The Incredible Hulk is dead, but resurrected in his stead is a monster much more frightening. In the day, he is a lifeless shell of what used to be Bruce Banner but the night is his time. The Immortal Hulk has overpowered the other Hulks, becoming dominant. Now in complete control, even the Gods fear this green demon of the dark.

HULK (IMMORTAL)’s Mechanics

Hulk brute forces his way through fights, dealing more damage for each RAGE stack he has while also dealing damage to himself. However, when Hulk would be knocked out, he enters Immortality, allowing him to strike back from beyond the grave and recover the damage he dealt to himself.

Base Stats & Abilities

HealthAttackPI (Max Signature)
(Rank 3, Level 45)

Character Class: Science

Basic Abilities: Gamma Radiation, Immortality, Stun, Suppression, Petrify


  • Degeneration Effects
    • Hulk’s Gamma Radiation is strengthened by the presence of a Degeneration Debuff or Passive, allowing him to recover a considerable amount of all damage dealt while the effect was active.
  • Regeneration and Power Gain
    • Hulk has access to several Petrify Debuffs allowing him to counter high Regeneration and Power Gain.


  • Damage Over Time
    • Hulk only gains Gamma Radiation from damage on hits, so Damage Over Time effects will bypass this mechanic.
  • Defensive Ability Accuracy
    • Hulk’s Immortality can fail to trigger due to Ability Accuracy, champions that can lower his chance to go Immortal will have a much easier time with this brute.
  • Heal Block
    • Once Immortality ends, Hulk regenerates back all damage dealt to himself unless he is Heal Blocked, which will be a huge loss.

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion


Gamma Mutate – Always Active

  • An enhanced immune system provides full immunity to the Poisons of the Battlerealm.
  • Hulk’s Regeneration Rate cannot be decreased or increased by outside sources.
  • Gain up to 2459 Attack Rating based on how much health Hulk has lost during the entire fight. This ability is based on 200% of Hulk’s Health.

RAGE – Max 25 Stacks

  • Hulk’s Medium Attacks, the first hit of his Special 1 Attack and the first and last hits of his Special 2 Attack apply a RAGE stack.
  • Consecutive RAGE Attacks build up RAGE stacks. All RAGE stacks are lost after 1.5 second(s) without performing a RAGE Attack. RAGE stacks do not expire during Hulk’s or his Opponent’s Special Attacks.

RAGE Attacks

  • Deal a burst of 295.08 Physical Damage for each RAGE stack.
  • Deal a burst of 429.82 Direct Damage to Hulk for each RAGE stack except when using the Medium 1 Attack. Hulk cannot be knocked out by this ability.
  • If the Recoil Mastery is active, the Recoil Damage is disabled and deals a burst of 859.64 Direct Damage to Hulk for each Rank instead. Hulk cannot be knocked out by this ability.

Developer’s Note: Hulk’s damage grows with every RAGE stack, but he also deals increased self-inflicted damage, so make sure you have Immortality ready, otherwise Hulk can get himself dangerously close to getting knocked out.

Persistent Gamma Radiation – Max 100%

  • Gamma Radiation’s maximum strength is equal to 100% of Hulk’s Max Health, and scales with boosts and buffs.
  • 60% of all damage dealt to Hulk while afflicted with a Degeneration Effect is stored as Gamma Radiation.
  • 100% of all self-inflicted Damage is stored as Gamma Radiation.
  • 20% of all Damage dealt to Hulk when struck is stored as Gamma Radiation.

Developer’s Note: As you can see, Hulk will store all of his self-inflicted damage as Gamma Radiation, including Recoil Damage! So it’s not gone forever!


  • When receiving damage that would knock out Hulk, consume 15% of Max Health as Gamma Radiation and gain an Immortality Passive, preventing death and becoming Unblockable for 8 second(s). This ability has a 50 second cooldown.
  • While active, any damage prevented by Immortality consumes an equal amount of Gamma Radiation instead. This does not apply to self-inflicted Damage.
  • When Immortality expires, consume all Gamma Radiation. Become Invulnerable and gain a Regeneration Passive, recovering 4298.2 Health plus all Gamma Radiation as Health over 1 second(s).

Developer’s Note: Hulk’s gameplay is unusual because his Health Bar will fluctuate dramatically throughout a fight. This can be useful for setting off abilities that trigger off of Health Thresholds, but also risky against Heal Block or when his Ability Accuracy is lowered.

Heavy Attacks

  • The first hit refreshes the RAGE timer and doubles the amount of RAGE stacks.
  • The last hit gains 983.6 Attack Rating for each RAGE stack.

Developer’s Note: Try landing the first hit of Hulk’s Heavy Attack and comboing into a Special 1 or Special 2 Attack for maximum RAGE stacks.

Special 1: Rampage

  • 60% chance to inflict a Stun Debuff lasting 1.75 seconds on the last hit.

Special 2:  Shoulder Bash

  • 100% chance to inflict a Stun Debuff lasting 3 seconds on the last hit.
  • Inflict a Suppression Debuff for each RAGE stack, reducing Defensive Power Rate by 5% for 15 second(s). Max 14 stack(s).

Developer’s Note: Hulk’s most effective damage starts off with Special 2, using the long Stun, he can chain this attack with his Special 1 and wrack up a huge amount of RAGE stacks.

Special 3: Devil Incarnate

  • Add a flat 10% strength to Gamma Radiation.
  • Inflict a Petrify Debuff, lowering Regeneration and Ability Power Rate by up to 25% for 20 second(s).

Developer’s Note: The Special 3 Attack is the only time Hulk can net positive on his Gamma Radiation, a great ability to use while waiting for Immortality’s cooldown to expire.

Signature Ability – The Green Door

  • Hulk surges with gamma energy from the Below-Place, gaining benefits while above certain thresholds of Gamma Radiation:
  • 25%: Basic Attacks have a 5% chance to inflict a Stun Debuff, lasting 0.75 second(s).
  • 50%: When the Opponent is Immune to a Stun Effect or a Stun Effect expires, inflict a Weakness Debuff, decreasing Attack Rating by 45% for 4 second(s).
  • 75%: Inflict an indefinite Petrify Debuff, lowering Regeneration and Ability Power Rate by 75%.

Developer’s Note: Once Hulk reaches 25% Gamma Radiation, he can use his additional chance to Stun on Basic Attacks as an opening for increasing his RAGE stacks.


Alpha Flight Space Station

With Captain Marvel (Classic), Ms. Marvel

  • Hulk (Immortal): At the start of each fight inflict a Petrify Debuff, lowering Regeneration and Ability Power Rate by 40% for 8 seconds.
  • Captain Marvel (Classic), Ms. Marvel: +25% Fury Potency.

Gamma Mutates

With She-Hulk, Immortal Abomination, Sasquatch

  • Synergy Members: +5% Max Health.

Extreme Measures

With Hulkbuster, Thor, Captain America, Black Panther

  • Hulk (Immortal): Personal Stun Effects have +10% increased duration.
  • Hulkbuster, Thor, Captain America, Black Panther: Opponents suffer -10% Ability Accuracy while Stunned.

Hell and Back

With Dormammu, Mephisto

  • Hulk (Immortal): At the start of each fight, Hulk sacrifices 50% his Current Health, gaining an equal amount of Gamma Radiation.
  • Dormammu: Gain up to 75% Attack Rating based on Dark Energy Charge.
  • Mephisto: Knocking out #Villains grants +1 Soul Charge.


  • Recoil:
    • Hulk has a special interaction with Recoil that allows him to regenerate all Recoil damage dealt to himself. Plus, he cannot die from the damage. Recoil does nothing but good things for Hulk!
  • Liquid Courage:
    • Poison Immunity allows Hulk to gain the attack rating bonus without suffering any additional damage.
  • Stupefy:
    • Hulk relies on Stunning his Opponent in order to pull off his most powerful combos. Longer stuns allow Hulk to weave in more RAGE Attacks, increasing his overall damage.