MCoC Champion Spotlight – KINGPIN

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Wilson Fisk, kingpin of crime in New York City, rules the underworld with ruthless efficiency. Gaining power through numerous illegal ventures and intimidation, Kingpin has gone toe -to-toe with the likes of Spider-Man and Daredevil and kept pace thanks to his incredible physical prowess and strength. Now the infamous crime lord has set his sights on The Contest and its rich supply of dangerous black ISO-8. For Fisk, The Contest is just another city to conquer.

KINGPIN’s Mechanics

Kingpin is the master of Debuffs, build them on yourself and convert them into a massive Overpower Fury. Using the unstoppable from his SP2 and Heavy attack, pressure your opponent into submission and gain massive bonuses. Weave in some Special 1 attacks and tanking a few hits during your Heavy Attack will result in much lower damage received!

Base Stats & Abilities

Health Attack PI (Max Signature)


6851 481 1558


15052 1159 4904


34447 2414 10510


(Rank 3, Level 45)

38887 2994 13500

Character Class: Skill

Basic Abilities: Rage, Overpower, Degeneration, Unstoppable


  • Debuff shrugging
    • Debuffs are no problem for Kingpin with his consistent Debuff shrugging and rage generation.
  • Raw Damage:
    • Kingpin gains a ton of bonus attack from Overpower, and Rage. Use this to your advantage and melt your opponent!


  • Ability Accuracy Reduction:
    • Lowering Kingpin’s Ability Accuracy will cause his Debuff shrugging to fail and cripple his damage.
  • Nullify:
    • Much of Kingpin’s power comes from both his Unstoppable Buff, and Overpower. Be careful to not get caught by nullify and keep those buffs up!

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion


Always Active

  • Base Regeneration Rate is set at 50% instead of the normal 100%.
  • Immune to all effects that modify Regeneration Rate, except Poison.


  • Kingpin can gain Rage, which is a Debuff with no inherent effect.
  • Kingpin gains a non-Rage Debuff: 60% chance to Purify it and gain 1 Rage. Cooldown: 0.5 seconds.
  • Kingpin takes damage: Gain 1 Rage. Cooldown: 20 seconds.
  • Enemy Evades or Auto-Blocks: Gain 1 Rage. Cooldown: 1.50 seconds.

Incoming Debuffs

  • Each Debuff on Kingpin only strengthens his resolve, increasing Attack Rating by 724.2 and Combat Power Rate by 5%.

Overpower – When Kingpin has 8+ Debuffs

  • Kingpin Purifies 8 Debuffs to grant a 100% chance to gain an Overpower Buff, lasting 15 seconds and providing +6035 Attack Rating as well as Unblockable Special Attacks.

Heavy Attacks

  • While charging a Heavy Attack, Kingpin gains +3150 Physical Resistance and gains an Unstoppable Buff for 0.8 seconds.
  • If Kingpin lands 3 Heavy Attacks within 4 seconds of each other he has a 100% chance to gain a Fury Buff granting +2051.9 Attack Rating for 14 seconds. While this Fury Buff is active, Kingpin cannot gain his Unstoppable Buff while charging his Heavy Attack.

Special 1 -Dirty Deeds

  • A blast of black ISO-8 has a 100% chance to inflict a Degeneration Debuff, causing 3621 direct damage over 14 seconds.
  • While this Degeneration is active, the opponent suffers -50% Attack Rating and -65% Defensive Ability Accuracy.

Special 2 – Eliminate the Competition

  • 100% chance to gain an Unstoppable Buff lasting 7.5 seconds.
  • While this Unstoppable is active, each hit either Champion lands has a 50% chance to grant Kingpin 1 Rage. No Cooldown.

Special 3 – Self Made Man

  • Gain 4 Rage & Refresh all Overpower Buffs.
  • 100% chance to inflict a 3.5 second Stun Debuff.

Signature Ability – True Nature

Enhanced Rage

  • Fisk brings his ill intent upon The Contest, entering the fight with 2 – 4 Rages active (rounded down).
  • When Kingpin’s Overpower Buff ends, he has a chance to gain up to 5 Rages, with each having a 50 – 90% chance to activate.


Bane of Hell’s Kitchen – Unique

  • Daredevil, Daredevil (Hell’s Kitchen).

Kingpin: While Unstoppable, Kingpin gains +15% Attack Rating and cannot be Passively Evaded.

Daredevil: +60% Precision Buff Duration.

Devil of H.K.: When struck or blocking an attack, 50% chance to gain a 5 second, non-stacking Rage Debuff with no effect.

Competition – Unique 

  • Joe Fixit, The Hood

Kingpin: +100% Rage Purify Ability Accuracy.

Joe Fixit: Hits gain +20% Attack Rating if the opponent has 1 or more Debuffs.

The Hood: +25% Invisibility duration.

Defender’s Destroyer – Unique

  • Iron Fist, Iron Fist (Immortal), Elektra, Luke Cage

Kingpin: Enter the fight with 2 Rage.

Iron Fist (Both): +25% Armor Break duration and Potency.

Elektra: +25% Bleed Ability Accuracy & duration.

Luke Cage: Up to +60% Attack Rating based on Physical Resistance.


  • Mr. Sinister, M.O.D.O.K, Ultron, Loki

All Champions: +115 Critical Damage Rating.


  • Willpower
    • Kingpin is going to be sitting on debuffs most of the fight, attach willpower and enjoy free healing all day.
  • Inequity:
    • Pair Kingpin’s SP1 with inequity to push the opponent’s attack even further down!