Ikaris is an Eternal, once a race of super powered beings engineered by The Celestials to watch over and protect humanity from Deviants. Armed with super strength, flight, immortality, and cosmic energy powers, Ikaris serves as the stalwart leader of the Eternals tasked with safeguarding Earth.

IKARIS’s Mechanics

Ikaris’ playstyle is all about pushing the limits of his cosmic power without getting too close to the sun. He wants to stack as many Incinerates on the Opponent as possible and then destroy his Opponent with his Special 3. The other Special Attacks are meant to help facilitate that stacking while amplifying his abilities, whether offensive or defensive. Cosmic Champions are known for having a bunch of Buffs, he is no exception with the following: Energize, Unblockable, Physical Resist, Armor, and Protection. He will be pushing the limits and wants to throw as many Special Attacks as he can. He doesn’t like when his power is lowered, so he will burst you when it is. Don’t forget, if he is throwing a lot of Special Attacks, he expects you too as well, or else Power Detonation will explode on you.

Base Stats & Abilities

HealthAttackPI (Max Signature)
(Rank 3, Level 45)

Character Class: Cosmic

Basic Abilities: Energize, Power Detonation, Incinerate, Protection


  • Punishing Power Manipulation Champions
  • Mega Spike Burst Special 3


  • Nullify Champions
  • Incinerate Immune Champions
  • High Energy Resistance Champions

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion



  • Immune to Incinerate, Shock and reduces the damage of Poison by 20%.
  • All basic attacks are Energy Damage.

When Struck by Medium Attack – Power Detonation

  • Inflict a Power Detonation Debuff lasting 15 seconds. If Power Detonation expires naturally the Opponent receives a burst of 200% Energy Damage. If the Opponent launches a Special Attack this Debuff is removed with no penalty. Cooldown 10 seconds.

Developer’s Note: Getting your Opponent to hit you with a medium then forcing them to throw a Special Attack on your time table.You know it’s coming or they will take damage.

Energize (Max: 10)

  • Gain +1 Energize whenever either Champion strikes or hits into block with a Light Attack.
  • Each Energize Buff lasts indefinitely until consumed and while 1 or more Energize Buffs are active, gain +70% Combat Power Rate. The effect of Energize is reduced by 50% when used as a Defender. This Combat Power Rate cannot be increased or decreased by outside sources.
  • While +7 Energize Buffs are active: Whenever Ikaris’s Power is reduced for any reason, inflict the Opponent with a burst of 297.84 Energy Damage per Energize Buff. No effect against Mystics.
  • All Special Attacks consume 10 Energize Buffs on hit.
  • Landing a Heavy Attack inflicts the Opponent with Incinerate Debuffs equal to 50% of the Energize Buffs and removes 1 Energize Buff.

Developer’s Note: Playing around with having up to 10 Energize stacks lets you pick the buff you want and when. Don’t forget having 7+ Energize also is free damage via Energy Burst when you do your Special Attacks or when your power is messed with by different Techs. 

Incinerate (Max: 225)

  • Incinerate will deal +223.38 as Energy Damage over 22 seconds. Incinerate Debuffs also remove Perfect Block Chance and decrease Block Proficiency by 50% while active.
  • Landing a Heavy Attack pauses all Incinerate Debuffs for 8 second(s).

Developer’s Note: Upkeep, upkeep, upkeep, how close to the sun can you go without falling out of the sky. You can pause and refresh these Incinerates with a Heavy or Special 1.

Special Attack 1 – Meteor Strike

  • Inflict 3 Incinerate Debuffs on each hit and refresh all Incinerate Debuffs.
  • If Ikaris has 10 Energize Buffs, gain a Protection Buff for 30 seconds preventing Ikaris from taking more than 5% of max health from a single hit. Excluded from damage on Special 3.
  • If Ikaris has less than 10 Energize Buffs, gain an Armor Buff increasing Armor Rating by +900 for 30 seconds.

Developer’s Note: Pick your Buff for the situation. Armor or Protection, or juggle both. Don’t forget your Synergy can help boost per hit Incinerate counts.

Special Attack 2 – Disintegration Beams

  • Double all Incinerate Debuffs. If you have no Incinerate Debuffs on the Opponent, apply 10.
  • If Ikaris has 10 Energize Buffs, gain an Unblockable Buff for 8 seconds on Special Attack activation.
  • If Ikaris has less than 10 Energize Buffs, gain +3150 Physical Resistance Buff for 30 seconds.

Developer’s Note: When do you want to double up, I’ll let you decide, tip: you will probably end up doing equal uses of Special 1 and Special 2’s before you do your adios Special 3.

Special Attack 3 – Eternal Destruction

  • True Damage Attack that applies a bonus +744.6 Attack Rating per unique buff currently on Ikaris.
  • Each Incinerate Debuff on the Opponent grants a +297.84 Attack Rating for this attack. Consume all but 10 Incinerates.

Developer’s Note: Who can give you more Buffs? Can you squeeze that bonus damage out with as many Incinerates as you can upkeep.

Signature Ability – Energy Backblast


  • Every time an Opponent tries to apply an effect on Ikaris that he is immune to, inflict an Energy Vulnerability Passive, decreasing Energy Resistance by 899 for 10 second(s). Max 10 stacks

Developer’s Note: This works on immunity he gains from outside sources, example: quest nodes.


  •  LORDS OF ENERGY with Cyclops, Blackbolt, Ikaris (Unique Synergy)
    • Ikaris: Gains 1 bonus base stack of Incinerate Debuff on Special 1 when paired with Cyclops or Black Bolt (stacks if with both).
    • Cyclops: Gains +25% Fury Buff for 10 seconds when inflicting an Armor Break Debuff. Max Stack of 4.
    • Black Bolt: Gains +100% Combat Power Rate for 4 seconds when inflicting a personal Stun Debuff.
  • HARD-HEADED with Unstoppable Colossus, Juggernaut, Ikaris (Unique Synergy)
    • Ikaris: Gains 10% bonus duration on Incinerate Debuffs when paired with Unstoppable Colossus or Juggernaut (stacks if with both).
    • Unstoppable Colossus: When gaining Unstoppable Buff will also trigger a 50% Fury Buff for 15 seconds.
    • Juggernaut: While Unstoppable, gain +100% Combat Power Rate on Heavy Attacks.
  • FATEFUL FRIENDS with Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Ikaris (Unique Synergy)
    • Ikaris: When Incinerate Debuffs expire naturally or get purified, apply 30% of the amount back to the Opponent with full durations.
    • Iron Man: Inflict an Incinerate Debuff on the Opponent dealing 100% Attack Rating as Energy Damage per second on all Special Attacks.
    • Doctor Strange: Upon the Weakness Debuff expiring, gain a Protection Buff for 10 seconds preventing Dr. Strange from taking more than 5% of max health from a single hit.


  • Despair: Each Debuff on the Opponent will reduce their healing.
  • Dexterity: Helps to increase the unique Buffs bonus on the Special 3.