Sersi is an Eternal, one of a race of ancient aliens who have lived on Earth for eons in secret. Unlike her fellow Eternals, Sersi favors living among humanity, and doubles as a museum curator while also protecting them from the Deviant threat. With the ability to manipulate matter allowing her to alter the composition of any non-sentient material she touches, Sersi sets out to reconnect with her fellow Eternal, Ikaris, and help recruit them all for one last mission.

SERSI’s Mechanics

Sersi is a tank-like Cosmic brawler who deals large burst damage from long and close-range. Her control of matter grants her the ability to survive significant bursts of damage with her Glancing Buff, strike enemies through their Armor and Resistances with True Damage, and benefit from the presence of her opponent’s Armor Ups. Opponents that rely on multiple Armor Ups will boost Sersi’s damage considerably during combat. Sersi’s Special Attacks can be used from long range or close range, so use that to your advantage! Charge a Heavy Attack to activate her Glancing Buff and use your Medium Attacks to generate your Transmutation Buffs. Spend your Transmutation Buffs to gain Fury and True Damage Buffs and unload your Special Attacks for big damage.

Base Stats & Abilities

HealthAttackPI (Max Signature)
(Rank 3, Level 45)

Character Class: Cosmic

Basic Abilities: Glancing, Transmutation, Unblockable, True Damage, Fury, Incinerate


  • Glancing
    • Sersi has access to potent and on-demand Glancing Buff which provides strong damage reduction, Critical Hit resistance, and Ability Accuracy reduction. Pair this with a very potent Regeneration and Sersi becomes a very hard-to-kill Champion.
  • True Damage
    • Sersi’s kit allows her to benefit from the presence of Armor Ups and also has the ability to ignore Armor and Resistances with True Damage. A true win-win situation for Sersi.
  • Long-range Specials
    • Sersi’s Special Attacks can be performed from long-range and are just as deadly. She is granted various bonuses depending on if she is far or close to her opponents. This makes her a threat no matter where she is on screen.


  • Stagger and Fate Seal
    • Champions that are able to place Staggers or Fateseals before Sersi’s Glancing Buff activates can easily turn the tables on Sersi.
  • Poison
    • Sersi’s powerful Regeneration and Glancing Buff are susceptible to small damage over time abilities as they will both deal small ticks of damage over a long period of time and thus not trigger Glancing as well as lower the amount of Health she Regenerates.
  • Heal Reversal
    • Sersi’s powerful Regeneration can be stopped using Heal Reversal abilities such as Petrify, or Spectre. Though her Regeneration rate will not go below 0%, Heal Reversal abilities will effectively block her powerful healing.

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion


Always Active

  • Sersi’s control of matter prevents her Regeneration Rate from being lowered below 0%.

Developer’s Note: This ability is not much of a threat until Sersi is Awakened. If you’re fighting an awakened Sersi, it’s usually best to reduce her Regeneration Rate with abilities like Petrify or Poison.

Glancing Buff

  • Taking damage equal to or more than 120% of the Opponent’s Attack Rating in a single hit activates a Glancing Buff for 10 seconds.
  • While this Buff is active, gain a 100% chance for incoming attacks to Glance. Glanced hits cannot be Critical, deal 50% reduced damage, and suffer -100% Offensive Ability Accuracy. This effect then goes on cooldown for 7 seconds.
  • Charging a Heavy Attack has a 100% chance to activate a Glancing Buff for 10 seconds.
  • Glancing Buffs are paused for 4 seconds during Sersi’s Special Attacks.

Developer’s Note: This ability provides great damage resistance but also can be leveraged offensively by charging a Heavy Attack. You can also save yourself taking large chunks of damage from a difficult-to-avoid Special Attack by activating it beforehand.

Transmutation Buffs – Max 5 Stacks

  • Transmutation Buffs are indefinite and reduce the duration of Bleeds, Shocks, Incinerates, and Heal Blocks by 30%. Max 90%. Transmutation Buffs that exceed the maximum last 8 seconds.
  • Gain a Transmutation Buff when Sersi’s Glancing Buff is activated. Gain an additional Transmutation Buff if the Glancing Buff activates due to being Struck.
  • Gain a Transmutation Buff on a Medium Combo Ender. Gain an additional Transmutation Buff while the Glancing Buff is active.
  • Gain a Transmutation Buff when an Armor Up is triggered on either Champion or when inflicted with a Special Lock.

Developer’s Note: Transmutation Buffs are Sersi’s main resource. Hold onto them for the Bleed, Shock, Incinerate, and Heal Block duration decrease, or spend them in your Special Attacks. If she’s in a fight with a Champion with Armor Ups, she gains Transmutation Buffs each time an Armor Up is triggered granting her quick and easy access to her damage.

Special Attacks

  • Far from Opponent: While at or above 1 Transmutation Buff gain an Unblockable Buff for 2.75 seconds.
  • Gain +697.2 Attack Rating for each Armor Up on either Champion for the duration of the Special Attack.

Developer’s Note: Sersi’s Special Attacks provide different abilities depending on if you’re close or far from your Opponent. Study these effects to fully unlock Sersi’s potential! Secret Tip: If you have at least 1 Bar of Power, you can strike your opponent with a Heavy Attack, push them far away and immediately Special 1 for an Unblockable long-distance attack!

Special Attack 1 – Seismic Fracture

  • Close to Opponent: Gain a True Damage Buff ignoring Armor and Resistances for 12 seconds. Consume 1 Transmutation Buff to extend the duration of this Buff by 9 seconds.
  • Far from Opponent: Inflict a Stun Debuff for 2 second(s). Consume 1 Transmutation Buff to refresh all personal Fury and True Damage Buffs.

Developer’s Note: This Special Attack is useful in matches where Sersi’s opponents have heavy resistances and Armor. Otherwise, she can opt for Special Attack 2 for big damage. Try using Special 1 immediately after the final attack in your combo to activate the True Damage Buff.

Special Attack 2 – Volcanic Surge

  • Close to Opponent: Gain a Fury Buff increasing Attack Rating by 697.2 for 24 seconds. Consume all Transmutation Buffs and gain an additional Fury Buff for each Transmutation Buff consumed. Max 15 Stacks.
  • Far from Opponent: Regenerate 5% of the damage dealt. Consume all Transmutation Buffs for an additional 3% for each Transmutation Buff consumed.
  • On the last hit, deal an additional 30% of damage dealt as a burst of Energy Damage.

Developer’s Note: Try using Special Attack 2 immediately after the final attack in your combo to activate the Fury Buff. You can also position Sersi from Far range and launch a Special 2 to make use of her Regeneration. Be careful though, her Special Attack 2 does not travel the full screen’s distance and she needs at least 1 Transmutation Buff for the attack to be Unblockable.

Special Attack 3 – Eternal Pyre

  • Inflict an Incinerate Debuff, dealing 1045.8 Energy damage over 12 seconds. Incinerate Debuffs also remove Perfect Block Chance and decrease Block Proficiency by 50% while active.
  • Inflict an additional Incinerate Debuff for each Transmutation Buff consumed throughout the fight. Max 25.

Developer’s Note: Try saving this ability for later in the fight after using Special 1 and Special 2 to consume Transmutation Buffs.

Signature Ability – Ancient Molecular Control

Always Active

  • While Sersi’s Glancing Buff is active, Glanced hits grant a Regeneration Buff healing 15% of damage taken per Transmutation over 3 seconds. This ability activates before checking Armor and Resistances and cannot be triggered by Blocking. Transmutation Buffs that exceed the maximum do not count towards this ability.
  • Gain a Power Gain Buff, generating 15% of a Bar of Power over 1.50 seconds each time Sersi’s Fury or Glancing Buffs expire or are Nullified.

Developer’s Note: When fighting against Sersi, this ability cannot be ignored. Try to bait Sersi into using her Glancing Buff so it goes on Cooldown often. Striking while the ability is on Cooldown is the best way to consistently damage her.


  •  ETERNAL PARTNER with Ikaris
    • Sersi: Transmutation Buffs grant +10% Energy Resistance and reduce the Opponent’s Energy Resistance by 3%. Transmutation Buffs that exceed the maximum do not count towards this ability.
    • Ikaris: Energize Buffs grant +5% Energy Resistance and reduce the Opponent’s Energy Resistance by +1.5%.
    • Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate synergies.
  • PARTYGOERS with Hercules
    • Sersi: Special Hits that break through an Opponent’s Block with an Unblockable Buff become Guaranteed Critical Hits.
    • Hercules: Feat of Strength: Gain 1 Indefinite Strength for every 10 hits in the Combo Meter.
    • Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate synergies.
  • HAM’S ODYSSEY with Spider-Ham
    • Sersi: 60% chance to gain an Unstoppable Buff for 6 seconds when a Glancing Buff expires.
    • Spider-Ham: While Unblockable, activating a Special Attack places 2 additional Porker Poppers if the Opponent is Taunted.
    • Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate synergies.
  • ETERNAL KNOCKOUT with Invisible Woman
    • Sersi: Transmutation Buffs grant +150 Block Proficiency. Transmutation Buffs that exceed the maximum do not count towards this ability.
    • Solo Synergy: Only affects this Champion and does not stack.
  • UNREQUITED ROMANCE with Captain America and Captain America (Infinity War)
    • Sersi: Start the fight with an indefinite Armor Up increasing Armor Rating by 60.
    • Solo Synergy: Only affects this Champion and does not stack.


  • Recovery
    • This mastery will improve the potency of Sersi’s Signature Ability giving her Regeneration an added boost. Activating the Glancing Buff and kicking off the Regeneration on a big hit will almost Regenerate all her lost health back. 
  • Glass Cannon
    • Glass Cannon improves Sersi’s Attack at the cost of some of her maximum Health. If Sersi is Awakened, her Signature Ability more than makes up for the health lost by using this Mastery.
  • Enhanced Fury / Extended Fury
    • Sersi’s main source of damage is from her Special Attacks, as well as the Fury Buffs she gains when activating Special Attack 2. Investing in these masteries will improve her damage output and make it easier to maintain her Fury Buff uptime.