Champion Spotlight – Mister Fantastic

Mister Fantastic enters Marvel Contest of Champions on November 28th @ 10 AM PDT but you can check out his preview bundle today!


Reed Richards is a brilliant scientist, who spearheaded an experimental voyage into space accompanied by his friends and family. An accident occurred during the trip, and the ship was flooded with cosmic rays. After crashing back to Earth, Reed found that he could stretch and elongate his body in impossible ways. He became the leader of the Fantastic Four, and uses both his powers of elasticity and his genius intellect to deftly handle all threats, galactic to microscopic.


Mister Fantastic is one of the most versatile, utility-focused Champions in the game, with many abilities that benefit his entire team just by being on it. His main goal during fights is to stack up as many Debuffs on the Opponent as possible, since he has quite a few abilities that get stronger depending on the number of Debuffs. He also has two mechanics that are new to the Contest. He’s able to trigger Pre-Fight Debuffs on an Opponent then have a teammate fight that Opponent and take advantage of the Debuff, without Mister Fantastic having to participate in the fight himself. He is also the first Champion with Cross-Fight abilities, which are abilities that attach to their target for multiple fights, and apply their effects even if Mister Fantastic is knocked out or another teammate enters the fight instead.

Base Stats & Abilities

* All stats based on 4-Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

Health: 15,660

Attack: 1,148

Max PI:

  • Without Signature: 3,883
  • With Signature (99): 4,887

*All stats based on 5-Star, Rank 5, Level 65, Signature Level 200

Health: 31,398

Attack: 2,301

Max PI:

  • Without Signature: 7,824
  • With Signature (200): 10,630

Character Class: Science

Basic Abilities: Evade, Pre-Fight Ability, Cross-Fight Ability, Taunt, Stagger


Flexible Pre-Fight abilities

  • Mister Fantastic is the first Champion who can apply Pre-Fight abilities to an enemy, then let his teammates take advantage of them. Once he spends a Persistent Charge and applies a Pre-Fight Debuff to the Opponent, that Opponent will have the Debuff on them in their next fight even if the attacking Champion isn’t Mister Fantastic. This also works between Alliance Members.

Cross-Fight abilities

  • Mister Fantastic is the first Champion to have Cross-Fight abilities. When he applies his Cross-Fight ability to his Opponent, that ability will stick with them for the next fights they participate in, even if those fights aren’t against Mister Fantastic.

Full team synergies

  • Similar to Captain America (Infinity War), Mister Fantastic has synergies that benefit his entire team, depending on their class. Once the synergy is active, it’ll apply to all members of your team whose Class matches the synergy. He also has a fantastic synergy with the other members of the Fantastic Four if you put them all on the same team.


True Accuracy

  • Mister Fantastic has Evade, the chance for which increases for every non-Damaging Debuff currently active on both Mister Fantastic, and his Opponent. The chance for this Evade can get quite high relatively easily, but if his Opponent has True Accuracy they can bypass the Evade entirely.

Debuff Shrugging

  • Almost all of Mister Fantastic’s abilities are dependent on him building up Debuffs on the Opponent. He’ll struggle to do much of anything if his Opponent is shrugging off all of his Debuffs.



  • Physical and Energy Resistance increased by +857.14.
  • 5% chance to Evade for each non-Damaging Debuff on either Champion. Does not trigger during a Well-Timed Block.
  • Attack Rating is increased by +57.4 for each Debuff on the Opponent.

Dev Note: Note that his Evade won’t trigger during a Well-Timed Block, but can trigger during regular blocks. The goal of this was to give Mister Fantastic a way to avoid the chip damage that comes through regular blocks, by letting him just Evade the attack instead.

Prepared for Anything – Pre-Fight Ability

  • Before the fight, choose up to 3 unique Debuffs to place on the Opponent at the start of the next fight. Each Debuff costs 1 Persistent Charge.
  • Mister Fantastic starts with 2 Persistent Charge(s), and can have up to 5. When Mr. Fantastic finishes a fight, he gains 1 Persistent Charge for each unique Debuff on the Opponent.

Dev Note: Mister Fantastic’s Pre-Fight Debuffs all cost Persistent Charges, so if you regularly use them then let another Champion do the fighting, you’ll still need to take him into a fight to get charges back.

  • These Debuffs each last 12 second(s), and are refreshed when the Opponent is knocked down.

Dev Note: The Debuffs are triggered immediately at the start of the fight, and his allies have no way to get them back once those Debuffs expire, so they’ll have to regularly knock down the Opponent if they want to keep the Debuffs active.

  • The Debuffs are applied even if a different Champion enters the fight.
  • Debuff potency scales with the rarity of Mr. Fantastic. If different versions of a Debuff are applied, only the strongest one triggers.

Dev Note: This last point is a little strange. The potency of his Pre-Fight Debuffs increases alongside his rarity, so if you have multiple Mister Fantastics of different rarities on your team, you’re able to apply different versions of the Pre-Fight Debuffs to the same Opponent, but only the most potent one will trigger at the start of the fight.

Prepared for Anything – Pre-Fight Debuffs – Max: 3 Each

  • Petrify the Opponent, reducing the effectiveness of their Regeneration and Power Gain effects by 30%.

Dev Note: It’s really too bad for Doctor Doom that his Aura of Haazareth doesn’t trigger while he’s suffering from a Petrify…

  • Suppress the Opponent, decreasing their Defensive Power Rate by 19%.

Dev Note: Suppression is a new Debuff that we’re debuting with Mister Fantastic. It’s very similar to Enervate, except instead of shutting off the Opponent’s Defensive Power Rate entirely, it decreases it by a percentage.

  • Debuff Siphon the Opponent, increasing the potency of Damage over Time Debuffs on them by 19%, and reducing the potency of those effects on allies by the same amount. This does not affect abilities that trigger at the start of the fight.

Dev Note: Debuff Siphon is another new Debuff that Mister Fantastic has. It’s very effective against Opponents who easily apply Damaging Debuffs to the Opponent, like Morningstar or Abomination. It’s also great for increasing your teammates Damage over Time Debuffs, like Domino or Nick Fury. However, it doesn’t affect the Bleed or Poison from Double Edge and Liquid Courage, nor will it affect the Coldsnap from Iceman’s Signature Ability.

And yes, all of these Debuffs work with Void.

Opponent activates a Special Attack

  • When the Opponent activates a Special Attack, place an indefinite Careful Study Debuff on them for that Special Attack.
  • A Careful Study Debuff lowers the Attack Rating of each Hit in the Special Attack by 25%.
  • If Mister Fantastic was struck by the last hit of the Special Attack, place 1 additional copy of the Debuff.
  • All copies of the Debuff are Purified when the Opponent activates a different Special Attack than the one that triggered the Debuff.

Dev Note: When fighting against Mister Fantastic, you have to be careful about the order in which you trigger Special Attacks. If you lose track and accidentally trigger the same Special Attack too many times in a row, that Special Attack will be weakened for the rest of the fight, and beyond. It’s possible to get 3 different Careful Study Passives onto the Opponent, one Passive for each of their Special Attacks.

Careful Study – Cross-Fight Ability

  • When the Opponent has 3 copies of a Careful Study Debuff, they are combined into a Passive that lasts for the rest of the fight, and the next 5 fights the Opponent participates in.
  • Careful Study Passives count as 3 Debuffs for Reed’s other abilities.
  • Each Passive prevents future matching Careful Study Debuffs.

Dev Note: All right, here’s the first Cross-Fight ability in Contest of Champions. If a set of Careful Study Debuffs are converted into a Passive, that Passive will attach to that Champion for the next fights that Champion participates in. Even if Mister Fantastic loses the fight, the Passive will still be attached. This makes it even more important to track what Special Attacks are used, because you could end up Weakening your best attack Champion right before fighting the quest boss. Or if you’re playing as Mister Fantastic, you could trigger these on a Boss, lose the fight, then the boss will still be Weakened the next time it’s attacked, including by a different Alliance member.

Heavy Attacks

  • On the last hit, pause Pre-Fight Debuffs for 3 second(s).

Dev Note: Heavy Attacks also refresh Pre-Fight Debuffs, because they knock the Opponent down. The pause will take effect after the Debuff is refreshed, so they’ll be paused at their full duration.

Special Attacks

  • If no Pre-Fight Debuffs were selected, Special Attacks are Unblockable.

Dev Note: Remember, defending Champions can’t activate Pre-Fight Abilities, so all of Mister Fantastic’s Special Attacks will be Unblockable when he’s on defense.

Special Attack 1 – Aggressive Hypothesis

  • When this Attack is activated, 100% chance to place a Taunt Debuff and Stagger Debuff on the Opponent, each for 9 second(s).
  • Opponents that are Taunted have their Attack Rating reduced by 40% and have a 70% higher chance to activate a Special Attack.
  • This Taunt is removed when the Opponent activates any Special Attack.
  • The next time a Staggered Opponent triggers a Buff, that Buff and all other Buffs triggered at the same time will be immediately Nullified.

Dev Note: The goal for this ability was to give Mister Fantastic an easy way to Taunt the Opponent. When the Taunt is triggered at the right time, the Opponent will be more likely to throw the Special Attack that maintains their current Careful Study Debuffs.

Special Attack 2 – Rigorous Experimentation

  • When this Attack is activated, re-trigger Mister Fantastic’s selected Pre-Fight Debuffs once each.
  • The last hit Shocks the Opponent, dealing 688.8 Energy Damage over 5 second(s).

Dev Note: While his allies need to keep knocking down the Opponent to maintain Pre-Fight Debuffs, Mister Fantastic is able to easily re-trigger them using his SP2. Also, if the Pre-Fight Debuffs are already active when he uses it, he’ll simply put another copy of them onto the Opponent (to a maximum of 3 each). The Shock on this attack also works nicely with his Debuff Siphon Debuff.

Special Attack 3 – Thinking with Portals

  • If the Opponent has at least 1 Debuff, gain a Passive Fury for 20 second(s), increasing Attack Rating by 229.6 for each Debuff on the Opponent.

Dev Note: Here’s the big payoff for building up all those Debuffs. If you’re able to get all 3 different Careful Study Passives on the Opponent, and stack up 3 of each Pre-Fight Debuff, and Stun the Opponent with Parry, you’ll have a total of 19 Debuffs on the Opponent multiplied into this Fury Passive.

Signature Ability – The Smartest Man in the Battlerealm

All Attacks

  • Mister Fantastic’s Offensive Power Rate is increased by 40% for each Careful Study Passive on the Opponent.
  • Mister Fantastic gains an additional flat 20% chance to Evade any Unblockable attack. This increases by 3% every time the Opponent starts an Unblockable hit, capped at 50% for basic attacks.

Dev Note: Mister Fantastic’s Signature Ability is relatively cut and dry, especially in comparison to his other abilities. Mister Fantastic already wants to build Careful Study Passives on the Opponent. Increasing his Offensive Power Rate as he builds them will let him use his SP1 more frequently to increase the uptime on his Taunt, and it can even allow him to use his SP2 while the Fury from his SP3 is active. Increasing his Evade chance against Unblockable attacks is also very nice to have against certain Opponents. The chance increases occurs as soon as the Opponent starts the hit, so it’ll go up even if Mister Fantastic avoids the Unblockable hit.

Synergy Bonuses:

  • H.E.R.B.I.E. – Unique – 3 Star and up
    • With Thing, Human Torch, Invisible Woman
  • Other Synergy Members: If at or below 20% health at the start of the fight, heal 10% of Max Health over 6 second(s). Otherwise gain 60% of a Bar of Power over 6 second(s) instead.
  • THE FANTASTIC FOUR – Unique – 4 Star and up
    • With Thing, Human Torch, Invisible Woman
    • If all other Champions in this Synergy are present:
      Thing: Whenever you would gain a Rock Stack, gain an additional one.
      Human Torch: Incinerate and Nova Flame duration increased by 30%.
      Invisible Woman: Invisibility only has a 15% chance to unpause during a Well-Timed Block.
      Mister Fantastic: For each unique Debuff on the Opponent, they take 4% of Mister Fantastic’s current Attack Rating as Direct Damage per second.

Dev Note: When Mister Fantastic comes to the contest, the full suite of Fantastic Four synergies will finally be available. And remember that Thing, Human Torch, and Invisible Woman also have synergies that are enhanced when the full team is together.

  • … DO US PART – Unique – 3 Star and up
    • With Invisible Woman
    • Mister Fantastic: Debuffs last 25% longer.
  • COUNCIL OF REEDS – Unique – 3 Star and up
    • With Mister Fantastic
    • Mister Fantastic: Increase Attack Rating by 0%.
      The potency of this synergy is increased by a flat 30% for each other Mister Fantastic on your team.

Dev Note: The wording of this synergy is a little strange. To use a specific example, if your team has 3 different versions of Mister Fantastic (of different rarities), they will all have their Attack Rating increased by 60%. If you only have one Mister Fantastic on your team, the Synergy will trigger, but the Attack Rating increase will be 0%.

  • COLLEGE RIVALS – Unique – 3 Star and up
    • With Doctor Doom 
    • Mister Fantastic: Gain 5% of his Max Power each time a Buff is Nullified or its Duration expires off the Opponent.
      Doctor Doom: Heavy Attacks apply up to 1 Armor Break Debuff for 10 second(s), reducing Armor Rating by 15%.

Dev Note: Mister Fantastic might not be a Mystic Champion, but this synergy still gives him access to Mystic Dispersion.

  • SHARED KNOWLEDGE – ASTRONOMY – Unique – 2 Star and up
    • With Groot, Angela, Masacre, Night Thrasher
    • Cosmic and Skill Champion’s Basic Hits pause one of each Buff on them for 0.2 second(s).
  • SHARED KNOWLEDGE – ROBOTICS – Unique – 2 Star and up
    • With Sentry, She-Hulk, Vulture, Doctor Octopus
    • Tech and Science Champion’s Debuffs also apply an indefinite Power Sting, dealing Direct Damage equal to 60% of their Attack Rating when the Opponent activates a Special Attack. The Power Sting stacks up to 3 times.
  • SHARED KNOWLEDGE – GENETICS – Unique – 2 Star and up
    • With Psylocke, Storm, Doctor Strange, Loki
    • Mutant and Mystic Champions regain 5% of the Power spent on any Special Attack, for each unique Special Attack they’ve used in the fight.

Dev Note: These last three synergies are very similar to Captain America (Infinity War). As long as you have Mister Fantastic and one of the other synergy members on your team, these synergies will benefit every single Champion on your team (if they have the correct Class), not just the two who activated it.

Recommended Masteries:

  • Despair
    • Mister Fantastic is able to easily stack up a lot of Debuffs on the Opponent, making it easy to stack up the Despair mastery and reduce the Opponent’s healing. His Careful Study Passives only count as Debuffs for his own abilities, so they won’t count for Despair, but his Pre-Fight Debuff will, meaning any ally who uses Despair can also benefit.
  • Resonate
    • Mister Fantastic is able to significantly Weaken the Opponent’s Special Attacks using Careful Study. If you add the Weakness from Resonate on top of that, it’s possible to Weaken their Special Attacks even further, to the point where they deal barely any damage. The Weakness will also count for any of his abilities that care about how many Debuffs are on the Opponent.