 1, then intercepting with Special Attack 2 is the best way to get the most out of Hercules, if you find intercepting to be too hard or too risky, try using Infuriate to help you out! That said, if you really want to play it safe, you don’t need to intercept with these attacks to still get some nice damage!

Special 3 – Home Run

  • Gain an Indestructible Buff preventing all damage for 4 seconds.
  • After this attack, if the Opponent has 3 Bars of Power Hercules gains a Power Gain Buff, granting 100% of a Power Bar over 3 seconds.

Developer’s Note: This attack is best used when the opponent is at, or near their Special Attack 3. The Indestructibility granted in this attack is a great way to not only tank the opponent’s Special Attack 3 without receiving damage, but also a great way to complete Hercules’ third Feat safely!

Signature Ability – Son of Zeus

Always Active

  • Once per fight when receiving damage that would result in a knockout, gain an Immortality Buff preventing death and making Hercules Unblockable for 9.00 seconds. Immortality is paused during personal Special Attacks or while landing Basic Attacks and is removed if struck by Special Attack 3.
  • For 2 second(s) after completing a feat, gain 35% Combat Power Rate.

Developer’s Note: Hercules’ Immortality mechanic is a very nice “get out of jail free” card when making a mistake that would normally kill him. Additionally, if playing aggressively – which is made a lot easier due to being Unblockable – Immortality can be kept up for quite awhile and allow Hercules to swing the fight back into his favor!


  •  NEXT ROUND ON ME – With Hercules (Unique)
    • #Hero Champions: While Hercules is alive, gain +10% Attack Rating while under the effects of the Poison from the Liquid courage Mastery.
  • MASTERFUL COMBAT – With Black Panther (Unique)
    • Hercules: On activation of Special Attack 1 or 2, gain an Unblockable Buff for 3 seconds.
    • Black Panther: Dashing back during a Basic Attack combo inflicts the Opponent with a non-stacking Infuriate Debuff for 5 seconds, making the Opponent more aggressive and reducing their Offensive Ability Accuracy by 30%. Cooldown 10 seconds.
  • ARM WRESTLING CLUB – With Thor, Thor (Jane Foster) (Unique)
    • Hercules: Well-Timed Blocks gain 100% Perfect Block chance while at or below 5% max health.
    • Thor: Well-Timed Blocks gain 20% Perfect Block chance while the Opponent is suffering from an Armor Break Debuff.
    • Thor (Jane Foster): Gain +40% Shock Potency and Well-Timed Blocks gain 30% Perfect Block chance while the Opponent is shocked.
  • PAWN SET FREE – With Hawkeye (unique)
    • Hercules: Infuriate cooldown is reduced by 40%
    • Hawkeye: Draining the Opponent’s Power across a Power Bar threshold grants a Fury Buff increasing Attacking Rating by 40% for 20 seconds. Max stacks 3.
  • INCREDIBLE SUBSTITUTE – With Hulk, Hulk (Immortal), Hulk (Ragnarok) (unique)
    • Hercules: Start the fight with +3 Strength.
    • Hulk: +35% Fury Potency.
    • Hulk (Immortal): While Immortality is on Cooldown, Well-Timed Blocks gain +100% Perfect Block chance.
    • Hulk Ragnarok: While Crowd Excitement reaches 100, gain a Fury Buff increasing Attack Rating by +55% and inflict a Weakness Debuff reducing Attack Rating by 30%. These last 15 seconds.
  • I REQUIRE THY SHIELD – With Captain America (Infinity War) (unique)
    • Hercules: Completing a feat of Strength inflicts an Armor Break Debuff, removing 1 Armor Up Buff and reducing Armor Rating by 70 for 10 seconds.
    • Captain America (Infinity War): Gain +7% Fury Potency.
  • FRIENDS Lv. 3 – With Ant-Man, Falcon, Black Widow, Wasp
    • All Champions gain +130 Armor Rating
  • ROMANCE Lv. 3 – With Wolverine
    • All Champions gain +5% Power Gain


  • Liquid Courage
    • Hercules takes less damage from Poison effects and the healing reduction Poison usually causes is less effective against him, this allows him to take a lot less damage from this mastery while keeping the full attack rating benefit it offers.
      • Additionally with Hercules’ self-synergy he gains even more benefits from this Mastery while it remains active!
  • Double Edge
    • Hercules takes significantly less damage from Bleed effects, allowing him to mitigate the damage taken from Double Edge and keep the attack rating benefits!
  • Willpower
    • Hercules’ Poison and Bleed resistance makes Willpower a great way to heal when suffering from a Bleed or Poison Debuff. This works especially well with Liquid Courage and Double Edge since not only will he suffer less damage from those effects, but also he will heal off of them!