The Master of Magnetism has embraced a self-proclaimed role of detective, judge, jury, and executioner against those who harm mutants. One of the greatest Marvel anti-heroes ever, Magneto exacts his own form of mutant justice, by any means necessary.

MAGNETO (HOUSE OF X)’s Mechanics

Unlike Classic Magneto, this fresh version of Magneto (House of X) will be ready to fight alongside any #Metal and #Hero Champions and give them some serious stat boosts. He’s also no slouch on damage himself. Combine tons of Prowess with Armor Break, Bleed, and Degeneration.

Base Stats & Abilities

HealthAttackPI (Max Signature)
(Rank 3, Level 45)

Character Class: Mutant

Basic Abilities: Prowess, Bleed, Armor Break


  • Bleed Immunity:
    • Magneto (House of X) has now got Full Bleed Immunity, making him awesome for any fights you might have a ton of Bleed coming your way.
  • Degen Damage:
    • Magneto (House of X) has got access to some of the only Degeneration Damage on command in the game, use it to DOT away those pesky Robots.
  • Guidance:
    • Magneto (House of X) has got a brand new Pre-Fight Ability letting him Buff his teammates for a ton of bonuses and making your Parry Mastery a passive instead of a debuff.


  • Nullify:
    • Magneto (House of X) relies a ton on his Prowess Buffs giving all of his Special Attacks a slew of extra abilities. Make sure you can keep your Buffs up in each fight you enter!

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion


Magnetism – Passive

  • #Metal opponents suffer an indefinite Magnetized Passive which is applied 1 seconds after the start of the fight and does the following:
  • -70% Ability Accuracy & -15% Combat Power Rate. Incoming Debuffs gain +25% duration.
  • Magneto (House of X) gains +690.3 Attack rating.

Mutation – Always Active

  • Magneto (House of X)’s attacks deal Energy damage instead of Physical.
  • Magneto (House of X)’s mastery over metal is so great he can staunch the flow of bleeding with a thought, granting Immunity to Bleed effects.

Persistent Charge – Max: 10

  • Magneto (House of X) begins each Quest with 6 Persistent Charge(s).
  • Defeating an opponent grants 1 Persistent Charge. If they’re #Metal, gain 2 Persistent Charges.
  • Landing hits and being struck has a 5% chance per Persistent Charge to grant a 10 second Prowess Buff, granting +10% Special Damage. Max Stacks: 7.

Dev Note: Gain a few Charges early on in a quest and boost your Teammates with Magneto (House of X)’s new Pre-Fight Ability!

Pre-Fight: Guidance Boost

  • Magneto (House of X) can spend 2 Persistent Charges in the pre-fight screen to place a Guidance effect on the fight, which lasts until the Defender is defeated. These effects don’t stack and can be used by Allies.
  • Attacker’s in the fight gain +15% Attack rating.
  • After the first parry, #Metal and #Hero attackers trigger Passive Stun effects with the Parry Mastery instead of Debuffs and they last 0.5 seconds longer.

Heavy Attack

  • 100% chance to gain a Prowess Buff, lasting 30 seconds and granting +35% Special Attack damage. Max Stacks: 3.

Special Attacks

  • All Prowess Buffs are Paused for the duration of the attack. Magneto (House of X)’s personal Special Attack effects gain bonuses based on how many Prowess Buffs he has when the attack starts.
  • 1+ Prowess: +50% Ability Accuracy.
  • 3+ Prowess: +50% Buff & Debuff Duration.
  • 6+ Prowess: +50% Buff & Debuff Potency.
  • 9+ Prowess: Attack grants the opponent 80% less Power.

Dev Notes: Maximize your Damage with having as many Prowess up when you activate them as you can!

Special 1 Attack: Bloody Shrapnel

  • 70% chance to inflict an Armor Break Debuff, removing 1 Armor Up Buff and reducing Armor Rating by 1130.77 for 14 seconds. 

Special 2 Attack: Bleeding Fracture

  • 70% chance to inflict a Bleed Debuff, causing 2761.2 direct damage over 6 seconds. If the opponent is #Metal, instead inflict a Degeneration Debuff. 70% chance to inflict an additional effect if the opponent has an Armor Break Debuff.

Special 3 Attack: Cold-Blooded Fusion

  • 70% chance to gain a Cruelty Buff, increasing Critical Damage by 400 for 40 seconds. While this Cruelty Buff is active, Magneto (House of X)’s existing Prowess Buffs remain Paused.

Signature Ability – Evolve But Remember

Mutation – Always Active

  • During Magneto (House of X)’s Special Attacks, his Buffs and Debuffs gain +80.81% duration based on how much bonus special damage he’s gaining from Prowess Effects. Max Potency at +150% Prowess.
  • Knocking out an opponent grants an additional Persistent Charge.

Dev Notes: Similar to his Base Kit, make sure to maximize your Prowess before you throw any Special Attack. Also note, with the max prowess potency this can scale up to 120% Duration.


Metallic Affinity – Wolverine (X-23), Cable, Taskmaster

Wolverine (X-23): Bleed & Cruelty effects gain +35% duration.

Cable: Begin the fight with 60% Poison Resistance.

Taskmaster: Exploit Weakness attacks deal +40% Damage.

Magneto (House of X): Gain an indefinite Prowess Buff, granting +20% Special Attack damage.

Unique – Does not stack

Rise Against The Contest – 

Magneto (House of X): +5% Attack rating during the fight and Magneto (House of X)’s Atonement Synergy gains +25% Potency.

Professor X: All of Professor X’s Prowess Buffs gain 20% Duration.

Apocalypse: HORSEMEN gain +30% Prowess Potency.

Unique – Does not stack

Redemption – Colossus, Guardian

Colossus: Opponent’s Nullify & Stagger effects suffer -65% Ability Accuracy.

Guardian: Gain Force Field charges 3.5 seconds faster.

Magneto (House of X): Defeating #Villain Champions grants 1 Persistent Charge. +10% Attack while fighting #Villains.

Unique – Does not stack

Atonement – Self

Hero Champions: +8% Attack Rating.

Metal Champions: +10% Ability Accuracy.

Unique – Does not stack

Friends – Thor (Jane Foster), Warlock, Juggernaut

All Champions Gain +130 Armor Rating

Nemesis – Cyclops (New Xavier School), Black Bolt

All Champions gain +6% Attack rating

Teammates – Magik, Wolverine

All Champions gain +5% Perfect Block Chance


  • Deep Wounds
    • Magneto (House of X) has got some serious Bleed Damage, max it out with Deep Wounds!
  • Double Edge
    • Magneto (House of X) now has full Bleed Immunity letting him safely run Double Edge.