Tony Stark, man of means and intelligence, knows what to do when it’s time to battle a raging Hulk – build a Hulkbuster exo-frame to bolster your armor. Loaded for maximum strength and power with loads of heavy weaponry, this is a must have for anyone looking to SMASH!

HULKBUSTER’s Mechanics

Hulkbuster is a ramping damage and power control Champion. Hulkbuster has received new mechanics based around breaking the opponent’s Block with Unblockable Special Attacks to gain bonus effects on each Special Attack. He also brings new mechanics with slightly different abilities based on him being an Attacker or Defender. Gain more damage and aggressive power as an Attacker, and more health regeneration and tanky stats as a Defender. Watch out for Armor Breaks though, as they will strip him of a lot of his power.

Base Stats & Abilities

HealthAttackPI (Max Signature)
(Rank 3, Level 45)

Character Class: Tech

Basic Abilities: Armor, Armor Break, Stun, Power Burn


  • Power Control:
    • Hulkbuster has both Power Drain as well as Power Lock giving him a ton of control over the opponent’s power bar and making fights fairly safe! Master hitting the opponent’s Block with your Special 2, and your opponent’s Special Attacks will be a worry of the past.
  • Ramping Damage:
    • Hulkbuster continuously increases his attack based on how many Shocks the opponent has active on them. Slide in your Heavy Attack or Special 3 to apply Shocks to the opponent and watch your damage go sky high.
  • Unblockable:
    • All of Hulkbuster’s Special Attacks will start with an Unblockable buff being applied as soon as they begin. Use this to deal with Auto-Block, or pesky defensive opponents. Just make sure you watch out for it when you come across a wandering Hulkbuster.


  • Armor Break:
    • If you break Hulkbuster’s Armor then he will lose a lot of his defensive abilities, so make sure you’re bringing in an Armor Break character to deal with him.
  • Shock Immunity:
    • Hulkbuster relies on applying Shocks to the opponent. Make sure you aren’t taking him into a fight where he can’t do that!

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion


While fighting as an Attacker

  • Enter Giant-Buster Mode, granting the following:
  • Up to +614 Attack Rating based on how large the opponent is.
  • +688 Attack rating for each Shock effect on the opponent.

Developer’s Note:.

Stacking lots of Hulkbuster’s Shocks on the opponent will result in some massive increases in his damage output! 

While Fighting as a Defender

  • Enter Iron Wall Mode, enhancing Hulkbuster’s defensive abilities.

Start of Fight & Every 15 Seconds

  • Gain an indefinite Armor Up, granting 370 Armor rating
  • Max Stacks in Giant-Buster: 2.
  • Max Stacks in Iron Wall: 4

Brought Below 15% Health – Once Per Fight

  • Gain an indefinite Armor Up, granting 370 Armor rating
  • If in Iron Wall, gain a second Armor up buff

Fighting Non-Cosmic Champions

  • For each Armor Up Buff hulkbuster gains the following benefits:
  • +900 energy Resistance
  • +87 Critical Damage Rating
  • Incoming Bleed & Poison Debuffs suffer -25% Potency
  • Enemy attacks suffer -20% Offensive Ability Accuracy
  • Enemy attacks suffer -137 Critical Damage Rating

Developer’s Note: 

This stacks for EACH Armor Up buff on Hulkbuster, try and see how many you can get on him!

When Struck by Critical Hits

  • 60% chance to consume 1 Armor Up Buff to inflict a Shock Debuff, dealing 1598 direct Energy Damage over 10 seconds.

Heavy Attacks

  • 100% chance to inflict a Shock Debuff, dealing 1352 direct Energy Damage over 10 seconds

Developer’s Note: 

Stack as many of these as you can as an attacker to gain some massive damage via the bonus attack granted for each!

Special Attacks

  • 100% chance to inflict an Armor Break Debuff, removing 1 Armor Up Buff and reducing Armor Rating by 3150 for 20 seconds
  • 100% chance to gain an Unblockable Buff, lasting 1 seconds.

Special Attack 1 – Hulk-Smasher : A rocket-aided shoulder tackle smashes the armored suit through whatever, or whoever, happens to be in front of it.

  • 100% chance to Stun for 1.50 seconds.
  • If the opponent’s Block is broken by the attack, all of Hulkbuster’s Armor up Buffs are consumed to add +1.25 second(s) duration to the Stun Debuff for each Armor Up consumed this way.

Developer’s Note:

Getting the massive stun from breaking an opponent’s Block with this attack gives you a great chance to throw in lots of heavy attacks and stack on the Shocks.

Special Attack 2 – Hulk-Blaster : An uppercut stuns the enemy, setting them up for a powerful Repulsor Ray blast.

  • If the opponent’s Block is broken by this attack, all Beam attacks have a 100% chance to inflict Power Burn, draining 1 Bar(s) of Power per hit and inflicting direct damage proportional to the Power drained.
  • 100% Chance to Power Lock, severing the target’s flow of power for 3 seconds.

Special Attack 3 – Hulk-Buster : The ultimate in Hulk-Busting technology showcases exactly what it can do.

  • This Attack Drains 50% of the Opponent’s current Power.
  • Inflicts up to 3 Shock Debuffs, with each having a 80% chance to activate, dealing 1352 Energy Damage over 20 seconds.
  • UnBlockable Buffs triggered during this attack gain +4.5 seconds duration.

Signature Ability – Veronica Mk II: An upgrade to the Veronica Protocol allows Hulkbuster to activate a Self-Repair when his Health runs low.

Brough Below 15% Health – Oncer Per Fight

  • 100% chance to activate a Self-Repair Buff lasting 12 seconds and recovering 14814 Health. This Buff is lost if Hulkbuster is Stunned.
  • Giant-Buster: +2827 Attack rating while Self-Repair is active.
  • Iron Wall: +45% Self-Repair Potency.



With Hulkbuster, Yellowjacket

Hulkbuster: Launching a Special Attack converts 1 Armor Up Buff into a Fury Buff, lasting 15 Seconds and granting 30% Attack.

Yellowjacket: Power Sting gains +65% Potency.


With Hulkbuster, Hulk, Hulk (Ragnarok)

Hulkbuster: Up to +1000 Armor Rating based on how low Hulkbuster’s current Health is.

Hulk (Classic): Immunity to Nullify, Fate Seal and Stagger.

Hulk (Ragnarok): Gains up to +1000 Physical Resistance based on how high the Crowd Meter is.


With Hulkbuster, Mr.Fantastic, Black Panther, Black Panther (Civil War)

Hulkbuster: Each Shock Debuff reduces the opponent’s Offensive Ability Accuracy during Special Attacks by 15%

Mr.Fantastic: +1000 Physical Resistance

Black Panther: +40% Bleed Ability Accuracy and potency

Black Panther (Civil War): +40% Armor up Ability Accuracy and Potency


With Ultron, Cull Obsidian, Ebony Maw, Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive

All Champions: Gain +155 Critical Rating


With Iron Man, Superior Iron Man, Iron Man (Infinity War)

All Champions: Gain +6% Health


  • Despair
    • Hulkbuster stacks a ton of debuffs on the opponent, bringing in despair is going to help you control the opponents Regeneration abilities with ease.
  • Recovery
    • Hulkbuster’s Signature Ability gives him a massive regen, Squeezing out some extra Health via the Recovery mastery is a huge win
  • Coagulate
    • Hulkbuster has some Bleed resists from having armor ups, doubling down on some extra bleed resist will help you mitigate all that bleed damage.