Champion Spotlight – Mysterio

The newest Champion to enter The Contest is Quentin Beck, aka Mysterio

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Mysterio Preview Bundle: July 17 @ 10 AM PDT
Mysterio Marvel Contest of Champions: July 25 @ 10 AM PDT

Get an early chance to see this superhero in action, live — July 17, 2019 @ 10 AM PDT — with his Preview Bundle.


Quentin Beck always dreamed of making it big in the film industry. However, even as one of the most accomplished special effects designers in the business he never received the spotlight he rightfully deserved.

Craving recognition, Beck took on the persona “Mysterio”, using his expertise in special effects and illusions to become a Super-Villain with the goal of taking down a costumed hero and thus proving his capabilities to the world.

MYSTERIO’s Mechanics:

Mysterio can build up Chemical Gas then continue finishing his combos with a light attack to permanently Heal Block the Opponent, because Mysterio’s Heal Block is a Passive effect it can be used on Debuff immune nodes or against champions who shrug Debuffs without losing any value.

Additionally, Mysterio has strong damage mitigation abilities allowing him to use his gasses to completely bypass incoming damage or even reflect it back onto the Opponent.

If played right, Mysterio can also output some very high poison damage making him quite powerful against Opponents who can be poisoned.

Base Stats & Abilities

*All stats based on 4-Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

HEALTH: 15508 ATTACK: 1317
MAX PI: 4790

*All stats based on 5-Star, Rank 5, Level 65, Signature Level 200

HEALTH: 31093 ATTACK: 2640
MAX PI: 10550
WITH SIGNATURE (200): 10550

Character Class: Tech

Basic Abilities: Poison, Heal Block, Damage Reflection, Power Drain


  • Passive Heal Block
    • Mysterio’s unique ability to “passively” Heal Block his Opponent gives him a strong advantage when fighting in a Debuff immune fight against a champion who is constantly regenerating such as Sabretooth or Mister Sinister.
  • Ability to tank damage
    • Mysterio has various abilities that allow him to tank damage and sometimes even benefit from it. Reflection Gas, (granted from SP1) allows him to throw back all the hit damage he took making it a great option to eat the opponent’s SP3 attacks providing the initial damage won’t kill him.
    • Additionally, while Illusion Gas is active (granted from SP2) Mysterio can charge his Heavy attack to completely absorb incoming attacks providing the Opponent isn’t able to bypass Miss.
  • Power Control
    • Throwing a SP2 inflicts power drain lasting for the duration of the Illusion Gas granted from SP2. If Mysterio has max stacks of Chemical Gas when throwing SP2 he can get a very nice and long duration power drain. If played right, players can loop SP2 for the entire match to keep the Opponent’s power suppressed for the majority of the fight.
  • Strong Poison Damage
    • After throwing a SP3 if Mysterio can quickly build up to 3 stacks of Chemical Gas and land a heavy attack he can deal some significant poison damage to his opponent. Play this right and Mysterio can get off 2 or more maximum potency poisons during his Frenzy state.

Developer’s Note:

If Mysterio wants to build gas quickly he can run medium-medium combos to quickly build to maximum stacks. While at max stacks Mysterio can finish his combo with a Light attack to keep the Opponent Heal Blocked for the entire fight. Overall, Mysterio’s strongest utility is damage mitigation, Heal Block and Power Control.


  • Armor Breaks and Spider-verse heroes
    • Armor break effects and/or getting knocked down by a Spider-verse hero will temporarily crack Mysterio’s Helmet making him vulnerable and blocking him from gaining additional Chemical Gas.
  • Stuns or DOT effects on attacks
    • Using his Reflection Gas Mysterio has the ability to reflect hit damage back onto his opponent, however he can ONLY reflect hit damage, so any damage from a DOT effect will not be reflected making these effects especially dangerous when reflecting damage.
  • Bypass Miss
    • Mysterio’s Illusion Gas is great for mitigating incoming attacks, however if the Opponent has the ability to bypass Miss they will be able to strike him even while he’s charging a heavy attack, this completely shuts down this ability.



  • Mysterio’s Ability Accuracy cannot be decreased and he’s immune to all Poison effects, however if knocked down by a Spider-verse Hero or inflicted with Armor Break Debuff, his helmet is cracked for 10 seconds, temporarily disabling these benefits.

Chemical Gas – Passive

  • Mysterio’s second Medium attack generates 1 Chemical Gas, stacking up to 3 total. Gas can’t be generated while his helmet is cracked.
  • Landing a Heavy Attack with 1 or more Chemical Gas consumes them and inflicts the Opponent with a single Poison Debuff, dealing 2107.2 direct damage per Chemical Gas consumed over 8 seconds and reducing health recovery by 30%.
  • While inflicted by Mysterio’s Poison, Spider-Verse Heros can’t Evade.

On Fourth Light Attack

  • 100% chance to inflict a Heal Block Passive, preventing the Opponent from healing for 1 second(s). This duration increases by +2 seconds for each Chemical Gas Mysterio has in his arsenal.

Special 1 – Out Of Nowhere

  • Mysterio fires a beam at his Opponent before dipping into his smoke, emerging in their face and delivering a powerful uppercut.
  • Mysterio gains a Reflection Gas Passive lasting 4 seconds and all his Chemical Gas is consumed, each adding 1 second to its duration.
  • If struck while Reflection Gas is active the incoming damage is stored. Upon expiry 70% of the taken damage is reflected onto the Opponent and Mysterio immediately Regenerates 100% of the damage he took.

Special 2 – Invisible Killer

  • Mysterio puts his knowledge of special effects to the test, projecting a series of illusions at the opponent and disguising his whereabouts.
  • Mysterio gains an Illusion Gas Passive lasting 4 seconds and all his Chemical Gas is consumed, each adding 1 second to its duration.
  • While active, the Opponent is inflicted with a Power Drain Debuff losing 6% of their max Power per second.
  • While active, all incoming attacks have a 25% chance to Miss, increasing to 100% while charging a Heavy Attack.

Special 3 – Right Behind You

  • Mysterio uses his smoke cloud to fly around the opponent firing deadly beams as he goes, finally appearing behind them for a final blast.
  • Mysterio gains a Frenzy Gas Passive lasting 10 seconds and all his Chemical Gas is consumed, each adding 4 seconds to its duration.
  • While Frenzy Gas is active Mysterio gains 3424.2 Attack Rating and the potency of his Poisons are increased by 300%.

Developer’s Note:

Each of Mysterio’s abilities focuses on a specific bit of Utility, his SP1 is great for damage mitigation, SP2 is great for power control and SP3 is great for damage.Balancing these different abilities based on who Mysterio is facing allows him to be valuable in many fights.

Signature Ability: – Lethal Gas

  • Mysterio generates 1 Chemical Gas every 10.11 seconds.

Developer’s Note:

Mysterio’s Ability to generate Chemical Gas over time is extremely useful to help upkeep maximum potency for all his abilities, additionally if timed correctly this ability allows Mysterio to generate gas just after consuming his current gas with a special, helping him stay constantly topped up. This ability is also extremely useful for Mysterio on defense since it allows him to boost the duration of all his effects without having to complete a combo.

Synergy Bonuses

  • MINE CAN HOVER – with Night Thrasher (2* and higher)
    • When dashing forward Mysterio has 70% chance to inflict the Opponent with Falter for the duration of the dash. Opponents suffering Falter have a 100% chance to Miss their attacks.
      • Solo Synergy: Only affects Mysterio and does not stack.
  • ENCROACHING INSANITY – with both Daredevils (3* and higher)
    • Poison durations are increased by 2 seconds.
      • Solo Synergy: Only affects Mysterio and does not stack.
  • ENHANCED ILLUSIONIST – with Spider-man (Stealth Suit) (4* and higher)
    • Reflection, Illusion and Frenzy Gas last for an additional 2 seconds.
      • Solo Synergy: Only affects Mysterio and does not stack.
  • MENTAL IMMUNITY – with Emma Frost (4* and higher)
    • Grants immunity to reverse controls.
      • Unique Synergy: Only affects Mysterio & Emma and does not stack.
  • NEMESIS – with Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man (Classic, Symbiote, Miles Morales, Stark Enhanced, and Stealth Suit — Level 1 available to 2, Level 2 for 3, Level 3 for 4, Level 99 for 5-6)
    • All Champions gain +8% Attack

Developer’s Note: Mysterio’s Nemesis synergy will appear at different levels depending on his rarity:

  • 2 star Champions will get level 1 providing 4% Attack
  • 3 star Champions will get level 2 providing 5% Attack
  • 4 star Champions will get level 3 providing 6% Attack
  • 5 star Champions or above will get level 99 providing 8% Attack

Recommended Masteries

  • Liquid Courage:
    • Mysterio is immune to Poison effects, making him immune to the negative effects of Liquid Courage.
  • Recovery
    • When Mysterio heals back the damage he took while reflection gas was active, the Recovery Mastery can boost this amount and allow him to actually heal rather than simply gain back what he lost.
  • Collar Tech
    • The power reduction inflicted on the Opponent while attacking combined with Mysterio’s powerful Power Drain on his SP2 allows him to keep the Opponent’s power levels at a constantly pitiful level giving him a massive advantage in the fight.

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