After the downfall of his gang the Snakeheads “Martin Li” was captured by the international crime syndicate known as The Maggia and used in the experimentation of a new synthetic drug called “D-Lite”. Surviving the experiments and escaping his captors Li developed super-powers giving him the ability to tap into the Lightforce and Darkforce. Dedicating himself to become Chinatown’s Kingpin of Crime, Li deemed himself “Mister Negative”, swinging between good and evil without remorse with the ultimate goal of erasing the Maggia for what it did to him.

Base Stats & Abilities

HealthAttackPI (Max Signature)
(Rank 3, Level 45)

Character Class: Science

Basic Abilities: Exhaustion, Petrify, Degeneration, Delirium


Mister Negative focuses on inverting his opponents and corrupting their abilities in multiple ways. There are several ways to play as Mister Negative depending on what players are trying to achieve in a fight, however as a general note his core kit focuses around high skill and input-driven combat. Using an offensive-focused Evade to counterattack the opponent, a skilled player can use Mister Negative to complete fights without ever blocking a single hit, all while dealing some pretty substantial Degeneration damage! The more risky you’re willing to play, the higher your rewards will be with this guy!


  • Ability To Never Hold A Buff
    • Mister Negative can dash back at any time to convert all his Buffs into Light Energy, this can be really great when fighting against Champions or nodes that punish active Buffs such as Doctor Doom, Mojo or the Buffet node.
  • Degeneration Resistance
    • By stacking unique Debuffs on the opponent Mister Negative can become completely resistant to Degeneration damage and if his Signature Ability is unlocked, he can actually heal significantly from these effects!
  • Never Block A Hit
    • By using the Dexterity Mastery and Heavy charging at the right moments, Mister Negative can use his Counter-Attack Evade to finish fights without ever blocking a single hit. This can be difficult to master but makes Mister Negative amazing in scenarios where opponents might deal lots of chip damage through block!
  • Heal/Power Gain Inversion
    • While 10 or more Dark Energy are active, Mister Negative’s Special Attack 2 will invert the opponent’s Regeneration and Ability Power Rate. This can be amazing utility in scenarios where the opponent might have lots of Regeneration or can be used to Invert Power Gain mechanics such as the Mystic Dispersion Mastery.


  • True Strike/ Coldsnap and Anti-Evade
    • To play Mister Negative to his maximum potential he needs to perform many Counter-Attack Evades in each fight. Any opponent who can prevent Evade abilities will hard counter Mister Negative’s ideal playstyle.
  • Disorient and Ability Accuracy Reduction
    • When inflicted with a Disorient effect, Mister Negative will lose all his Dark Energy, making it very difficult to deal meaningful damage or access his second Petrify. Additionally, Ability Accuracy Reductions can cause Mister Negative’s Dark and Light Energy to fail and thus prevent his big moments
  • Purify Abilities
    • Mister Negative relies on placing lots of Debuffs on his opponent to access both damage and utility, so any opponent who purifies these effects will slow down his loop and/or reduce his effectiveness significantly.

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion


Always Active

  • Mister Negative is immune to all Nullify, Stagger and Fate Seal effects.
  • The potency of the Opponent’s Degeneration effects are reduced by 40% for each unique Debuff they suffer.
  • When Evading for any reason, Mister Negative counter-attacks with a hit dealing a burst of 2071.45 Physical Damage and granting the Opponent Power equal to a Medium Attack.

Developer’s Note: Mister Negative’s Evade is one of his most powerful abilities. Not only is the Evade useful for avoiding enemy attacks, but it also can be used to begin Mister Negative’s next combo without needing to perform a Parry!

Additionally, access to Degeneration Resistance allows Mister Negative to safely tackle some really annoying mystic defenders such as Mojo, Dormammu and Ebony Maw!

Heavy Attack

  • The first hit grants a Fury Buff increasing Attack Rating by +365.55 for 10 seconds.
  • While Charging a Heavy Attack, if 1 or more Light Energy are active, gain 100% Evade chance against Basic Attacks.

Developer’s Note: Mister Negative’s Heavy attacks are a very important tool in his kit, and are best used in 2 ways.  First they can be used with a Parry and a heavy to build a Fury Buff – which can be turned into Light Energy or used to multiply Degeneration damage with a Special Attack 2 . Secondly, it can be used to initiate an Evade Counter-Attack. Choosing when and where to perform these actions will be essential to mastering this champion!

Keep in mind, Mister Negative is not able to charge his Heavy attack forever! Baiting the opponent to play aggressively before charging the Heavy is an important skill to learn. A few examples of this might be charging a Heavy after dodging an enemy Special Attack, while the opponent is hitting into your block or when they perform a dash.

Light Energy Passive – Max stacks 20

  • Whenever either champion performs a Well-Timed Block, gain +2 Light Energy.
  • Dashing back removes all Buffs on Mister Negative, granting +1 Light Energy per Buff removed.
  • Light Energy lasts indefinitely until reaching 10 stacks after which all stacks will expire over 6 seconds.

Developer’s Note: A cool part of Mister Negative’s kit is his ability to never hold onto a Buff by performing a dash back! However, if for some reason you want to keep your Buffs (looking at you “Buffed Up”) then you can opt to use the Counter-Attack Evade instead of a dash back in many scenarios in order to keep your Buffs for an extended period!

Dark Energy Passive – Max stacks 20

  • If Mister Negative performs an Evade or is Knocked down, all Light Energy is converted into Dark Energy.
  • Dark Energy lasts indefinitely until reaching 10 stacks after which all stacks begin to expire over 16 seconds.
  • While suffering from Disorient, all Dark Energy is removed and additional Dark Energy cannot be gained.
  • Each time Dark Energy is gained, inflict a Delirium Debuff lasting 0.8 second(s) per Light Energy converted.
  • A Delirious Opponent suffers -60% Defensive Combat Power Rate and has their Dash and Dodge controls reversed.

Developer’s Note: Delirium is a new effect in Mister Negative’s kit that is quite useful for reducing the amount of power given to the opponent via hits/strikes. This can also be a really annoying mechanic to deal with when fighting Mister Negative on defense without the right counter so watch out for it triggering at unexpected times!

Special 1 – Art of Lightforce

  • On activation gain a Bulwark Passive for 30 seconds, increasing Block Proficiency by +700 for each Light Energy, then convert all Light Energy into Dark Energy.
  • The final hit inflicts an Exhaustion Debuff, lowering the Opponent’s Critical Damage Rating by 225 for 20 seconds.

Developer’s Note: The long lasting Exhaustion Debuff from this move is nothing special on it’s own, but can work well when paired with Mister Negative’s Degeneration Resistance and/or allow him to deal a bit of free damage with his Signature Ability!

Special 2 – Art of Darkforce

  • The 1st hit inflicts a Petrify Debuff, reducing the Opponent’s Regeneration and Ability Power Rate by 80% for 20 seconds.
  • The 2nd hit inflicts another Petrify if 10 or more Dark Energy are active.
  • The 3rd hit inflicts a Degeneration Debuff, dealing up to 3289.95 Direct Damage over 10 seconds.
  • The final hit consumes all remaining Dark Energy, inflicting 1 additional Degeneration for each Dark Energy consumed.

Developer’s Note: If you’re looking for the best possible damage loop, you’ll want to use Special Attack 2! First, you’ll want to stack a few Fury Buffs via Heavy attack, then chain your Special 2 while you have 20 Dark Energy, this can deal some pretty sizable Degeneration damage while also inverting the opponent’s healing and Ability Power Rate!

Special 3 – Vortex Of The Negative

  • Inflict a Delirium Debuff for 20 seconds.
  • All Light Energy is consumed, each Regenerating 380.43 Health.
  • All Dark Energy is consumed, each dealing a burst of 2071.45 Direct Damage to the Opponent.

Developer’s Note: Although this attack doesn’t have the same damage potential as Special Attack 2, it still has a pretty nice burst of damage plus a nice Regeneration to top up any damage taken. It’s also worth noting the Delirium inflicted in this attack can stack with Mister Negative’s other Delirium when converting Light/Dark Energy, effectively reducing the opponent’s Defensive Combat Power Rate by -120%, this can be pretty insane when used at the right time!

Signature Ability – Corrupting Touch


  • Whenever a Nullify, Stagger, or Fateseal is prevented by Mister Negative’s immunity, deal a burst of 1218.49 Physical Damage.
  • While suffering from Degeneration, Regenerate +731.73 Health per second.
  • Each Light Energy grants +182.62 Energy Resistance.
  • Each Dark Energy deals 60.93 Physical Damage every second while the Opponent is suffering from a non-damaging Debuff. This scales with Base Attack only.

Developer’s Note: Although Mister Negative does not need his Signature Ability to pull off his awesome base kit abilities, it can be very useful for dealing a nice chunk of extra damage in the right matchup and giving him access to a significant amount of Regeneration in matchups where Degeneration is present!


  •  A BEING DARKER THAN I with Dormammu and the Hood (unique)
    • Mister Negative: When inflicting Delirium there is a 50% chance to also inflict an Enervate Debuff for 2 seconds, preventing the Opponent from gaining Power when struck. 
    • The Hood: Heavy Attacks place an Energy Vulnerability Debuff on the Opponent, reducing Energy Resist by 700 for 8 seconds.
    • Dormammu: Gaining Dark Energy has a 10% chance to trigger a Fury Buff, granting 20% Attack Rating for 9 seconds.
  • HEALING TOUCH with Venom and ??? (unique)
    • Mister Negative: Once per fight when reaching 10 stacks of Light Energy, gain an indefinite Regeneration Buff healing 1% of base health every second.
    • Venom: Whenever a Genetic Memory Buff is gained, Venom has a 20% chance to trigger a Regeneration Buff, healing 10% of Missing health over 9 seconds.
    • ???: Coming Soon…
  • FROM LIGHT TO DARK with Spider-Man (classic), Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced) and Spider-Man (Stealth Suit)
    • #Spider-Verse Heroes start the fight with 2 indefinite Passive Dark Energy. When using any Special Attack, 1 Dark Energy is consumed to inflict a 15 second Debuff determined by the last basic attack landed.

Light Attack: Armor Break, reducing Armor Rating by 300.

Medium Attack: Degen, dealing 90% of Modified Attack.

Heavy Attack: Weakness, reducing attack rating by 30%.

Developer’s Note: This is not a unique synergy, meaning that each Mister Negative who is brought on the team can stack dark energy even higher!

  • ENEMIES Lv. 3 with Daredevil, Doc Ock, Hawkeye, Wolverine, Punisher
    • All Champions gain +155 Critical Rating
  • NEMESIS Lv. 3 with Spider-Gwen, Spider-Ham, Spider-Man (Miles Morales)
    • All Champions gain +6% Attack.


  • Resonate
    • Mister Negative gains increased Degeneration resistance and also deals damage via Signature Ability while the opponent is suffering from a Debuff, this makes him synergize very well with this mastery!
  • Despair
    • Mister Negative can stack a lot of Debuffs in his kit, making him work well to reduce the effectiveness of healing and invert it significantly with Special Attack 2.
  • Enhanced Fury
    • Mister Negative gains Fury Buffs on his Heavy attack, this mastery allows these to be even more potent, especially if they’re active when triggering the Special Attack 2 Degeneration effects!