When Peni Parker’s father passed away piloting the SP//dr suit, she became the last person able to bond with the radioactive spider controlling the bionic armor. With her Uncle Ben and Aunt May at her side, Peni began piloting the SP//dr suit as the friendly neighborhood spider-hero of New York City!

Base Stats & Abilities

HealthAttackPI (Max Signature)
(Rank 3, Level 45)

PENI PARKER’s Mechanics

Peni’s Sp//dr suit creates a powerful Sync-Shield, empowering her block by providing protection, Power Control and a safety net. With the use of her Spider-Sense charges Peni can choose to Power Burn her Opponents or melt their health bar with Incinerate Debuffs.

Character Class: Tech

Basic Abilities: Auto-Block, Power Burn, Power Lock, Power Gain, Incinerate


  • Empowered Block
    • Peni’s Sync-Shield allows her to take 0 damage while blocking hits until it breaks. Along with this added protection, the Sync-Shield provides utility like power control and the chance to Auto-Block.
  • Incinerate Effects
    • Peni deals almost all of her damage through Incinerate Effects. Her Special 2 Attack deals bursts of Incinerate Damage and inflicts Incinerate Debuffs.


  • High Damage into Block
    • Fury Buffs, Armor Break Debuffs, Block Penetration or any other effects that increase hit damage will cause Peni’s Sync-Shield to break quicker. 
  • Unblockable Attacks
    • Peni’s Auto-Block is very powerful, not a lot of abilities can bypass it. However Unblockable Attacks can easily avoid the Auto-Block altogether.
  • Power Burn Immunity
    • Peni’s Special Attacks and Auto-Block can inflict Power Burns. Her threat is greatly reduced when the Opponent can bypass these effects.

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion


SP//dr Suit – Always Active

  • Immune to Poison and Incinerate Effects due to Oscorp’s cutting-edge SP//dr Suit technology.
  • Opponents suffer -100% True Strike, True Accuracy, and True Sense Effect Ability Accuracy.
  • When the Opponent fills a bar of Power, gain +1 Spider-Sense charge(s), up to 10 charge(s). Any additional charges last for 22 second(s). Charges cannot be prevented by Ability Accuracy.

//Developer’s Notes: Peni’s Immunities give her a great matchup against Quest Buffs like Hazard Shift – Incinerate, Poison.


  • Peni starts the fight with an active Sync-Shield. The Sync-Shield’s max strength is based on her Opponent’s Attack Rating. This ability is not affected by Class Advantage. While fighting as Defender, max strength is increased by 100%.
  • When Peni would take damage from a Blocked or Auto-Blocked Hit, the Sync-Shield takes up to 100% of the damage instead.
  • When the Sync-Shield runs out of strength, it goes on cooldown for 20 seconds, after which it reactivates at max strength.

//Developer’s Notes: The Sync-Shield allows Peni to take 0 damage from blocked hits until her Shield runs out of strength. The max strength of the Shield scales with the Opponent’s Attack Rating upon entering a match. For example, this means her Shield will counteract any Champion Boost or Attack Quest Buffs on her Opponent.

Sync-Shield – While Active

  • SPIDER-PROTOCOL: When Peni would be Struck, +8% chance per Spider-Sense charge to consume 4 charges, purifying any Stun Debuffs and gaining 100% chance to Auto-Block for 2 second(s). This does not trigger Parry and cannot be prevented by Ability Accuracy.
  • When Peni would Auto-Block a Hit, Burn 25% of a bar of Power and inflict Direct Damage proportional to the amount lost. This ability cannot be prevented by Ability Accuracy. All personal Power Burn Effects scale with Base Attack only.
  • When Blocking or Auto-Blocking a Hit, Peni cannot be Stunned and Locks the Opponent’s Power.
  • When Peni would be Struck by a Heavy Hit while Auto-Blocking, gain 100% chance to Resist a Block Break.
  • When performing a Well-Timed Block, gain 6% of a bar of Power.

//Developer’s Notes: Peni cannot be Stunned and her Opponent is Power Locked when the Opponent strikes into her block. This makes Peni a great counter to the Kinetic Transference and Rise to Power Quest Buffs.

Special Attacks

Special 1 – Eject

  • SPIDER-PROTOCOL: With 11+ Spider-Sense charges on activation, inflict a Power Burn Debuff during this Special Attack, burning 75% of a bar of Power over 6 second(s).
  • After activation, gain +4 Spider-Sense charges. Additionally, if the Opponent fills a bar of Power during this Special Attack, gain +3 bonus Spider-Sense charges.
  • The first hit doesn’t grant Power and Burns 25% of a bar of Power.

//Developer’s Notes: For the best results, use this Special Attack while the Opponent has a little more than a bar of Power. This allows Peni to gain a total of 8 Spider-Sense charges.

Special 2 – Propulsion Punch

  • On activation, pause the duration of all Spider-Sense charges until the Special Attack ends.
  • Each Web Shooter hit deals a burst of 308.64 Incinerate Damage for each Spider-Sense charge.
  • SPIDER-PROTOCOL: With 8+ Spider-Sense charges, the last hit consumes all charges inflicting an Incinerate Debuff per charge, each dealing 3472.2 Energy Damage over 8 second(s). Incinerate also removes Perfect Block chance and lowers Block Proficiency by 50%.

//Developer’s Notes: Most of Peni’s damage comes from her Special 2. After using several Special 1’s to exceed the maximum Spider-Sense charges, use the Special 2 for some big red numbers and a lot of Incinerate Debuffs.

Special 3 – Full Synchronization

  • Inflict a Power Burn Debuff, burning 150% of a bar of Power over 15 seconds.
  • If the Sync-Shield’s on cooldown, it’s restored at 100% strength. Add a flat 50% to the Sync-Shield’s current strength. Max 200% strength.

//Developer’s Notes: For a little extra protection, the Special 3 allows the Sync-Shield to gain more than 100% of its max strength.

Signature Ability – Teenage Weapon

  • When the Opponent fills a bar of Power or recovers more than 5% of Max Health at once, inflict a Heal Block Passive, preventing the Opponent from healing for 6 second(s).
  • Whenever the Opponent Heals while Heal Blocked, deal 15% of the Health they would have gained as a burst of Incinerate Damage. If the Salve Mastery is active, the Mastery is removed.

//Developer’s Notes: Peni is able to Heal Block her Opponent’s fairly reliably with this ability. Be sure to keep a close eye on the Opponent’s Power Meter.


Angel Attack – Unique

With Air-Walker, Falcon

  • Peni Parker: While the Sync-Shield is active, become Stun Immune.
  • Air-Walker: Gain +1 Power Cosmic Buff(s) when winning a fight.
  • Falcon: Lock On lasts 1 second longer.

Spider-Geddon – Unique

With Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Spider-Ham, Spider-Gwen

  • Peni Parker, Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Spider-Ham, Spider-Gwen:  At the start of each fight, gain +4 Spider-Sense or Spider-Nonsense charges.

Field Trip – Unique

With Mysterio, Daredevil (Hell’s Kitchen)

  • Peni Parker: While the Sync-Shield is active, Peni can trigger the Parry Mastery against non-contact attacks.
  • Daredevil (Hell’s Kitchen): Exiting Murdock Boy Mode grants a Righteous Wrath Passive for 8 second(s). While active, Basic Attacks have a 35% chance to inflict an instant Bleed, dealing 120% of hit damage as Direct Damage.
  • Mysterio: Chemical Gas is not consumed when inflicting Poison with a Heavy Attack.

Technician – Solo

With Kang

  • Peni Parker: Gain +30% Attack Rating, but reduce the Sync-Shield’s max strength by 50%.

Strange Beasts and Bizarre Machines – Unique

With Howard the Duck, Venom the Duck, Mole Man

  • Peni Parker, Howard the Duck, Venom the Duck, Mole Man: Gain +900 Attack Rating and Armor Rating against #Size: XL Opponents.

Suit Up – Unique

With Ironman, Hit-Monkey, Sunspot

  • Synergy Members: +7% Health.


  • Block Proficiency & Perfect Block
    • Mitigating damage into Peni’s Block with Block Proficiency, Perfect Block, Armor Rating, etc. makes for a longer lasting Sync-Shield!
  • Resonate
    • For the same reasons that the Block Proficiency and Perfect Block Masteries make Peni’s Sync-Shield stick around longer, lowering the Opponent’s Attack Rating is just as effective.