Champion Spotlight – Man-Thing

MAN-THING Enters Marvel Contest of Champions on October 17th @ 10 AM PDT but you can check out his preview bundle today!


The Man-Thing was once the brilliant biochemist Dr. Ted Sallis. While working for S.H.I.E.L.D. to replicate the Super Soldier Serum, Dr. Sallis was forced to flee due to an A.I.M. plot to steal his work. Injecting himself with the only remaining sample of his serum before crashing his car into the swamp while on the run. Rather than dying from that crash, he was reformed into a creature made of the swamp itself, The Man-Thing!

MAN-THING’s Mechanics

Man-Thing is all about punishing Buffs, whether they came from its opponent’s kit, or whether it placed them on the opponent itself. This is done by Nullifying Buffs, which converts them into Toxic Pustule Buffs, which can subsequently be Nullified into both Poison and Armor Break, ideally with Man-Thing’s Heavy Attack for bonus potency. When attacking in to Man-Thing the loop is very similar, but the Nullify is more likely to come from Man-Thing’s on Contact chance to Nullify, which scales off his Agitation. The last thing to consider are Man-Thing’s immunities, allowing it to ignore Armor Break and Shattered, as well as Bleed, and take vastly reduced damage from Critical Hits. Make sure to bring someone who can raise their Attack nice and high, ideally without Buffs, and don’t expect to be able to crit your way through the Man-Thing!

Base Stats & Abilities

* All stats based on 4-Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

HEALTH: 19765
ATTACK: 1103

*All stats based on 5-Star, Rank 5, Level 65, Signature Level 200

HEALTH: 39629
ATTACK: 2211
WITH SIGNATURE (200): 10590

Character Class: Mystic

Basic Abilities:  Poison, Armor Break, Nullify


  • Nullify
    • True to its Mystic roots Man-Thing loves to eat Buffs, with a chance to Nullify each time it makes contact, and on its Special 2. It also converts Buffs it Nullifies into Toxic Pustules which it can Nullify to cause Poison and Armor Break!
  • Sustain
    • Man-Thing has one of the largest Base HP pools in the game, and its Signature Ability gives it a consistent Regeneration ability. Then spice with the fact it pretty much doesn’t care about Critical Hits, and you end up with a champion who can still recover even after a couple of mistakes.
  • Immunities
    • Since it’s essentially made out of compacted swamp mush Man-Thing comes with built in Immunity to Bleed and Armor Break, as well as ignoring the bonus damage caused by Critical Hits.


  • No Armor
    • Hand in hand with its Armor Break Immunity is the fact Man-Thing has no Base Armor. This can make him vulnerable to anyone who can bring a solid increase to their Attack, as they get the full value of any attack increase, undiluted by Armor.
  • Nullify/Poison/Armor Break Immune
    • A lot of Man-Thing’s damage output comes from Poison and Armor Break, and the way he causes both of these effects is Nullify. So running into an Opponent who can counter these mechanics can definitely slow this swamp monster down.
  • Regeneration Counters
    • Consistent Regeneration can cut both ways, while it can be a huge boon to Man-Thing, it can also be turned against him with effects like Petrify, or just turned off with Heal Block.


Made of Mush – Passive

  • Man-Thing is made of swamp mush, and lacks any meaningful weak points to exploit, this makes it Immune to Armor Break or Shatter effects, and prevents Critical Hits from dealing Bonus Damage.
  • Man-Thing’s lack of blood also makes it Immune to Bleed effects.

Developer’s Note: The Armor Break, Armor Shatter, and Bleed immunities are pretty standard, but the Critical Hit interaction is more unique. Basically Man-Thing ignores the Critical Damage multiplier, so in a vanilla fight you won’t see any difference between your White (non-crit) and Yellow (crit) damage numbers. However this will change slightly if Man-Thing gains any Armor or Resistances from an outside source (like a Quest Buff, or Synergy), as Critical Hits against Man-Thing do retain their ability to penetrate a portion of any Armor/Resistances it has.

Empathic Agitation – Passive

  • Man-Thing reacts to powerful emotions, gaining +5 Agitation when Struck by any attack, and when Hitting a Buffed Opponent with a Medium Attack, up to a maximum of 100.
  • As Man-Thing’s Agitation grows so does its Attack, gaining up to 882.4 Attack based on Agitation.
  • Agitation falls off over time, falling off faster the longer it’s been since it last increased.
  • If the Opponent is a #Villain or has an active Buff, Man-Thing will wait 5 second(s) after each increase before Agitation begins to fall off.

Developer’s Note: This Agitation based Fury effect is pretty important to Man-Thing’s Damage output, so there’s a bit of a tightrope to walk here to build Agitation while still popping Pustules before they expire. Unless of course your Opponent brought lots of Buffs of their own.

Acidic Secretions – Passive

  • Each time Man-Thing makes Contact it has up to a 15% chance based on its current Agitation to Nullify a Buff off the Opponent.

Developer’s Note: This has a base chance of 7.5% at 0 Agitation, and scales up to 15% at 100 Agitation.

Toxic Pustules – Buff

  • Any Buff other than a Toxic Pustule Nullified on the Opponent has a 100% chance to become a Toxic Pustule lasting for 15 seconds.
  • Whenever a Toxic Pustule Buff is Nullified it has a 100% chance to burst becoming a Poison Debuff and an Armor Break Debuff.
  • The Poison Debuff does 1020.28 damage over 15 seconds, and reduces Regeneration effect by 30%.
  • The Armor Break Debuff reduces Armor by 222.22 and lasts 15 seconds.

Developer’s Note: This triggers on any Nullify effect, so that means things like, Man-Thing’s Armor Breaks Nullifying Armor Up Buffs, or that it can be combined with things like Buffet in Alliance War. It also makes Man-Thing a beast with Mystic Dispersion, as it can be triggered twice per Buff, once when the initial Buff is Nullified, and again when the Toxic Pustule is Nullified or Expires.

While Heavy Attack Charging – Buff

  • 100% Chance to gain an Unstoppable Buff for 1 second(s). Cooldown: 5 seconds.

Developer’s Note: This makes it a little safer to try and pop those Pustules with a Heavy attack, and makes Stun Immune not a total deal breaker, especially as Man-Thing’s Heavy Attack is a single hit and doesn’t have a ton of reach.

Heavy Attacks – Passive

  • 100% chance to Nullify each Toxic Pustule Buff on the Opponent. Armor Break and Poison Debuffs caused by bursting Toxic Pustules with this ability have 50% increased potency.

Developer’s Note: Popping Pustules (I’m getting way to much satisfaction out of getting to write that repeatedly!) with its Heavy Attack, for the Bonus Damage, is Man-Thing’s bread and butter.

Special Attacks – Buff

  • When Activating a Special Attack Man-Thing has a 100% Chance to place a Toxic Pustule Buff on the Opponent lasting 15 seconds.

Developer’s Note: This ability keeps Man-Thing viable in fights where the Opponent doesn’t bring a ton of Buffs to the table, it’s also one of the things to watch out for when attacking into Man-Thing.

Special Attack 1 – Armed and Dangerous: Man-Thing uses a part of itself as a weapon, splattering its opponent with caustic slime.

  • 100% Chance on Contact, to place a Toxic Pustule Buff on the Opponent lasting 15 seconds.

Developer’s Note: There are 2 hits in this Special Attack, so when combined with the Toxic Pustule placed for Activating any of its Special Attacks this Special will allow Man-Thing to place a total of 3 Toxic Pustules, assuming both hits make contact of course.

Special Attack 2 – Toxic Burst: Man-Thing unleashes blasts of toxic swamp sludge, slamming its opponents away. 

  • 100% Chance to Nullify up to 2 Buff(s) per Hit.

Developer’s Note: There are 3 hits in this Special Attack, so a total of 6 Nullifies are possible. This Special will also Nullify Toxic Pustules, so it’s very possible to Nullify for example 3 Fury Buffs straight into 3 Poisons and 3 Armor Breaks. 

Special Attack 3 – Evil’s Bane: Man-Thing reacts to the aggression in its opponnent’s heart, attempting to burn it away, before striking them down.

  • 100% Chance to grant a Fury Buff increasing Attack by up to 882.4 based on Agitation for 30 seconds.
  • 100% Chance to place a Poison Debuff on the Opponent causing up to 1626.93 damage based on Agitation over 20 seconds, and reducing all Regeneration by 30%.
  • 100% Chance to place 2 Toxic Pustule Buffs on the Opponent lasting 15 seconds.

Developer’s Note: Man-Thing’s Special 3 is great for longer fights, especially when combined with Mystic Dispersion. While the effects won’t stack (we tried it, and with Mystic Dispersion things got out of hand quickly!) the Attack bonus from the Fury Buff does get magnified by all of the Poisons Man-Thing is triggering as well as the Armor Breaks it’s placing.

Signature Ability – Strength of the Swamp: Man-Thing draws power from the swamp around it empowering its strikes or healing its wounds.

Special Attacks

  • If Man-Thing is at or Above 50% Health it has a 100% Chance to trigger a Fury Buff, increasing its Attack by 275.75 for 10 seconds.
  • If Man-Thing is below 50% Health it has a 100% Chance to trigger a Regeneration Buff regaining 790.6 Health over 10 seconds.

Developer’s Note: Again we had to keep these to only a single stack or Man-Thing’s propensity to throw many special attacks had things spiralling out of control! But that also means it’s very possible to have one or the other of these Buffs active for most of the fight giving a noticeable bump to Man-Things damage and ability to come back after a tough fight.

Synergy Bonuses:


With Howard the Duck, She-Hulk

Man-Thing: If Struck by a Basic Attack while under the effect of an Unstoppable Buff 100% chance to gain an Indestructible Buff lasting 0.5 second(s).

Howard: When the Opponent has an ISO Loader effect, Howard’s Special 2 gains +50% Ability Accuracy.

She-Hulk: Striking a Stunned Opponent with a Heavy Attack grants a Fury Buff increasing Attack by 100% of her Base Attack for 1 second.


With Ghost Rider

Man-Thing: Agitation starts at, and will never fall below, 50 vs a #Villain.

Ghost Rider: Each Judgement active on the Opponent increases the Ability Accuracy of other Judgements by 25%.

THINGS – Unique

With Thing

Man-Thing: Well Timed Blocks grant a Fury Buff increasing its Attack by 25% of its Base Attack for 1.5 seconds. This Fury doesn’t Stack.

Thing: Thing’s Rock Stacks last Indefinitely up to 20.


With King Groot

Man-Thing: Well Timed Blocks inflict a Poison Debuff dealing 25% of its Attack as damage over 5 seconds, and reducing Regeneration effects by 30%.

King Groot: Start the fight with 2 additional Furies, and gain 2 additional Furies when exiting his Cooldown state.

Recommended Masteries

  • Mystic Dispersion
    • MD is a big deal for Man-Thing! It accelerates all of its loops. He places his own Buffs on the Opponent to trigger this, and he can potentially MD twice off of one Buff. All of this to say, Man-Thing is in the conversation for best offensive MD user currently in the game, and MD also greatly increases its threat on Defence. Auto-include.
  • Double Edge
    • Being Immune to Bleed, as well as having a consistent Regen (once his Signature is unlocked) makes Man-Thing pretty suicide friendly.
  • Recovery
    • This one is a little more situational as without his Signature Ability he doesn’t benefit much from this Mastery. However once he’s got his Sig unlocked all of sudden this Mastery becomes very appealing!