Chieftain of the long missing Jabari tribe of Wakanda, Onnange and her tribe have been in hiding following the events between T’Challa and Maestro as they mourn their king. A master huntress who enjoys nothing more than a good fight, she dresses in Jabari armor specifically to earn the favor of Ghekre, the gorilla god, in combat. When not on the hunt, she is a fun and friendly companion, but get on her bad side and you’ll quickly find yourself on the end of her spear.


Jabari Panther’s gameplay is all about slowly hunting down the Opponent and setting up the perfect opportunity to strike. She builds up Huntress charges in a variety of ways, most notably after using SP1, and by Purifying Debuffs with the new Cleanse mechanic. Once she has enough Huntress Charges, the Opponent becomes Hunted for a period of time, which significantly increases Jabari’s Panther’s damage and utility. If the Hunt is triggered right before Jabari Panther activates a Special Attack, she gains a potent Fury Buff, even further increasing her damage output.

Base Stats & Abilities

HealthAttackPI (Max Signature)
(Rank 3, Level 45)

Character Class: Skill

Basic Abilities: Cleanse, Bleed, The Hunt, Ensnare


  • Purify
    • Jabari Panther gains a Cleanse Passive while striking the Opponent. Cleanse is similar to Stagger, except it removes Debuffs instead of Buffs. Because Cleanse is gained on every hit, that means any Debuffs applied to Jabari Panther while she’s attacking are immediately Purified.
  • Bleed
    • Like the other Panther characters before her, Jabari Panther has very potent Bleed abilities. She inflicts Bleed whenever she lands a Critical Hit, and can use her Heavy Attack while The Hunt is active to multiply the number of Bleeds on the Opponent!


  • Bleed Immune
    • Jabari Panther gains the majority of her damage from her Bleed Debuffs. She will struggle to deal significant damage to any Opponent who is immune to Bleed or can shrug it off.
  • Debuffs triggered while not striking
    • Jabari Panther’s Cleanse ability is very strong, but it’s only active for a short time after she stops attacking. Any Debuffs she would get during any other time, will apply to her normally. Since Cleanse can’t remove existing Debuffs, they’ll stay on her until they expire.

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion


All Attacks

  • Gain a non-stacking Cleanse Passive for 2 second(s). When a Champion with Cleanse is inflicted with a Debuff, it is immediately Purified and Cleanse is removed.
  • While fighting as a Defender, if Jabari Panther Purifies a Stun Debuff, this ability goes on cooldown for 8 second(s).

Developer’s Note: As noted above, Cleanse is very similar to Stagger, in that it waits for the next effect to trigger, then consumes itself to get rid of it. The difference is that while Stagger is attached to the Opponent and Nullifies their Buffs, Cleanse is attached to Jabari Panther, and Purifies Debuffs.

Also, make note of the second ability in this section. Jabari Panther is able to Cleanse Stun Debuffs, meaning that she can immediately Purify the Stun from an incoming Parry. However, if this occurs, her whole Cleanse mechanic goes on cooldown for a while.

Critical Hits

  • Inflict a Bleed Debuff, dealing 1584.05 Direct Damage over 7 second(s).

The Huntress

  • A skilled huntress, Jabari Panther stalks her Opponents no matter where they run or hide. Gain 1 Huntress Charge(s) when Attacking a Stunned or Ensnared Opponent.
  • Gain 3 Huntress Charge(s) whenever Jabari Panther Purifies a Debuff, and when the Opponent Evades or causes an Attack to Miss. When fighting as an Attacker, this only triggers while Jabari Panther has 5 or fewer Charges.
  • After gaining any Charges, no more can be gained for 1.25 second(s).
  • Lose 2 Huntress Charge(s) whenever the Opponent gains a Prowess Buff or Passive.

Developer’s Note: Gaining Huntress Charges is Jabari Panther’s main objective in the fight. She has a variety of ways of building them, but the most common are by striking a Stunned or Ensnared Opponent. You’ll want to carefully keep track of your charges, so that you trigger The Hunt at the optimal time.

The Hunt

  • Once Jabari Panther has at least 10 Huntress Charges, remove them and Hunt the Opponent for 9 second(s). Huntress Charges cannot be gained while Hunting.
  • While the Hunt is on, Jabari Panther is Stun Immune and gains a Precision Buff, increasing Critical Rating by +8400.
  • Additionally, the Opponent cannot trigger the Dexterity mastery, Evade, or cause Attacks to Miss.
  • Whenever Jabari Panther Purifies a Debuff, or the Opponent fails a Miss or Evade, Pause the Hunt and all Fury Buffs on Jabari Panther for 2 second(s).
  • Inflicting a Bleed Debuff Pauses all Bleed Debuffs on the Opponent for 0.50 second(s).

Developer’s Note: The Hunt significantly increases Jabari Panther’s damage output, and allows her to very effectively stop Evade and Miss mechanics while it’s active. And since it also increases her Critical Rating, she’ll inflict more Bleed Debuffs from her Critical Hits while it’s active, and doing so will Pause all other Bleeds the Opponent currently has.

Heavy Attack

  • If the Hunt is active, each Bleed Debuff on the Opponent has a 50% chance to inflict another Bleed Debuff, dealing 1827.75 Direct Damage over 7 second(s). This ends the Hunt.

Developer’s Note: This is the final payoff for The Hunt. Once enough Bleeds have been applied and the Hunt is about to expire, you can use the Heavy attack to effectively multiply the number of Bleeds!

Special Attacks

  • Activating any Special Attack and the Hunt within 1 second(s) of each other grants a non-stacking Fury Buff, increasing Attack Rating by +3899.2 for 9 second(s).

Developer’s Note: This Fury Buff is very potent, and is the major reason why you want to be careful about when The Hunt begins. In addition to increasing her attack, this Fury will also increase the damage of all her Bleeds inflicted while it’s active.

Special 1 – Javelin Violence

  • On activation, inflict an Ensnare Debuff on the Opponent for 11 second(s). Ensnared Champions suffer -30% Ability Accuracy and cannot Evade.

Developer’s Note: While the Evade and Ability Accuracy effects of Ensnare are great, this Ensnare is also the primary way to build Huntress Charges.

Special 2 – The Pointy End

  • The Hunt is Paused during this Attack.

Developer’s Note: There are many hits in this Special Attack, so it really benefits from being triggered right when The Hunt starts, to gain the benefits of both the Fury Buff, and Precision, to inflict lots of high-strength Bleeds.

Special 3 – Gorilla’s Favor

  • The next time the Hunt activates, the Opponent is also Stunned for 4.50 second(s).
  • Gain 3 permanent Huntress charge(s) that are not removed when the Hunt triggers. Max 6.

Developer’s Note: The permanent Huntress Charges gained from this ability are useful in longer fights, since they shorten the amount of time and Charges needed to get back to 10 and re-trigger The Hunt.

Signature Ability – Chosen of Ghekre


  • The duration of the Hunt is increased by 3 second(s).
  • Whenever Jabari Panther would gain a Huntress Charge while the Hunt is active, she instead gains an indefinite Counterpunch Charge. Max Charges starts at 1, and increases by 1 for every 50 signature levels obtained.
  • A Counterpunch Charge is spent to gain Unstoppable for 0.75 second(s) when Blocking an Attack, and all are lost when the Hunt ends.

Developer’s Note: Normally, while The Hunt is active, Jabari Panther can’t gain Huntress Charges. This signature ability replaces them with Counterpunch Charges, letting her more easily punish the Opponent for striking into her block, and giving her more opportunities to land her Heavy Attack at the end of The Hunt to get those bonus Bleeds.


  • CHAMPIONS OF BATTLEWORLD – Unique – 4-star and up
    • With Sorcerer Supreme, Storm (Pyramid X), Silver Centurion
    • Jabari Panther: Stun Debuffs inflicted on the Opponent last 0.7 second(s) longer.
  • TRIBAL WARFARE  – Unique – 4-star and up
    • With Black Panther, Black Panther (Civil War), Killmonger
    • Jabari Panther: Gain an additional Cleanse Passive whenever one would be gained.
    • Black Panther, Black Panther (Civil War): Critical Hits have an 80% chance to inflict a Bleed Debuff, dealing 50% of their Attack in damage over 4 second(s).
    • Killmonger: Well-Timed Blocks grant a non-stacking Precision Buff for 4 second(s), increasing Critical Rating by +700.
  • HUNTRESSES  – Unique – 2-star and up
    • With Tigra, Elsa Bloodstone
    • Jabari Panther: Gain a Huntress Charge when Intercepting the Opponent.
    • Tigra: Unblockable hits Nullify 1 Buff from the Opponent.
    • Elsa Bloodstone: While Reloading, inflict a Disorient Debuff, reducing Defensive Ability Accuracy and Block Proficiency by 50%.
  • PYRAMID X  – Unique – 3-star and up
    • With Apocalypse, Archangel, Storm, Juggernaut
    • Synergy Members: Gain a Precision Buff during Special Attacks for each Damage over Time Debuff and Stagger Passive on the Opponent, each increasing Critical Rating by +375.
  • TEMPLE OF VISHANTI – 3-star and up
    • With Dr. Strange, Doctor Voodoo, Mordo, Scarlet Witch
    • Synergy Members: +10% Ability Power Rate.


  • Extended/Enhanced Fury
    • The Fury Buff gained by activating The Hunt and a Special Attack right after each other is very potent. Further increasing its duration and potency is a great addition to Jabari Panther’s damage potential
  • Despair
    • While she doesn’t stack up as many Debuffs as some Science champions, Jabari Panther is able to get quite a few Bleeds on the Opponent, especially with her Heavy attack. Combining those Bleeds with the Despair mastery will significantly hamper the Opponent’s regeneration effects