Purgatory is a twisted, demonic creature, from an alternate timeline where Morningstar was finally able to defeat Guillotine and steal her sword back. With the blade finally back in her hands, the demonic presence within it overwhelmed Queen Haasen and convinced her to slay Guillotine. Doing so corrupted both her body and soul, transforming her into Purgatory and sending her on a bloodthirsty rampage unlike any seen in a millennium.

Base Stats & Abilities

HealthAttackPI (Max Signature)
(Rank 3, Level 45)

Character Class: Mystic

Basic Abilities: Incinerate Immunity, Demonic Rampage, Power Gain, Degeneration

PURGATORY’s Mechanics

Purgatory has an aggressive playstyle, entering her enhanced Demonic Rampage state, then crushing the Opponent with a flurry of Special Attacks and Incinerates. She starts each fight with 0 Bloodthirst, and landing any attack increases Bloodthirst and grants her some bonus Power. Once Bloodthirst hits its maximum of 100, she enters Demonic Rampage for a period of time, granting her extra Attack Rating, bonus effects on her Special Attacks, and her second Medium Incinerates the Opponent. Demonic Rampage is paused whenever Purgatory fills a Bar of Power, so try and do so as many times as possible to really maximize the impact.


  • Cross-Fight Soul abilities
    • Purgatory gains additional always-active abilities depending on the Class of her Opponent. Normally these abilities are only active during fights against that Class. However, if she is able to capture her Opponent’s Soul during the fight, she gets to carry that ability with her as a Cross-Fight ability, and use it against Opponents and Classes she wouldn’t otherwise be able to. She can also carry multiple of these Cross-Fight abilities with her, so planning ahead and using her in specific fights can significantly improve her performance in fights later on in the quest.
  • Power Gain
    • Either Champion’s basic attacks, as well as Purgatory’s well-timed blocks and Special 1, grant her Bloodthirst. Whenever she gains Bloodthirst for any reason, she also gains a burst of Power over time, gaining more the higher her Bloodthirst is. This Power gain stacks up rapidly, allowing Purgatory to gain a significant amount of bonus power just through regular combat


  • Combat Power Rate
    • Purgatory has a decreased Combat Power Rate. Normally the Power Gain from Bloodthirst is able to compensate for this. But if her Ability Power Rate is decreased for some reason (such as through a Petrify), her overall Power Gain will drop significantly.
  • Damage-over-Time Focused
    • A lot of Purgatory’s damage comes from the Incinerate Debuffs she triggers during Demonic Rampage, and the Degeneration Debuff from her Special 2. If the Opponent is resistant or immune to either of these, her damage output suffers.

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion


Always Active

  • +1400 Energy Resistance, immune to Incinerate, and all attacks deal Energy damage instead of Physical.
  • Combat Power Rate is decreased by 40%.
  • Gain additional abilities depending on the Opponent’s Class. These abilities are listed below, under “Class Soul Abilities”.

Developer’s Note: It’s important to make note of Purgatory’s Class Soul Abilities farther down her info page. Even if they’re not listed under this header, they’re always active, and can have a significant impact on the fight.

All Attacks – Bloodthirst – Max: 100

  • Purgatory’s Well-Timed Blocks, and Basic attack hits from either Champion, grant 5 Bloodthirst. Bloodthirst falls off over time, falling off faster the longer it’s been since it last increased.
  • Bloodthirst falls off slower for each Buff on the Opponent, during any Special Attack, and when fighting as a Defender.
  • Gaining any Bloodthirst grants up to 9% of a Bar of Power based on Bloodthirst, over 1.50 second(s).
  • When Bloodthirst reaches Max, Purgatory snaps into a Demonic Rampage, locking Bloodthirst at Max for 15 second(s), after which it resets to 0.

Developer’s Note: Bloodthirst is Purgatory’s main mechanic. It’s triggered by either Champion’s attacks, then grants her a significant amount of bonus Power, and gives her access to her potent Demonic Rampage ability. The fact that it falls off over time means she needs to stay aggressive in the fight to consistently keep her Bloodthirst high.

Demonic Rampage – Passive

  • +2274.4 Attack Rating.
  • Demonic Rampage is Paused during Purgatory’s Special Attacks, and for 3 second(s) when she fills a Bar of Power.
  • Striking with the second Medium Attack causes Purgatory to consume 50% of a Bar of her own Power, and then Incinerate the Opponent for 1563.65 Energy Damage over 4 second(s).
  • Incinerate removes Perfect Block Chance and reduces Block Proficiency by 50% while it’s active.

Developer’s Note: Demonic Rampage gives Purgatory a large boost to her Attack Rating, and she’s able to consume her own Power to inflict an Incinerate. While consuming her own Power might seem like a negative effect at first glance, careful timing of her attacks and managing her Power meter can allow her to cross back and forth over Power thresholds repeatedly, by spending power with Medium 2, then gaining it back with Bloodthirst. Crossing these thresholds will keep Demonic Rampage paused, and really increase Purgatory’s damage output.

Special Attacks

  • If activated during Demonic Rampage, gain a Fury Buff increasing Attack Rating by +2274.4 during the Special Attack.

Developer’s Note: Purgatory gains another huge Fury Buff when launching Special Attacks during Demonic Rampage. Managing her Specials against the Power gained from Bloodthirst and the Power consumed via Incinerates takes a bit of skill and practice, but is the key to unlocking her true potential.

Special Attack 1 – Spiral Punishment

  • On Activation, gain 25 Bloodthirst.
  • If activated during Demonic Rampage, each hit Regenerates 10% of the damage dealt.

Developer’s Note: The Regeneration here is improved by both her Fury Buff and the Attack Rating increase from Demonic Rampage.

Special Attack 2 – Stinging Souls

  • The last hit inflicts a Degeneration Debuff, dealing 7676.1 Direct Damage over 6 second(s).
  • If activated during Demonic Rampage, this attack is Passively Unblockable.

Developer’s Note: The Degeneration here is Purgatory’s main source of Special Attack damage, and just like the Regen in her Special 1, it is significantly improved during Demonic Rampage.

Special Attack 3 – Calamity Symphony

  • Gain a non-stacking Power Gain Buff, granting 100% of Max Power over 35 second(s).
  • If the Opponent’s Soul is captured, this attack deals 4% of their Max Health in Direct Damage.

Developer’s Note: The duration on the Power Gain Buff is very long, which means Purgatory won’t gain Power very quickly. However, she can use this Buff in combination with the Power consumption in Demonic Rampage to more easily cross back and forth over Power thresholds. As for how to steal the Opponent’s Soul, read on…

When Filling a Bar of Power – Cross-Fight Soul Capture

  • As Purgatory gains Power, the Bloodline sword steadily steals the Opponent’s soul from their body. Gain 1 Soul Shard when filling a Bar of Power, 2 when fighting as a Defender.
  • At 9 Shards, she captures the Opponent’s Soul, inflicting an indefinite Passive Neutralize that reduces Buff Ability Accuracy by -65%.
  • Winning the fight after capturing their soul also permanently activates their Class Soul Ability for the next 2 fight(s) against all Classes. Class Soul Abilities do not stack.

Developer’s Note: It was noted above that Purgatory really wants to cross back and forth over Power Thresholds. While Pausing Demonic Rampage is a great reason to do so, the other benefit she gains is steadily stealing the Opponent’s Soul. A Stolen Soul allows her to carry her Class Soul abilities into future fights, as well as unlocking the bonus damage on her SP3.

Class Soul Abilities

  • Mystic Soul: When the Opponent activates a Special Attack, Passively Regenerate 60% of damage taken from Blocked Hits for 6 second(s).
  • Cosmic Soul: When filling a Bar of Power, Nullify 1 Buff off the Opponent. If a Buff was Nullified, gain an Unblockable Buff for 2 second(s).
  • Tech Soul: When filling a Bar of Power, inflict a non-stacking Armor Break Debuff for 6 second(s) reducing Armor Rating by -1400.
  • Mutant Soul: When the Opponent activates a Special Attack, Power Steal 66% of their remaining Power, gaining 100% of the Power stolen.
  • Skill Soul: When a Damage over Time Debuff on the Opponent Expires, is Purified, or fails to apply due to an Immunity, inflict a Slow Passive for 9 second(s). Slow reduces Unstoppable and Evade Ability Accuracy by 100%, and prevents the effects of Unstoppable. Slow won’t trigger against natural Class Advantage.
  • Science Soul: The chemically-tainted souls of Science champions cannot be stolen.

Developer’s Note: These abilities are all designed to be effective both against the Class that triggers them, as well as a variety of other matchups in other Classes. For example, the Mutant soul is useful for reducing the frequency of Mutant’s powerful Special Attacks. But when brought against Terrax as a Cross-Fight Soul Ability, it’s able to completely drain his Power after he uses a Special Attack and immediately disable his Rock Field.

Signature Ability – Eternal Damnation


  • Winning the fight during Demonic Rampage or with a Special Attack instantly captures the Opponent’s Soul.
  • The duration of the Mystic, Cosmic, and Skill Souls is increased by 35%. The potency of the Tech and Mutant Souls is increased by the same percent.

Developer’s Note: For the Mystic Soul, the Power Steal is increased by the Signature Ability effect, but the amount of Power gained remains at 100% of what was Stolen.


  • POOR, UNFORTUNATE SOUL – Unique – 3-star and up
    • With Guillotine
    • Purgatory: Instantly gain the Mystic Cross-Fight Class Soul at the start of Purgatory’s first fight in a quest, and it lasts for the entire quest.
    • Guillotine: Bleed triggered by Critical Hits have a chance to be Critical Bleeds, depending on Critical chance. Critical Bleeds multiply their damage by Guillotine’s Critical Damage multiplier.
  • UNCHAINED – Unique – 4-star and up
    • With Morningstar
    • Purgatory: Gain a Soul Shard every 25 second(s).
    • Morningstar: +50% Ability Power Rate while below 1 Bar of Power.
  • QUEENS OF SOULS – Unique – 4-star and up
    • With Hela
    • Purgatory: Strikes grant 1 additional Bloodthirst per captured Class Soul.
    • Hela: Gain an Unblockable Buff during Special Attack 1 and 2 while at 150 or more Spirits of the Dead.
  • MANY AS ONE – Unique – 3-star and up
    • WIth Hulk (Immortal)
    • Purgatory: 20% chance per captured Class Soul to instantly Regenerate 20% Health just before being knocked out, once per fight.
    • Hulk (Immortal): Triggering Immortality consumes 5% less Max Health as Gamma Radiation.
  • WHAT IF? – Unique – 4-star and up
    • With Symbiote Supreme, Venom the Duck
    • Purgatory: Incinerate Debuff potency increased by 115%.
    • Symbiote Supreme: The amount of Power gained from consuming Genetic Potential is increased by 30%.
    • Venom the Duck: An additional Symbiote Buff may be stored in the RNA Bank each fight.
  • DIMENSIONAL BUDDIES – Unique – 2-star and up
    • With Mephisto, Hood, Magik, Dormammu
    • #DimensionalBeings: Gain Bleed Immunity, 20% Ability Accuracy, and +900 Armor Rating.


  • Mystic Dispersion
    • While Purgatory only has access to 1 Nullify ability (the Cosmic Class Soul ability), Mystic Dispersion also triggers whenever an Opponent’s Buff expires. And any additional Power Gain Purgatory can get will make it much easier for her to fill Bars of Power, Pausing Demonic Rampage and gaining a Shard of the Opponent’s Soul.
  • Recoil
    • The Regeneration on Purgatory’s Special 1is able to counteract a solid amount of the damage taken from Recoil. Especially since the Regen will scale off the increased damage that Recoil grants. However, this benefit doesn’t apply to her Special 2.