Mangog is the physical manifestation and sum total of the hatred of a billion billion beings from a race that was imprisoned through a mystical spell by Odin and the Norse Gods. Mangog is physically unstoppable and nearly indestructible while he’s able to feed on psychic energies such as hate, fear, and devotion. He has claimed he will always exist so long as there is hatred in the world.

MANGOG’s Mechanics

Mangog has many ways he can be played to obtain different utility sets. His core loop focuses around charging his Heavy Attack for as long as possible to deal massive bursts of energy damage. During a fight Mangog builds a resource called “Hatred” which can be used in various ways such as: Stunning the opponent for long periods (allowing him the opportunity to charge his Heavy Attack), inflicting a ton of Stagger Debuffs, inflicting Armor Breaks, building Fury Buffs, triggering additional immunities, and much more. 

Overall Mangog offers a variety of gameplay possibilities but ultimately leaves the opportunity in players’ hands.

Base Stats & Abilities

HealthAttackPI (Max Signature)
(Rank 3, Level 45)

Character Class: Mystic

Basic Abilities: Unstoppable, Unblockable, Stagger, Stun


  • Good immunities
    • Mangog is immune to Armor Break Debuffs and Bleed effects at all times, but also can opt into triggering a new Buff called Energy Protection which grants immunity to Shock, Incinerate, Coldsnap, and Frostbite!
  • Great Damage Potential
    • Mangog has many ways to ramp up his damage with Armor Breaks, Fury Buffs and burst Energy damage on his Heavy Attack. All of these can stack together to deal some pretty chunky energy damage!
  • Buff Removal
    • Mangog has a decent amount of Stagger in his kit, however while Enraged he can trigger a crazy amount of Staggers on the opponent, allowing him to easily prevent an opponent from gaining any buffs!
  • Double Edge Mastery Friendly
    • Mangog plays quite well with the Liquid Courage and Double Edge Masteries, and while Enraged, he takes less damage from the recoil mastery! This, plus his base tanky nature, can make him an absolute machine with the right mastery setup!


  • Evade
    • To play Mangog effectively, he will need to run 5-hit combos. Opponents who have a chance to Evade will prevent this loop and reduce his effectiveness.
  • Petrify or other Abilities that prevent/invert Power Gain
    • Mangog gets a large portion of his power via his passive Power Gain, so any abilities that prevent this or invert this will shut him down completely.
  • Opponent On-hit effects
    • To play Mangog like a pro, he will occasionally need to take a hit while Unstoppable. Opponents who Power Drain, inflict Stuns or deal massive burst damage on their basic attacks will prevent him from playing into this loop.
  • Stun immunity or Heavy Attack punish
    • Mangog wants to use long duration stuns to charge up his Heavy Attack, in matchups where this is prevented, he will struggle.
  • Energy Resistance
    • Most of Mangog’s crazy damage is burst energy damage.

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion


Always Active

  • Immune to Armor Break Debuffs and all Bleed effects.
  • Mangog suffers -40% Combat Power Rate, instead gaining 5% of a Power Bar every second while below 2 full Bars.
  • If struck while Unstoppable, gain a non-stacking Fury Buff granting +2617 Attack Rating for 10 seconds.

Developer’s Note: Keep an eye on Mangog’s Unstoppable Buff later on in his kit, while he is Unstoppable it’s a good idea to sometimes eat an attack on purpose to get this chunky Fury! Do this while enraged and you’ll take very little damage, especially if his signature ability is unlocked!

Hatred of a billion billion beings – Max Stacks 10

  • Mangog starts with 3 Hatred. Hatred is unaffected by Ability Accuracy and cannot be gained more than once every 0.2 seconds.
  • Gain +1 Hatred each time either Champion finishes a 5-hit combo.
  • Gain +1 Hatred when Nullifying a Buff.
  • Each stack of Hatred grants the following:
  • +233.33 Energy Resistance.
  • +67.18 Armor Rating.
  • +60.49 Critical Rating.

Developer’s Note: While Mangog’s base stats aren’t great, he gets a ton of his power from building Hatred! Without Hatred he will dwindle to near nothingness, keep this in mind for when you fight against him too!


  • Activating a Special Attack with 10 stacks of Hatred triggers Enrage, causing Hatred to fall off over 8 seconds after the Special Attack ends.
  • While Enraged, each time Mangog would gain Hatred, Enrage is paused for 3 second(s) instead.
  • Take 50% less damage from enemy attacks and the Recoil Mastery.
  • Gain an indefinite Unstoppable Buff, this is removed when Enrage expires or if Mangog is struck by a Special Attack.
  • During Special Attacks 1 and 2 gain an indefinite Unblockable Buff.
  • Basic Attacks that make contact with the Opponent have a 70% chance to inflict a 14 second Stagger Debuff. A Staggered Opponent has their next Buff Nullified.

Developer’s Note: Mangog has many ways to use his Enrage, choosing what special to use to trigger it will cater to different playstyles, but it goes beyond this! While Enraged landing lots of attacks will keep Enraged up longer and inflict a ton of Staggers, or players can opt to use this time to charge their Heavy Attack as long as possible for some big burst damage!

Heavy Attacks

  • Heavy Charging can be held for an extended duration and deals a burst of up to 13085 Energy Damage based on charge time.
  • While Enrage is not active, consume 2 Hatred to inflict an Armor Break Debuff for 15 seconds, reducing Armor Rating by 233.33.
  • While Enraged, gain +220% Ability Power Rate while Charging.

Developer’s Note: As a general note, if you’re trying to get the most out of Mangog you’ll want to be charging your Heavy Attack as often and as long as possible! Especially while Enraged since you’ll have an Unstoppable buff as a safety net to pull off some risky plays!

Special 1 – Flurry of Hatred

  • On activation gain +2 Hatred, this bypasses the gain cooldown.
  • The second and final hits inflict a Stagger Debuff for 14 seconds.
  • If Enraged, gain a non-stacking Energy Protection Buff, granting full immunity to Shock, Incinerate, Coldsnap and Frostbite effects for 15 seconds. This Buff is paused while Enraged.

Developer’s Note: If you choose to activate Enrage with an Special Attack 1 then you’ll be opting into some pretty powerful immunities. By playing aggressive and keeping Enrage paused these immunities can be maintained for most of the fight!

Special 2 – Energy Cannon

  • Each hit deals a burst of 1177.65 Energy Damage.
  • The first hit Steals the Opponent’s Power above their nearest Full Bar, if they have less then 1 Full Bar of Power, all their Power is stolen. Mangog gains 100% of the Power stolen from this attack.
  • If Enraged the final hit inflict a Stun Debuff for 3 seconds. If the Opponent is struck the Stun is removed.

Developer’s Note: This attack is best used when the opponent is just a hair below 1 full bar of Power, this will steal the max possible power from the opponent and leave them with nothing! While Enraged this is a great moment to start charging that Heavy Attack, since Mangog will be Unstoppable and the opponent will have no power to retaliate with!

Special 3 – Unstoppable Rage And Malice

  • Nullify up to 10 Buffs from the Opponent.
  • Gain a non-stacking Regeneration Buff healing +884.03 Base Health over 5 seconds. This is increased by an additional +884.03 Base Health for each Buff that was Nullified during this attack.
  • If Enraged this attack inflicts a Stun Debuff for 2 seconds.

Developer’s Note: This attack is not a great option for Mangog’s core rotation, however if you’re facing an opponent who is triggering endless buffs, it can be a great way to get a chunky Heal and remove a ton of their buffs! The Stun at the end also allows for a nice long Heavy Attack charge!

Signature Ability – Empowered by Sin

  • Each time a Stagger expires naturally on the Opponent Mangog has a 25.01% chance to gain +1 Hatred.
  • While Unstoppable Mangog Passively Regenerates 20% of incoming hit damage instantly.
  • Gain +78.5 Attack Rating per Hatred.
  • Gain +8.43 Critical Damage Rating per Hatred.

Developer’s Note: Mangog does not need a high level on his Signature Ability, however with it, he is able to boost his numbers significantly and regenerate back most of the chip damage he might take while charging up his Heavy Attack while Unstoppable!


AMBER PRISON with Loki (Unique Synergy)

  • Mangog: Start the fight with 1 Full Bar of Power.
  • Loki: Gain 10% Attack Rating for each Unique Buff that is active.

RAGE ON with Kingpin, Hulk (Immortal), Wolverine (Weapon X) (Solo Synergy)

  • Mangog: when becoming Enraged, inflict the Opponent with a 5 second Suppression Debuff reducing their Defensive Combat Power Rate by 30%.

ENERGY ABSORPTION with Bishop and Havok (Unique Synergy)

  • All Synergy Champions: Once per fight when struck by an energy attack inflict the Opponent with a Stun Debuff for 1.2 seconds.
  • Bishop: +25% Regeneration Rate and +30% Prowess potency.
  • Havok: +5% Combat Power Rate and +20% Ability Power Rate.

BANISHED with Hulk, Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye, Ironman (Unique Synergy)

  • Mangog: While Enraged all attacks deal a burst of Energy Damage equal to 6% of Modified Attack.
  • #Avengers: Start the fight with an indefinite Passive Fury granting 10% Attack Rating.

FUELED WITH RAGE with Odin (Unique Synergy)

  • Mangog: Become immune to Nullify. Each time Nullify is prevented, gain a non-stacking Precision Buff, granting +350 Critical Rating for 15 seconds.
  • Odin: When dealing a burst of Direct Damage using a Special 2 Attack, the damage threshold of each burst is increased by 150% of Odin’s Base Attack Rating. 

NEMESIS with Thor, Thor (Jane Foster), Heimdall, Odin

  • All Champions gain +155 Critical Rating.

ENEMIES with Angela, Hela, Loki

  • All Champions gain +6% Attack Rating


  • Liquid Courage and Double Edge
    • Mangog is fully immune to Bleed and can also reduce the damage taken by the Recoil mastery, this makes him work quite well with these masteries!
  • Recovery
    • Mangog has several ways to regenerate, with recovery this can reduce chip damage he takes even more!
  • Inequity
    • Mangog has the ability to stack many Stagger Debuffs on his Opponent, this allows him to quickly get the most out of this mastery and make him even more tanky!