Ronin Enters The Contest May 2 @ 10 AM PDT

On May 2, 2019, The Contest of Champions welcomes its newest Champion – Ronin! Stay ahead of the game by reading his bio (below) and watching his Special Moves video.

About Ronin

Following the events of Avengers: Infinity War, Clint Barton is drawn out of retirement to don a new alter ego, Ronin — A lawless assassin with a piercing sword and incredible fighting skills who mercilessly brings criminals to justice around the world.

Ronin’s Mechanics

Ronin is an offensive damage dealer who specializes in Bleeds and Critical Hits. He also has access to three unique Stances that allow him to quickly switch combat abilities in the heat of battle. Each Stance provides Ronin with either improved Blocking, Offensive Utility, or bonus Bleed Damage.

Ronin gains bonus Critical Damage when moving through each of the Stances and will be able to strategically evade enemy attacks when he is at his deadliest.

Base Stats & Abilities

* All stats based on 4-Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

HEALTH: 15204 ATTACK: 1182


*All stats based on 5-Star, Rank 5, Level 65, Signature Level 200

HEALTH: 30484 ATTACK: 2369

MAX PI: 10470
WITH SIGNATURE (200): 10390

Character Class: Skill

Basic Abilities: Bleed, Cruelty, Precision, Disorient 


On-Demand Evasion

  • Ronin has the ability to predictably Evade his opponents attacks. When Ronin builds enough Cruelty Passives moving through his Stances, he can spend them to avoid attacks all together. In the hands of a skilled player, Ronin has the potential to never receive a single hit in a fight.


  • Ronin has the ability to Parry projectile attacks, Purify Debuffs, and reduce Defensive Ability Accuracy in his Stances. Using each of the Stances in the right situations will gives Ronin strategic flexibility in a variety of matchups.

Mobility and Intercepts

  • Switching between Stances is the key to getting the most damage out of Ronin. Doing so requires players to actively be dashing in and out of combat and picking the right moments to engage. As a result Ronin has more opportunities to Intercept incoming attacks than most champions.



  • Ronin is dependent on quickly moving and switching up Stances in the middle of battle. Learning when to weave in a Stance switch and when to attack is key to making the most of Ronin’s abilities. Ronin is a challenging character that tests a player’s reflexes and decision making in the heat of the fight.

Purify and Immunities

  • A large portion of Ronin’s damage output comes from Bleeds thus Champions that shrug off Debuffs and are Immune to Bleed will drastically limit Ronin’s damage.