Dr. Walter Langkowski was a professor of both physics and biophysics at McGill University. Trying to achieve a “Hulk-like” transformation similar to colleague Bruce Banner, Langkowski subjected himself to self-experimentation with gamma radiation. Unknowingly opening a doorway between our world and the “Realm of Great Beasts”. This allowed a mystical beast named “Tanaraq” to possess his body, granting him the ability to transform into a super-strong, orange-haired beast that resembled the legendary Sasquatch.

SASQUATCH’s Mechanics

Sasquatch is the definition of a tank. Using stacks of Rage to reduce incoming damage and a powerful healing factor to mend his wounds, Sasquatch can take quite a punch before going down. Sasquatch also doesn’t rely on his Nullify to be strong, instead he becomes more powerful based on the Opponent’s Buffs, without needing to remove them! Throughout his fights Sasquatch will build Rupture Debuffs on the Opponent with his Medium Attacks, and use his Special 2 to convert them into raw damage. This works especially well when he’s in the “Wrath of Tanaraq” since this mode makes his Special Attacks cost a lot less Power and makes him Unstoppable in the process!

Base Stats & Abilities

HealthAttackPI (Max Signature)
(Rank 3, Level 45)

Character Class: Mystic

Basic Abilities: Rupture,Stagger, Stun, Regeneration


  • High Survivability
    • Sasquatch has very high base health along with abilities to regenerate in his Special 3 and when struck below 40%. This combined with his damage reduction granted with each Rage Stack allow him to take quite the beating.
  • Lots of Special Attacks
    • Sasquatch gains a lot of Power, especially against Buffed Opponents. Additionally during Wrath of Tanaraq, his Special Attacks are much cheaper allowing him to spam many of these attacks back to back with no issue.
  • No worries about the Opponent’s Special 3
    • During Wrath of Tanaraq Sasquatch’s Special and Heavy Attacks are Unstoppable, grant the Opponent less Power and will cause Power Drain if the Opponent is at Special 3! Even though Sasquatch is best played very aggressively he will never need to worry about pushing too far with this ability active!


  • Debuffs: Especially Fatigue, Enervate and Slow
    • Sasquatch needs to build stacks of Rage in order to dish out high damage, Fatigue and Enervate will prevent this from occurring, stopping him in his tracks. Slow Debuffs will prevent his Unstoppable abilities, removing his ability to Spam Special and Heavy Attacks.
  • Power Control or Power Stings
    • Sasquatch thrives when throwing a lot of Special Attacks and requires doing so to be effective, controlling his Power or punishing the activation of his Specials will shut him down fast.
  • Debuff Immunity
    • Sasquatch is most effective when he can stack many Rupture Debuffs on the Opponent, when this is taken away his viability drops significantly.

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion


From the Bush:

  • A thick fur coat provides 90% Coldsnap resistance along with immunity to Frostbite effects and Armor Break Debuffs.
  • If Regeneration Rate is inverted, all Regen effects are removed.
  • Gain +25% Combat Power Rate if the Opponent has a Buff or is suffering from a Stagger Debuff, this is increased to +50% if the Opponent has 4 or more of these effects.

Medium Attacks:

  • 30% chance to inflict a Rupture Debuff, dealing 1060.5 Physical Damage over 17 seconds. +70% chance during Wrath of Tanaraq.

Heavy Attacks:

  • Inflict Stagger for 14 seconds causing the next Buff the Opponent gains to be Nullified. Max 2.

Spirit of Rage – Max Stacks 15:

  • Light Attacks have a 30% chance to build 1 Rage. Chance increased to 100% on the 3rd Light Attack in each combo.
  • Build 1 Rage every 4.5 seconds that Sasquatch didn’t land a hit.
  • Each stack of Rage reduces incoming damage from all sources except Special 3 by 5% per stack.
  • Rage is not affected by Ability Accuracy reduction but is prevented while suffering from an Enervate or Exhaustion Debuff.

Dev Note: Sasquatch’s damage reduction from Rage will also reduce incoming DOT damage, allowing him to take a lot of punishment from multiple sources. 

Wrath of Tanaraq:

  • If Sasquatch has 5 or more Rage, each stack gained above this threshold has a flat 10% chance to remove all stacks and trigger Wrath of Tanaraq. This lasts for 1.70 seconds per stack removed.
  • During Wrath of Tanaraq, Sasquatch is Stun Immune.
  • Gain 1130.77 Block Penetration and +50% Combat Power Rate.
  • Special Attack 1 and 2 cost 50% less power and Special Attack 3 costs 25% less Power.
  • While the Opponent has 3 full Bars of Power, Special and Heavy Attacks will Power Drain 5% of their max Power.

Dev Note: Once above 5 stacks of Rage each time an additional stack is gained Sasquatch has an increased chance to enter wrath. The longer Wrath of Tanaraq takes to trigger, the longer it will last, so there is no real downside if it doesn’t trigger right away.

During Wrath of Tanaraq, you’ll be getting a ton of power. Throw medium-light-medium combos into Special 2s and watch those Ruptures stack up some nice damage. Additionally, if Sasquatch is Awakened, he will be Unstoppable during Heavy and Special Attacks allowing him to spam opponents with little risk.

Special 1: 

  • Each hit refreshes the Opponent’s Rupture Debuffs. This can trigger into the Opponent’s block.
  • If the final hit is blocked it has a 20% chance to inflict a Stun Debuff for 3 seconds. Chance increased to 100% during Wrath of Tanaraq. 

Dev Note: Special 1 is best used when Wrath of Tanaraq is not active, allowing you to refresh any active Ruptures for a big Special 2 once you reactivate Wrath of Tanaraq.

Special 2: 

  • The first 2 hits remove the Opponent’s Rupture Debuffs, gaining 2969.4 Attack Rating for each Rupture removed. This is increased by 50% if activated during Wrath of Tanaraq.
  • The final hit inflicts up to 3 Rupture Debuffs, each dealing 3181.5 Physical Damage over 17 seconds.

Dev Note: Special 2 is best used with a large stack of Ruptures on the Opponent and while Wrath of Tanaraq is active. The more Ruptures you can stack the bigger this damage will be! Most of the damage here comes from the hits in this attack rather than the Ruptures themselves so removing some stacks of Rupture to gain more Attack Rating is a worthwhile exchange to make”!

Special 3: 

  • Passively Regenerate 10% of missing health over 5 seconds. This is increased by a flat +1% per Rage Stack.
  • Gain up to +5 Stacks of Rage and enter Wrath of Tanaraq. These stacks don’t count toward the Regeneration.

Dev Note: Special 3 is best used to top up on missing health or jump start a long lasting Wrath of Tanaraq! Also because this attack triggers Wrath, it will cost 25% less power, leaving you very close to a Special 1 right after!

Signature Ability – Old Beast of the North

  • When below 40% of max health getting struck by a Contact Attack has a 70% chance to activate Sasquatch’s healing factor, Passively Regenerating 5% of missing health over 20 seconds. Max stacks 3.
  • During Wrath of Tanaraq Sasquatch becomes Passively Unstoppable during Special and Heavy Attacks and the Opponent’s Defensive Combat Power Rate is reduced by 70% when struck by these Attacks.

Dev Note: Sasquatch’s Signature Ability regeneration can be great when going Unstoppable and eating a hit or two during Wrath. Additionally, although his Specials and Heavy will never push the Opponent to their Special 3, his sig will slow down the rate at which they gain power from these hits, meaning less Special baiting and more smashing! 



With Man-Thing and Sabretooth

  • Sasquatch: During Wrath of Tanaraq gain +12% Attack.
  • Man-Thing:Striking a Buffed Opponent with a Medium Attack builds +5 additional Agitation.
  • Sabretooth: Once per fight, throwing Special Attack 3 grants 1 Persistent charge.

GAMMA RAY RAY – Unique Synergy

With Hulk

  • Sasquatch: Special 2 inflicts 1 additional Rupture Debuff.
  • Hulk: While a Fury Buff is active, the Opponent’s Ability Power Rate is reduced by 150%, this effect lingers for 0.2 seconds after Fury expiry.

FURRY BUDS – Unique Synergy

With Squirrel Girl

  • Sasquatch: Rupture effects last 20% longer.
  • Squirrel Girl: When Tippy-Toe attaches to the Opponent she stays on for 30% longer.


With King Groot, Thing and Sentinel

  • Sasquatch: Start the fight with 3 Stacks of Rage.
  • King Groot: Start the fight with +3 paused personal Furys.
  • Thing: Start the fight with 3 Rock Stacks.
  • Sentinel: Start the fight with 30 Analysis Charges.

COMMON HISTORY – Unique Synergy

With Hulkbuster

  • Sasquatch: Each stack of Rage increases Wrath of Tanaraq by an additional 0.3 seconds.
  • Hulkbuster: Start the fight with an indefinite Armor Up Buff, granting +15% Armor Rating. This can stack above Hulkbusters Armor Up cap.


  • Recovery 
    • Increases the overall regeneration potential of Sasquatch’s healing factor.
  • Mystic Dispersion
    • Increases the amount of Power Available to Sasquatch when fighting Buffed Opponents which are Opponents he wants to be fighting anyway.
  • Despair & Inequity
    • Sasquatch has the ability to stack a lot of Rupture Debuffs on the Opponent, allowing him to make good use of both the regeneration and Attack Rating reductions offered by these masteries.