MCoC Champion Spotlight – MOLE MAN

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Socially shunned for his dwarfish appearance and expelled from his academic roots in nuclear engineering for his Hollow Earth theories, Harvey Rupert Elder stumbles upon the Monster Isle and falls deep into the realm of Subterranea, becoming blinded before the Valley of Diamonds. After this discovery, Elder dubs himself the Mole Man, ruler of Subterranea and the caverns of Monster Isle. Riding on the back of his most trusted monster friend, Giganto Jr., the Mole Man burrows his way into the Contest.

MOLE MAN’s Mechanics

Mole Man makes use of Giganto Jr.’s enormous presence to bully his enemies into submission. Giganto Jr. can take a lot of punishment for Mole Man by Purifying Debuffs and converting them into Monster Mass. Monster Mass allows the pair to counter-attack opponents that strike their Block. Monster Mass also allows them to withstand Heavy and Unblockable hits. If Mole Man and Giganto Jr. take enough damage and Debuffs, they both go into a Frenzy, causing all hits to become Critical Hits, and all blocked Attacks to be countered at no cost.

Base Stats & Abilities

* All stats based on 4-Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

HEALTH: 16420

ATTACK: 1171


  • WITH SIGNATURE (99): 4567

*All stats based on 5-Star, Rank 5, Level 65, Signature Level 200

HEALTH: 32922

ATTACK: 2346

MAX PI:   

  • WITH SIGNATURE (200): 10490

Character Class: Skill

Basic Abilities: Shock Immunity, True Accuracy, Bleed, Monster Mass, Unstoppable


  • Debuff Purify
    • Mole Man and Giganto Jr. are able to shrug off all Debuffs that are thrown at them. Champions that rely on Debuffs as their main source of damage will have to play carefully against Mole Man.
  • Unstoppable on Block
    • Mole Man does not rely on the use of Parry or Stun Debuffs to get offensive. Any attack he blocks can be immediately turned on his opponent after going Unstoppable.
  • Guaranteed Critical Hits during Frenzy
    • Critical Hits during Frenzy have a lot of added effects for Mole Man. Critical Hits inflict Bleed as well as deal extra Energy Damage on Shocked opponents. This adds a lot of extra threat when Mole Man and Giganto Jr. are Frenzied.
  • Blocking Heavy and Unblockable Attacks
    • This champion is able to Block Heavy and Unblockable attacks with the help of the Stand Your Ground Mastery adding an extra layer of protection versus Unblockable champions.


  • Bleed Immune
    • Mole Man’s main source of damage other than hits are Bleed Debuffs. Any champions that are immune or resistant to Bleeds will give him a significant disadvantage.
  • Purify Punishment
    • Mole Man relies on Purifying Debuffs to power his other abilities. Champions such as Sunspot and Havok are able to take advantage of this ability by dealing extra damage whenever Mole Man Purifies a Debuff.
  • Stagger
    • Champions who have a reliable Stagger ability are able to nullify Mole Man’s Unstoppable Buffs, keeping his Monster Mass to a manageable level.



  • Shock Immunity: Giganto Jr’s tough monster hide does not conduct electricity granting immunity to Shock effects.
  • While Frenzy is not active and Mole Man is below 10 Monster Mass, Mole Man’s heightened senses allow him to predict his opponent’s movements granting him True Accuracy, ignoring all Evade and Auto-Block effects.

Critical Hits

  • 100% chance to inflict a Bleed Debuff dealing 1173 damage over 6 seconds.
  • Deal 938.4 as a burst of Energy Damage if the opponent is suffering from a Shock Debuff.

Monster Mass – Passive

  • 100% chance to gain a Monster Mass when inflicted with a Debuff.  This has -70% chance when fighting Mutant Champions. Max 20 Stacks. Debuffs are Purified 1 second(s) after. At 5 Monster Mass or above, this time is decreased to 0.5 second(s).
  • Each Monster Mass grants +370.59 Physical Resistance.
  • Blocking Basic Attacks grants an Unstoppable Buff for 0.85 seconds, allowing for an immediate counter-attack. Well-Timed Blocks do not trigger this Unstoppable Buff. This ability removes 1 Monster Mass.
  • Gain a 75% chance to Resist a Block Break while at least 1 Monster Mass is active. Adding points into the Stand Your Ground Mastery also increases this chance. If the chance to Resist a Block Break is raised to 100%, this ability also Resists Unblockable hits. Resisting an Unblockable or a Block Break removes all Monster Mass.
  • Gain a Monster Mass if a Debuff fails to apply due to an Immunity.

Developer’s Note: When fighting Mole Man, players should be wary of using the Parry Mastery after he has accumulated 5 Monster Mass. Attacking while Mole Man is stunned in this state is most likely to go badly.


  • When above 5 Monster Mass, activating an Unstoppable effect activates Frenzy, allowing all hits to be guaranteed Critical Hits. Frenzy also activates when reaching Max Monster Mass.
  • During Frenzy Monster Mass cannot be removed but each Mass expires after 2  second(s) and Debuffs can no longer be Purified.
  • After Monster Mass falls to zero, Mole Man cannot be Frenzied for 15 seconds.

Developer’s Note: Because Monster Mass cannot be removed while Frenzied, Mole Man is able to activate his Unstoppable ability when blocking Heavy Attacks. Players have enough time to retaliate with their own Heavy Attack once they go Unstoppable.

Heavy Hit

  • Gain 4 Monster Mass.
  • If Frenzied: This attack has up to +1759.5 Attack Rating based on missing Health.

Special 1: Monster Prod StrikeMole Man ‘assists’ Giganto Jr. for a shockingly powerful strike.

  • Gain 2 Monster Mass.
  • Inflicts a Shock Debuff dealing 1642.2 damage over 14 seconds.

Developer’s Note: Gaining Monster Mass while Frenzied is possible using Heavy Attacks, Special 1, and Special 3. This will force Mole Man to be in Frenzy for longer.

Special 2: Holey Moley BojutsuMole Man goes high in a flurry of bo staff strikes and Giganto Jr. goes low for a surprise subterranean blow.

  • Each hit has +525 Critical Damage Rating.
  • This attack gains up to +2346 Attack Rating based on missing Health.
  • If Frenzied: This attack pauses Unstoppable Buffs and is Unblockable.

Developer’s Note: While Frenzied, each hit of this Special Attack will be a Critical Hit. Use this in tandem with Frenzy to deal even more bonus damage. This damage is heightened even more when Mole Man is at max Signature.

Special 3: Subterranean Frenzy – With monster Adrenaline flowing through Giganto Jr. ‘s veins, Giganto Jr. shows his opponents the full ferocity of Monster Isle.

  • Gain 10 Monster Mass and become Frenzied if not on Cooldown.

Signature Ability – 

Giganto Jr.’s Revenge


  • Gain up to 2566.66 Critical Damage Rating based on missing Health.
  • Gain up to 2346.01 Attack Rating while Unstoppable based on missing Health.


Good Vibrations – Unique Synergy

Mole Man 

  • While Unstoppable Basic Attacks have +50% Critical Hit Chance.

Daredevil (Classic), Daredevil 

  • +800 Critical Damage Rating when striking Stunned opponents.

Monster Mash – Unique Synergy

Mole Man

  • Increases the duration of Monster Mass while Frenzied by 10%.


  • When inflicted with a Debuff, gain a Fury Buff increasing Attack by 50% for 12 seconds.


  • Heavy Attacks are guaranteed Critical Hits while Man-Thing is Unstoppable.

Fantastic Fiends – Unique Synergy

Mole Man

  • While Frenzied, Mole Man’s attacks lower Defensive Ability Accuracy by 50% fighting against the #Fantastic Four.

Doctor Doom, Diablo, Annihilus, Terrax 

  • 20% chance to Purify a Debuff.

Enemies – Synergy

Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Thing, Mr. Fantastic – All Champions have +155 Critical Rating.


Stand Your Ground

  • Mole Man makes use of Stand Your Ground by granting him the ability to block Unblockable attacks as well as Heavy Attacks. This allows him extra protection versus champions with frequent Unblockable attacks.

Liquid Courage / Double Edge

  • Due to Mole Man’s ability to Purify Debuffs, Liquid Courage and Double Edge’s detrimental effects are turned into Monster Mass, providing Mole Man with a significant advantage and a major damage boost at the start of any fight.

Cruelty / Courage

  • Mole Man benefits greatly from additional Attack and Critical Damage Rating. Courage will add more Attack Rating on top of the bonus Attack Rating Mole Man receives when low on Health.