Champion Spotlight – Longshot


Longshot is an Action Hero from the Mojoverse who was genetically enhanced by Arize with super human traits and the powers of Probability Manipulation. Arize made it so the strength of Longshot’s Power was based on the purity of his heart, making him a star candidate for inciting a civil war to overthrow the tyrannical reign of Mojo himself.

LONGSHOT’s Mechanics

Longshot excels when balancing both offensive and defensive play styles. Playing defensively builds Good Karma on himself, unlocking new abilities in his Special Attacks. Playing aggressively allows him to convert this Good Karma into Bad Karma on the Opponent for huge bursts of damage.

Base Stats & Abilities

* All stats based on 4-Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

HEALTH: 15964

ATTACK: 1148


  • WITH SIGNATURE (99): 4790

*All stats based on 5-Star, Rank 5, Level 65, Signature Level 200

HEALTH: 32008

ATTACK: 2301

MAX PI:   

  • WITH SIGNATURE (200): 10590

Character Class: Mystic

Basic Abilities: Karma, Pure of Heart, Incinerate, Fate Seal


  1. Fate Seal
    1. Longshot’s Special 2 applies the longest lasting Fate Seal in the game at 12 seconds. While the Opponent is Fate Sealed any Buffs or Bad Karma effects that end on the Opponent are detonated and deal huge damage.
  2. Opponents with Buffs
    1. Opponents with Buffs are at extreme risk at all times when Fighting Longshot. Buffs can be detonated by his Fate Seal or can be stolen if Longshot has been Awakened. 
  3. Low Chance Buff nodes
    1. If Longshot is placed on a Node in Alliance War Defense that has a low chance of activating, Longshot’s base increase of Ability Accuracy increases the chances of that ability activation by 300%.


  1. Incinerate Immune
    1. If an Opponent is Incinerate Immune or has any way to remove Damaging Debuffs quickly, Longshot will be unable to keep his Fate Seal on his Opponent.
  2. Stun
    1. If Longshot is inflicted with a non-damaging Debuff or he is struck while under the effects of Stun, he begins to lose stacks of Good Karma. 
  3. Concussion and Disorient
    1. Longshot is Immune to Ability Accuracy reduction. However, Debuffs can still reduce the chances of his abilities activating. 



  • Due to Longshot’s innate luck his Ability Accuracy can only be reduced through the effects of Debuffs.
  • Longshot’s base Ability Accuracy is 300%. Modified chances are already displayed for Longshot’s abilities. 

Developer Notes: Longshot will be unaffected by passive Ability Accuracy modifications from Champions like Domino or Blade. Additionally, if you place him on a War defense node that has a Buff such as “Freezer Burn”, his base Ability Accuracy makes it so he has a 60% chance to Incinerate his Opponent whenever he is Struck. 

Good Karma – Max 5: 

  • Longshot cannot gain Good karma while under the effects of Stun.
  • 51% Chance to gain 1 Good karma when attacked. Increased to 102% if the attack was Dodged. 
  • 75% Chance to lose 1 Good karma whenever inflicted with a Non-Damaging Debuff or Struck while Stunned. If the Opponent has Bad Karma active, remove 1 Bad Karma instead. 
  • Whenever reaching 5 stacks of Good karma, gain Pure of Heart for 14 seconds. Granting bonus effects from Special Attacks. This effect does not stack, but can be refreshed. 
  • When Pure of Heart ends all remaining Good Karma is applied to the opponent as Bad Karma. 

Developer Notes: When fighting against Longshot, make sure to bring Champions that inflict a lot of Non-Damaging Debuffs often, or bring someone with long duration Stuns. If Longshot enters Pure of Heart and activates his Special 2, most Champions will be obliterated. 

Bad Karma – Max 5:

  • When consuming Good Karma while the Opponent is below max stacks of Bad Karma, apply a Bad Karma on the opponent for 12 seconds and refresh all existing stacks. 
  • For each Bad Karma, Longshot gains 12% of Power generated by the opponent.
  • Whenever the Opponent launches a Special Attack or a Heavy Attack all Bad Karma effects are refreshed. 

Developer Notes: Once Longshot has 5 Stacks of Bad Karma on his Opponent it’s important to bait Heavy Attacks and Special Attacks out of his Opponent to keep them active. If you’re afraid you will lose all of your stacks of Bad Karma, launch a Special 2 and cash in and deal a huge burst of damage.

Heavy Attacks: 

  • While Charging a Heavy Attack gain 1 Good Karma every 0.40 seconds. 
  • Each hit consumes 1 Good Karma.  

Special 1: Final Cut

  • Consume 2 Good Karma
  • This attack cannot Miss or be Auto-Blocked.
  • Pure of Heart is active: The first hit inflicts 7 Instant Bleeds, each dealing 459.2 damage. This damage benefits from Longshot’s Critical Damage multiplier. 

Developer Notes: If the Opponent is Incinerate Immune, Longshot can loop Special 1 Attacks for big damage. Keeping 5 stacks of Bad Karma on the Opponent at all times will make it easy to build power and repeatedly launch this attack.

Special 2: Workers Compensation

  • The final hit inflicts Incinerate dealing 172.2 damage over 12 seconds. Incinerate also removes Perfect Block chance and lowers Block Proficiency by 50%
  • While this Incinerate is active the Opponent is Fate Sealed, Nullifying all buffs. This Fate Seal also removes Bad Karma effects.
  • Each Buff and Bad Karma removed by Fate Seal combusts and inflicts Passive Incinerates dealing 1033.2 energy damage over 1 second(s). This damage benefits from Longshot’s Critical Damage Rating. Max 10 stacks. 
  • Pure of Heart is active: Instead of inflicting incinerate on the Final hit, the Incinerate triggers on activation of this Attack with it’s expiry paused until the Attack ends.

Developer Notes: If the Opponent can prevent the Incinerate from activating, or remove it after it has been activated, the Fate Seal will also be removed. 

Special 3: Comedy of Errors

  • Stun the Opponent for 3.50 seconds. 
  • Pure of Heart is active: This attack gains up to 1148 Attack Rating based on Longshot’s Good Karma. 

Signature Ability – Fortune Favors the Lucky

  • 48% Chance to Nullify any Buff and replace it with Bad Karma.
  • If Longshot Nullifies a True Strike, Unstoppable, or Unblockable Buff, Longshot gains a matching Buff for 5.60 seconds.

Developer Notes: Longshot’s Signature Ability also grants him these matching Buffs if his Fate Seal is what Nullifies the Buff. If you’re having troubles with Buff Toggle Unstoppable or Buff Toggle Unblockable, this is a great answer.


Civil War Stories: Captain America (Infinity War), Captain America

  • Longshot: Start a Fight with 5 Good Karma when fighting Villain Champions. 
  • Captain America (Infinity War): Start a Fight with 1 Kinetic Potential when fighting Avengers or New Avengers.
  • Captain America: While the Opponent is Fatigued their Power Gain Rate is reduced by 110%.
  • Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate Synergies.

Mojoverse: Mojo

  • Longshot: If the Opponent is Immune to Bleed. Longshot’s Special 1 inflicts Degeneration damage instead.
  • Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate Synergies.

Love Triangles: Rogue

  • Longshot: Longshot’s Special 2 has a 42% chance to inflict an additional Incinerate for each Bad Karma removed by Fate Seal.
  • Rogue: Whenever stealing a Buff Rogue deals 20% of her Base Attack as Degeneration damage for each Buff stolen.
  • All Female Champions: Gain 200 Critical Rating and 12% increased Ability Accuracy.
  • Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate Synergies.

Probably OP: Domino

  • Longshot: Pure of Heart lasts 4 seconds longer.
  • Domino: If an Opponent was not Struck over the Duration of a Stun, Domino gains 10% of a bar of Power.
  • Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate Synergies.


  • Mystic Dispersion
    • Longshot has access to the longest lasting Fate Seal in the game. If played correctly it can be kept up on the Opponent for the entire fight. Mystic Dispersion will help Longshot loop his Special 2 and ensure he is rewarded whenever a Buff is prevented. 
  • Cruelty
    • Longshot’s Special Attack damage scales with his Critical Damage multiplier. Maxing out Cruelty and Lesser Cruelty will show that he takes full advantage of this ability.
  • Petrify
    • Longshot will often Parry his Opponent to stun them and safely charge his Heavy Attack to generate Good Karma. When lowering the Opponents power rate with Petrify and generating bonus power through Karma, Longshot can gain more Power than his Opponent through Heavy Attacks.