nick fury


Nick Fury’s Preview Bundle Available March 12th, 10 AM PDT

Nick Fury is our new Champion and with his preview bundle, available as of March 12th at 10 AM PDT, you can get early access to his character long before it is released live in game on March 21st at 10 AM PDT.

Do you want a chance at Nick Fury now… or will you hold off until the Arenas start?

About Nick Fury

Known across The Battlerealm as a powerful leader and master tactician, Nick Fury is a seasoned combat veteran skilled in various martial arts –including a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Nick also has access to an arsenal of lethal weapons developed by S.H.I.E.L.D. and is a master of espionage, always equipped to fight should the situation arise.

Nick Fury’s Mechanics

Nick Fury is constantly building tactical charges throughout the fight. The more he has, the more abilities he can utilize — making him more of a danger as the fight goes on. Additionally, once per quest Nick’s decoy allows him to bypass death, granting him access to some incredibly high damage potential in his true form. A powerful leader equipped with a ton of team synergies, Nick fits easily into many team combinations by providing exceptional utility.

Base Stats & Abilities

* All stats based on 4-Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

ATTACK: 1148

  • WITH SIGNATURE (99): 4751

*All stats based on 5-Star, Rank 5, Level 65, Signature Level 200

HEALTH: 31398
ATTACK: 2301
MAX PI: 10470

  • WITH SIGNATURE (200): 10470

Character Class: Skill
Basic Abilities: Bleed, Internal Bleed, Unblockable, Fury’s Fury, Disoriented, Stun


Evading Opponents & Opponent’s that cause Misses

  • While Nick has 5 or more tactical charges his attacks can’t miss or be evaded, making him a good answer to champions who evade frequently or cause attacks to miss.

High Damage, limited window

  • While Nick has an active Fury he can output some serious damage, pair this with his infinite duration Fury from his signature ability and you’ll have a window where Nick can output some serious damage making him great for fighting bosses or difficult opponents.

Unblockable State

  • While Nick has 15 or more tactical charges he is unblockable allowing him to seriously punish his opponent.

Dev Note: While Nick has an active Fury his tactical charges do not expire, making use of Nick’s infinite duration Fury from his signature ability or a synergy that grants him a Fury, a skilled player can reach a state where Nick is permanently unblockable in a fight.


Bleed Immune Opponents

  • Nick relies heavily on inflicting bleeds to deal maximum damage, if his opponent is immune to these effects he will have a difficult time.

Opponent Regeneration

  • Nick’s bleed effects are 50% less effective against regenerating opponents making this a big weakness of his.

Ability Accuracy Reduction

  • Any Opponent that can affect Nick’s ability to gain tactical charges will be his biggest demise since he relies heavily on them.

Dev Note: When fighting against Nick, bringing a Mutant is always a good choice because it will significantly reduce the chance for him to gain Tactical charges when struck.