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Rising from under the canopy of a mysterious alien forest, Groot, the invincible master of plants and King of Planet X conquers all! This savage and ferocious monster from a parallel universe never met Rocket or joined the Guardians, instead becoming a galactic warlord and experimenting on captured humans. But now, the ruthless King’s mission has been interrupted by the Collector, and he has set his sights on a new goal: hoarding all of the abundant treasure and power The Contest has to offer!

Base Stats & Abilities

Health Attack PI (Max Signature)


7942 332 1714


19917 833 4304


39934 1670 10420


(Rank 3, Level 45)

51456 2151 13380

Champion Class: Cosmic

Basic Abilities: Fury, Armor Break, Poison, Regeneration

KING GROOT’s Mechanics

King Groot’s human experiments have uncovered new techniques for the master of plants to utilize in his quest for power. In addition to his Immunity to Bleed, the King of Planet X’s thirst for power can no longer be quashed, and he is immune to Power Drain and Power Burn effects. His Malice now grows more intense as the battle wears on, granting additional potency to his Fury Buffs and, with his Signature Ability unlocked, longer Poison duration. Experimentation into the effects of Poison have also granted him new abilities; his Heavy attack now prolongs Poison and Armor Break Debuffs on the opponent, and his noxious Special 2 breath now deals direct damage on top of its poisonous effects. His devastating Special 1 now deals lasting effects to his opponent’s Armor, chipping away with each Armor Break Debuff until there is nothing left to break.


  • Long Fights
    • King Groot enjoys long battles that allow him to ramp up his Malice effects as time wears on
  • Armored Opponents
    • Tech and other opponents that rely on Armor Up buffs will quickly find their armor in tatters with King Groot’s devastating Special 1 Armor Breaks


  • Mystic Champions
    • King Groot is heavily reliant on his Fury buffs to deal damage, which can be easily handled by Nullify and other Mystic tricks

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion


Always Active

  • Unique physiology grants Immunity to Bleed, Power Drain and Power Burn effects.

Developer’s Note: Tech and Mystic Champions alike will now find their Power-reducing abilities useless in the presence of mighty King Groot!

Personal Fury Buffs

  • Unless otherwise stated, King Groot’s Fury Buffs each provide +501 Attack Rating and last 13 seconds.
  • Whenever King Groot receives a Debuff, he will spend 1 personal Fury Buff after 0.5 seconds to Purify that Debuff.

Developer’s Note: Don’t let King Groot’s low base Attack fool you; his Fury Buffs allow him to pack a serious punch!

Malice – Passive

  • King Groot starts the fight with a Malice Passive, which grants 3 Fury Buffs each time it activates. Malice lasts as long as King Groot has at least 1 Personal Fury Buff remaining.
  • While Malice is active: Gain up to +100% Fury Buff Potency based on how long the fight has gone on. Max Bonus after 100 seconds.
  • When Malice ends, it goes on Cooldown for 13 seconds.

Developer’s Note: The King grows more and more impatient as time wears on, granting his Fury even more potency with each passing second; great for King Groot, bad for stubborn opponents!

While Malice is on Cooldown – Passive

  • Any attack from either Champion has a 20% chance to grant 1 Fury Charge. When Cooldown ends, gain 1 Fury Buff for each Charge acquired and re-enter Malice.
  • Each time King Groot’s attack is Evaded, Auto-Blocked, or Misses gain 2 Fury Charges. Cooldown 3 seconds.

Developer’s Note: Cowardice only fuels the King’s rage. Slippery Spider-Verse Champions and autonomous Auto-Block opponents alike will find their cunning crafts used against them when the King’s Malice returns!

Heavy Attacks

  • Pause all Poison and Armor Break Debuffs on the opponent for 3 seconds.
  • Malice: Spend 1 Fury Buff to instead Pause for 6 seconds.

Developer’s Note: Use in unison with King Groot’s Special 1 to continuously degrade the opponent’s Armor, or with his Special 2 to keep the Poison flowing through the opponent’s veins. 

Special Attack 1 – Floral Ferocity

  • Inflicts up to 3 Armor Break Debuffs, with each having a 100% chance to activate, removing an Armor Up Buff and reducing Armor Rating by 286.36 for 15 seconds. Max Stacks: 10. These Armor Breaks also reduce future Armor Up Buff Potency by 10%.
  • Malice: Spend 1 Fury Buff to make the Armor Break indefinite.

Developer’s Note: Invest your perishable Fury buffs when facing Armor Up-dependent opponents to make their armor permanently useless!

Special Attack 2 – Internal Toxicity

  • Each hit of King Groot’s caustic breath deals 1169 direct damage. This damage is tripled against #Robot Champions.
  • 100% chance to inflict a Poison Debuff, reducing healing effects by 30% and dealing 3340 direct damage over 10 seconds.
  • Malice: Spend 1 Fury Buff to increase the Poison duration by 100%

Developer’s Note: King Groot revels in the twisting of metal and circuitry. Robot opponents won’t last long with concentrated Special 2 attacks.

Special 3 – Savagery Unleashed

  • 100% chance to gain a Regeneration Buff, recovering 10% Health over 3 seconds. This Regeneration Buff is Paused while King Groot is Heal Blocked.
  • Malice: Spend 1 Fury Buff to increase the Buff duration by 50%.

Developer’s Note: King Groot’s evolving regenerative powers allow you to never miss another Regeneration Buff’s benefits again while under the spell of Heal Block.

Signature Ability – Unyielding Might

Malice – Passive

  • While Malice is active: Gain up to +100% Poison duration based on how long the fight has gone on. Max Bonus after 100 seconds.
  • When Malice enters Cooldown, gain a Regeneration Buff, recovering 7572.69 Health over 13 seconds.

Developer’s Note: With his Signature Ability unlocked, King Groot will see the benefits of saving his Special 2 for when Malice is active as the fight goes on!


    •  Giant Monstrosities with Venom the Duck, Mojo, Abomination (Immortal), Mole Man
      • King Groot: +35% Poison and Armor Break Debuff duration
      • Size XL Champions: +4% Health and Attack Rating
  • Contemptuous Malice with Crossbones
      • King Groot: While fighting #Hero Champions, Malice grants an additional Fury Buff and the chance to gain Fury Charges during Cooldown is increased by a flat +10%.
      • Crossbones: [Contempt] Start the fight with 2 Fury Buff(s).
  • Friends Lv. 3 with Venom, Abomination
      • All Champions gain +130 Armor Rating
  • Enemies Lv. 3 with Hulk, Hulk (Immortal)
      • All Champions gain +155 Critical Rating
  • Nemesis Lv. 3 with Groot
    • All Champions gain +6% Attack


  • Extended/Enhanced Fury
    • Further increase the potency of King Groot’s Fury buffs to maximize his offensive capability