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Following the events of Avengers: Infinity War, Clint Barton is drawn out of retirement to don a new alter ego, Ronin — A lawless assassin with a piercing sword and incredible fighting skills who mercilessly brings criminals to justice around the world.

Base Stats & Abilities

HealthAttackPI (Max Signature)
(Rank 3, Level 45)

RONIN’s Mechanics

Ronin is an offensive damage dealer who specializes in Bleeds and Critical Hits. He also has access to three unique Stances that allow him to quickly switch combat abilities in the heat of battle. Each Stance provides Ronin with either improved Blocking, Offensive Utility, or bonus Bleed Damage. Ronin gains bonus Critical Damage when moving through each of the Stances and will be able to strategically Evade enemy attacks when he is at his deadliest.

Apply Bleed Debuffs by striking into your opponents. Prepare Ronin’s stances, and build up his Cruelty effects for a massive Attack and Critical Rating boost! Expertly Evade your opponent’s strikes to gain even more Attack Rating and strike when the time is right.

Character Class: Skill

Basic Abilities: Bleed, Cruelty, Precision, Disorient, Evade


  • On-Demand Evasion
    • Ronin has the ability to predictably Evade the attacks of his opponents. When Ronin builds enough Cruelty Passives moving through his Stances, he can spend them to avoid attacks all together and gain an Attack Rating boost. In the hands of a skilled player, Ronin has the potential to never receive a single hit in a fight.
  • Utility
    • Ronin has the ability to Parry projectile attacks, Purify Debuffs, and reduce Defensive Ability Accuracy in his Stances. Combining Disorient and Wraith Stance will temporarily lower your Opponent’s Defensive Ability Accuracy by 100%. Using each of the Stances in the right situations will give Ronin strategic flexibility in a variety of matchups.
  • Mobility and Intercepts
    • Switching between Stances is the key to getting the most damage out of Ronin. Doing so requires players to actively be dashing in and out of combat and picking the right moments to engage. As a result Ronin grants more opportunities to Intercept incoming attacks than most Champions.


  • Playstyle
    • Ronin is dependent on quickly moving and switching up Stances in the middle of battle. Learning when to weave in a Stance switch and when to attack is key to making the most of Ronin’s abilities. Ronin is a challenging character that constantly tests a player’s reflexes and decision making in the heat of the fight.
  • Purify and Immunities
    • A large portion of Ronin’s damage output comes from Bleeds, thus Champions that shrug off Debuffs and are Immune to Bleed will drastically limit Ronin’s damage.

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion


Always Active

  • When Ronin would Miss an Attack or be Evaded, he gains a Cruelty Passive increasing Critical Damage by 259.55. Max 7 Stacks.

Developer’s Note:  Champions who force their opponents to Miss or rely on Evades will increase Ronin’s damage. This also gives Ronin a faster route to his Signature Ability as Cruelty from Misses and Evades stack with Cruelty Ronin gains in his Stances.

Sword Attacks

  • Attacks with the Sword have a 15% chance to inflict Bleed dealing 829.15 Direct Damage over 3.5 seconds. Critical Strikes using the Sword have a 100% to inflict Bleed.
  • Intercepting attacks has +1400 Critical Rating.
  • Against Bleed Immune Champions gain a Cruelty Passive when Ronin would inflict a Bleed. This cannot occur more than once every 2.5 second(s).

Developer’s Note: Sword hits occur during Light 1, Light 2, Light 3, Medium 1, Heavy Attacks, Special 1 and Special 2. Using Sword attacks are key to making the most of Ronin’s damage. Ronin’s Bleeds are shorter than most. Players can utilize the Deep Wounds Mastery for added Bleed Damage.

Stance Preparation

  • Ronin prepares his stance by landing light attacks. Light 1 prepares Guard Stance, Light 2 prepares Wraith Stance, and Light 3 prepares Demon Stance.
  • Dodging back after preparing a stance makes Ronin enter a Stance. Stances are not affected by Ability Accuracy Reduction.
  • When entering a new Stance, gain a Cruelty Passive increasing Critical Damage Rating by 259.55. Max 7 stacks.

When Entering a Stance

  • When reaching 7 Cruelty Passives, gain a Precision Passive increasing Critical Rating by 3900 for 18 seconds.

Developer’s Note:  This Precision Passive only activates upon switching Stances and gaining a seventh Cruelty. Activate Special 3 immediately after gaining this Precision to stack with Fury to maximize Ronin’s Damage.

Guard Stance

  • Well Timed Blocks activate the Parry Mastery, stunning opponents even if their attack is projectile based. Ronin gains +35% chance to Perfect Block.
  • Entering this stance has a 100% chance to Purify a Debuff.

Developer’s Note: Ronin in Guard Stance gives players a chance to remove tricky Debuffs and difficult to Parry champions such as Iron Man (Infinity War) and Ebony Maw.

Wraith Stance

  • All attacks reduce Defensive Ability Accuracy by 40%.

Developer’s Note: Wraith Stance provides Ronin with some extra protection versus champions with defensive abilities. Combining this stance with Special 1 is critical in matchups with champions that trigger Abilities after striking them.

Demon Stance

  • All Bleeds gain +75% Ability Accuracy and can be inflicted on Blocked hits.

Developer’s Note: When you are not able to land hits on a Blocking opponent, Demon Stance provides a sustainable source of damage. This ability however does not reduce the Power that opponents gain when Blocking Ronin’s attacks so be sure to keep an eye out for a counter-attack.

Special 1: Ambush from the Mists

  • Disorients the opponent reducing Defensive Ability Accuracy by 60% and Block Proficiency by 50% for 9 seconds.
  • Enters a prepared Stance.

Developer’s Note: Disorienting your opponent while in Wraith Stance can be an effective strategy in shutting down champions that rely on defensive abilities.

Special 2: Split the River

  • Inflicts a Bleed that deals 829.15 Direct Damage over 3.5 seconds for each active Cruelty Passive.
  • Removes all Cruelty Passives.

Developer’s Note: Ronin deals large amounts of damage over time with this attack, and can place up to as many Bleeds on the opponent as he has Cruelty Passives. Pair this with Demon Stance and Bleeds can be inflicted even when the opponent is Blocking.

Special 3: Marksman’s Revenge

  • Gain a Fury Passive increasing Attack Rating by 615.94 for 35 seconds. Each active Cruelty Passive increases the Attack Rating by an additional 615.94.
  • Removes all Cruelty Passives.

Developer’s Note: Pairing the Attack Rating increase in this attack with Demon Stance is the easiest way to add a significant chunk of damage to Ronin’s Combos. If players take the time to build up another set of Cruelty Passives through Stance switching while this Fury is active, regular Combos become extremely deadly.

Signature Ability – Unrelenting Agility

When Attacked

  • While at 7 Cruelty Passives, Ronin gains Evasion on the next incoming hit for 2.00 seconds. Removes 3 Cruelty Passives when Ronin Evades an attack. Successful Evades do not grant Stance Abilities.
  • When Ronin Evades an attack, gain a Fury Passive increasing Attack Rating by 473.81 for 12 seconds.

Developer’s Note: This Evade comes in handy against Special Attacks that are difficult to avoid. Players can also strategically decide not to activate this Evade by Blocking attacks or using the Dexterity Mastery. If players are feeling lucky, they can intentionally set off this evade to gain a temporary Attack Rating boost.


  •  Last Hope – Unique Synergy
    • Ronin: The duration of Bleed Debuffs is increased 3% for each active Cruelty.
    • Captain Marvel: Intercepting attacks have +150 Critical Rating.
  • Unlikely Combination – Unique Synergy
    • Ronin: Gain +25% Block Proficiency in Guard Stance.
    • Ant-Man: 20% chance to inflict a Fatigue Debuff on the opponent when struck and increases the Potency of Poisons by 35%.
  • Live and Die by the Sword – Unique Synergy
    • Ronin: Blocking Attacks has a 50% chance to Bleed the opponent dealing 15% of Attack as Direct Damage over 5 seconds.
    • Nightcrawler: When switching Combat Modes, gain +350 Critical Damage Rating for 10 seconds.
    • Guillotine: Striking an Opponent with the fourth Light Attack has a 30% chance to gain 1 Soul. Cooldown: 10 Seconds.
  • Masterless – Unique Synergy
    • Ronin: Gain a Fury Buff increasing Attack Rating by 15% for 4 seconds upon switching Stances.
    • Moon Knight: 30% chance to instantly Regenerate 35% of damage taken when struck.
  • Romance Lv. 3 – Black Widow
    • All Champions gain 5% Power Gain


  • Deep Wounds
    • Ronin’s damage is heavily reliant on Bleeding opponents for damage. Adding Deep Wounds lengthens the time in which Ronin’s Bleeds last. Pairing Bleeds from Special Attack 2 with Deep Wounds can be deadly when Ronin has maximum Cruelty Passives active.
  • Despair
    • Add the Despair Mastery to utilize Ronin’s Bleeds to counter Regeneration Champions. With the amount of Bleeds Ronin can stack up, he has no trouble completely blocking Regeneration opponents.
  • Liquid Courage and Double Edge
    • At the start of the fight entering Guard Stance provides Ronin with a quick and easy method of removing Poison and Bleed Debuffs from Liquid Courage and Double Edge. Using both masteries boosts Ronin’s Attack Rating considerably which also boosts his Bleed damage.