Jubilation Lee grew up in a wealthy family, attending private school and becoming an exceptional gymnast. However, her life took an unexpected turn when her parents were assassinated, leaving her orphaned. After manifesting her explosive mutant powers she was welcomed with open arms into a new family, the X-Men.

JUBILEE’s Mechanics

Jubilee creates Orange, Pink and Blue Fireworks allowing her to burn, suppress and concuss her Opponents among many other things. Jubilee can enter a Firework Surge to double down on her powerful Firework abilities.

Base Stats & Abilities

HealthAttackPI (Max Signature)
(Rank 3, Level 45)

Character Class: Mutant

Basic Abilities: Fireworks, Shock, Taunt, Slow, Incinerate, Suppression, Concussion


  • Utility
    • Jubilee is able to switch between her three Firework colors to focus on Damage, Power Control or shutting down the Opponent by lowering their Ability Accuracy.
  • Purify Punish
    • When awakened, Jubilee is able to punish Champions that Purify her Debuffs with bursts of energy damage.


  • Energy Resistance
    • 100% of damage dealt by Jubilee is Energy Damage, meaning anyone that has Energy Resistance or prefers being hit by Energy Damage will be very effective against Jubilee.
  • Debuff Immunity
    • Jubilee relies on her Debuffs for utility, without these, she becomes much less effective.

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion


Mutation – Always Active

  • Jubilee’s energy plasmoids cause her Basic Attacks to deal Energy Damage instead of Physical.
  • +1400 Energy Resistance.

Fireworks – Pre-Fight Ability

  • Jubilee can rotate through Orange, Pink and Blue Fireworks. Throwing Light and Medium Attacks rotates Fireworks.
  • If a Firework Surge is selected in the pre-fight screen, at the start of the fight, gain a Firework Surge, preventing Jubilee from rotating Fireworks for 16 second(s).
  • While Firework Surge is active, gain bonus effects when landing a hit or striking into a block, based on the active Firework:
  • Orange: Deal 55% of hit damage as a burst of Energy Damage.
  • Pink: Opponents suffer -30% Defensive Combat Power Rate.
  • Blue: Opponents suffer -50% Defensive Ability Accuracy.

Developer’s Note: In fights where you intend to keep Jubilee in a Firework Surge 100% of the time, her pre-fight abilities allow her to start the fight with a Surge active. It’s important to note that Jubilee will start all consecutive fights with the last selected pre-fight ability, this is also indicated by Jubilee’s persistent charge, ranging from 0-3.

All Attacks

  • While Firework Surge is not active, being struck, landing a hit or striking into the block has a 50% chance to apply a Prowess Buff, increasing Special Attack Damage by 13% until the end of the next Special Attack. Max 12 stack(s).
  • When intercepting the Opponent’s Dash Attack, this chance is increased to 100%.

Heavy Attacks

  • When charging a Heavy Attack while a Firework Surge is active, remove the Firework Surge.

Developer’s Note: Useful when you’ve accidentally entered the wrong Firework Surge or want to ensure you gain Prowess faster.

Special Attacks

Special 1 – Somersault Strike

  • On activation, gain a Firework Surge lasting 6 second(s).
  • When the last hit lands or strikes into block, apply the effects of the active Firework, increasing the duration by 1 second(s) for each Prowess Effect:
  • Orange: Inflict a Shock Debuff and consume all Damaging Debuffs on Jubilee. For each Damaging Debuff consumed, inflict another Shock Debuff, dealing 2295 Energy Damage each, over 9 seconds.
  • Pink: Inflict a Taunt Debuff, lasting 9 second(s), Opponents that are Taunted have their Attack Rating reduced by 40% and have a 70% higher chance to activate a Special Attack.
  • Blue: Inflict a Slow Debuff, lasting 9 second(s), reducing Unstoppable and Evade Ability Accuracy by 100%, and preventing the effects of Unstoppable. Slow won’t trigger against natural Class Advantage.

Developer’s Note: Make sure to stock on Prowess before using the Special 1 Attack in order to increase the duration of the debuffs.

Special 2 – Zippity Zapper

  • On activation, gain a Firework Surge lasting 19 second(s).
  • When the last hit lands or strikes into block, apply the effects of the active Firework:
  • Orange: Inflict an Incinerate Debuff, dealing 4463 Energy Damage over 22 seconds. This also removes the target’s Perfect Block Chance and reduces their Block Proficiency by 50%.
  • Pink: Inflict a Suppression Debuff, reducing Defensive Combat Power Rate by 25% for lasting 22 second(s).
  • Blue: Inflict a Concussion Debuff, reducing the Opponent’s Ability Accuracy by -25% for 22 second(s).

Developer’s Note: The Special 2 Attack is best used when trying to keep Jubilee’s Firework Surge active for the whole fight.

Special 3 – Showstopper

  • On activation, gain a Firework Surge lasting 16 second(s).
  • Consume up to 12 Prowess Buffs and gain an indefinite Prowess Passive for each Prowess that was consumed, increasing Special Attack Damage by 13%. Max 12 stack(s).

Developer’s Note: For longer fights, the Showstopper allows Jubilee to double the amount of Prowess she can have. This makes the Debuffs on the Special 1 Attack extra long and the extra damage is a plus!

Signature Ability – Princess of Pyrotechnics

  • Each time one of Jubilee’s personal Debuffs expires on the Opponent, deal a burst of 2041 Energy Damage.
  • Each time the Opponent Purifies any Debuff, deal a burst of 3315 Energy Damage.

Developer’s Note: In fights where Jubilee’s debuffs are being purified she can increase her damage once awakened.



With Gambit, Rogue

  • Jubilee: +20% Prowess Potency.
  • Gambit: At the start of each fight gain 2 Kinetic Charges.
  • Rogue: +5% Attack Rating for each Unique Buff.

You’re Tangling with the Wrong X-Men

With Cyclops, Phoenix

  • Jubilee: +900 Energy Resistance.
  • Cyclops, Phoenix: +15% Attack Rating.

All Adamantium and Attitude

With Wolverine

  • Jubilee: While Orange Fireworks are active, gain +15% Attack Rating.
  • Wolverine: +10% Critical Damage Rating.

The Lucky One

With Longshot, Mojo

  • Jubilee: Jubilee: While Blue Fireworks are active, whenever the Opponent’s abilities fail to trigger, Jubilee gains a Prowess Passive, increasing Special Attack Damage by 25% for 12 second(s). Max 1 stack(s).
  • Synergy Members: +10% Max Health.

Execute Target Acquisition Subroutine

With Sentinel

  • Jubilee: While Pink Fireworks are active, Jubilee’s Special Attacks cost 10% less Power.
  • Sentinel: Start each fight with +15 Analysis Charges for each Mutant team member.

Deal With It

With Doc Ock, Falcon, Hawkeye, Hit Monkey

  • Synergy Members: +10% Max Health.


Assassin & Glass Cannon

  • Jubilee benefits more than the average Champion from Attack Rating bonuses since her damage is multiplied through her Prowess and Orange Firework Surge.