Karnak enters The Contest September 1st at 10AM PDT!

About Karnak:

Karnak Mander-Azur, Inhuman philosopher and Magister of the Second Tower of Wisdom, refused the transformative Terrigen Mists and chose instead to train his body and mind like no other. Through his training, Karnak has gained immense insight into both himself and others, allowing him to see the flaw in all things and strike down his opponents with ruthless physical and mental precision.

Base Stats & Abilities

*All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

  • Health: 15,812
  • Attack: 1,176
  • Max PI
    • Without Signature: 3,587
    • Signature Level 99: 4,395

Martial Focus

Buff: Given time to study his opponent, Karnak becomes Focused, gaining 66% Critical Hit Chance. Whenever he is struck, Karnak loses Focus for 9 seconds.

Passive: Every 5 seconds, Karnak reduces his Class Disadvantage by 2% until it’s gone.

  • This only affects the Attack penalty from a class Disadvantage, it does not affect Karnak’s opponent’s Class Advantage.

Resist Physical

Passive: Covered in a dense callus, Karnak has toughened his skin and gains 21% increased Physical Resistance.

Special 1: Distortion & Focus – Create distance, then focus to see the flaws.

  • This attack allows Karnak to be become Focused instantly.
  • Karnak discovers his opponent’s stress points, gaining True Strike for 8.5 seconds. This allows him to ignore Armor, Resistances, and Evasion.

True Strike is a passive effect and cannot be nullified or removed.

Special 2: The Three Worlds – Through focus, understanding and strength, Karnak demonstrates his worlds philosophy.

  • Damage from this attack increases by up to 48% based on how low the opponent’s Health is at the time of impact.

Special 3: Blind Time – All of humanity is as nothing. The universe will not notice when Karnak’s foe is no longer.

  • Karnak Dazes his foes with his strike, reducing their Defensive Ability Accuracy by 80% for 40 seconds.

Signature Ability – Second Tower Training: Karnak’s Inhuman metabolism and Autonomic Function Control allows him to shrug off non-damaging Debuff effects (20 – 50%) faster than normal and reduces damage from Poison by 65%.

Synergy Bonuses

  1. Enemies (+7% Critical Rate) – Magneto
  2. Family (+6% Health) – Black Bolt
  3. Teammates (+5% Perfect Block Chance) – Beast
  4. Teammates (+5% Perfect Block Chance) – Captain Marvel or Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers)

Recommended Masteries

Lesser Cruelty / Cruelty

  • While in his Focused state, Karnak has one of the highest Critical Hit chances in the game. Grabbing one or both of these masteries can increase Karnak’s damage output by quite a bit.

Pierce / Pure Skill

  • With Karnak’s high Critical Hit rate, these two masteries will allow his regular attacks to pierce through more enemy Armor and take down heavily Armored foes quickly.


  • While Karnak has decent Physical Resistance, his base Armor rating is very low. As such, picking up Dexterity and dodging as many incoming attacks as possible will increase Karnak’s survivability and ensure he stays in the fight longer.


Strong Match-Ups: This is a list of Champions that Karnak performs well against.

  • Abomination, Ant-Man – In addition to having a class advantage over these Champions, Karnak reduces incoming Poison damage and duration while awakened and overcomes these Champions easily.
  • Electro, Spider-Man, Luke Cage – Karnak’s Special 3 Ability, Daze, allows him to reduce his opponent’s Defensive Ability Accuracy for a long duration, and bypass many of these Champions’ defensive triggers such as Static Shock and Evade.

Weak Match-Ups: This is a list of Champions that Karnak performs poorly against.

  • Magneto, Magneto (Marvel NOW!) – In addition to a class disadvantage, both Magneto Champions also use energy damage during their base attacks and bypass Karnak’s only strong means of defense.