About Shang-Chi

From a young age, Shang-Chi went through rigorous martial arts training with his father, Zheng Zu. After discovering he was being shaped into a lethal assassin, he instead took to Super Hero work. As the Master of Kung Fu, Shang-Chi has complete control over his inner energy, Chi. With a vast knowledge of Wushu fighting styles, Shang-Chi can wield a variety of weapons but he excels in bare-handed combat.

Base Stats & Abilities

HealthAttackPI (Max Signature)
(Rank 3, Level 45)

Character Class: Skill

Basic Abilities: Slow, Cleanse, Unblockable, Stun, Precision

Shang-Chi’s Mechanics

Shang-Chi uses his Medium and Light Attacks to perform combos called Wushu Strikes. These allow Shang-Chi to access powerful utility and land Guaranteed Critical Hits. As Shang-Chi lands Critical Hits, he increases his Critical Damage Rating, making him hit harder the longer the fight lasts.


  • Wushu Strike Utility
    • Wushu Strikes can be performed quickly with minimal actions for a variety of utility options that can help Shang-Chi deal with difficult Opponents.
  • Critical Hits
    • Because Shang-Chi’s damage comes from Critical Hits, he bypasses most Armor and Resistances that the Opponent has against him.


  • Critical Hit Punish
    • Shang-Chi relies on his Critical Hits for all of his damage, so Nodes and Opponents with abilities that counter Critical Hits or Guaranteed Critical Hits will give him a hard time.

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion


Always Active

  • Critical Hits grant +34.15 Critical Damage Rating for the rest of the fight. Max 300 hits.

Wushu Strikes

  • All Wushu Strikes start Readied and can be performed by Landing Hits or Striking into Block with a series of specifically ordered Attacks. Performing a Wushu Strike Unreadies it indefinitely for the rest of the fight.
  • The last hit is a Guaranteed Critical Hit, provides 1 Chi Charge and activates bonus effects:
  • Disarming Strike (Medium, Medium): The last hit cannot be interrupted. Remove the Opponent’s Unstoppable effects and inflict a Slow Debuff, reducing Unstoppable and Evade Ability Accuracy by 100%, over 5 second(s) for each Readied Wushu Strike. Slow won’t trigger against natural Class Advantage.
  • Cleansing Strike (Medium, Light, Medium): Purify 3 Debuff(s). Gain 1 Cleanse Passive for each Readied Wushu Strike, lasting until this Wushu Strike is Readied again. When a Champion with Cleanse is inflicted with a Debuff, it is immediately Purified and Cleanse is removed.
  • Breaking Strike (Medium, Light, Light, Medium): The last hit becomes Unblockable when Striking into a Block. Gain an Unblockable Buff, lasting 1.5 second(s) for each Readied Wushu Strike and pausing during Shang-Chi’s Special Attacks.
  • Pin-Point Strike (Medium, Light, Light, Light, Medium): Inflict a Stun Debuff lasting a flat 0.65 second(s) for each Readied Wushu Strike.

Developer’s Note: Be very intentional with the order that you perform Wushu Strikes as their effectiveness scales with the number of Readied Wushu Strikes. To do no Wushu Strikes, ensure you are ending your combos in a Light attack.

Perfectly-Timed Blocks and Dodges

  • Shang-Chi has a short window of time where he can use Perfect-Timing while performing a Well-Timed Block or Dodging an Attack, granting him 1 Chi Charge.

Developer’s Note: These windows require very precise timing that is tricky to get a handle of at first. With these actions perfected, Shang-Chi will gain more Chi Charges, making his Special 2 Attack deal even more damage. Try dodging and blocking at the very last second to achieve Perfect-Timing.

Heavy Attacks

  • Gain a Precision Buff for each Chi Charge, increasing Critical Rating by 110.53, over 15 second(s). Max 4 stack(s).
  • All Unreadied Wushu Strikes are Readied and personal Stun Effects on the Opponent are removed.

Developer’s Note: The Heavy Attack is useful for quickly prepping all Wushu Strikes in case their utility is required or for stacking a large amount of Chi Charges before cashing out with a chunky Special 2 Attack.

Special 1 – Aerial Kick

  • Landing this attack or Striking into Block will perform the last Wushu Strike used with equal potency. If no Wushu Strike has been used, the Pin-Point Strike is performed.

Developer’s Note: The Special 1 Attack allows Shang-Chi to double down on one of his Wushu Strikes. Need more Cleanse Passives? How about another Stun Debuff?

Special 2 – Wushu Barrage

  • Each hit is a Guaranteed Critical Hit.
  • Consume all Chi Charges, increasing the Attack Rating of each hit by 690.3 for each Chi Charge. 
  • All Unreadied Wushu Strikes are Readied.

Developer’s Note: This is Shang-Chi’s only way to cash out his Chi Charges, so build them up and then perform this Special Attack for some big yellow numbers.

Special 3 – Total Focus

  • Gain +182.61 Critical Damage Rating for the rest of the fight.
  • Gain 4 Chi Charge(s).

Signature Ability – Master of Kung Fu


  • Critical Hits deal a burst of 20% of hit damage as Physical Damage. This ability is based on hit damage before checking Block Proficiency, Armor and Resistances.
  • Shang-Chi can perform Critical Hits through the Opponent’s Block. Personal abilities that trigger on Critical Hits will trigger through Block.

Developer’s Note: Shang-Chi’s signature ability increases his overall damage with bursts of Physical Damage on Critical Hits and also allows him to trigger Critical Hits through his block. This means he can increase his Critical Damage Rating quicker than before.


Shadowland – Unique

With Mister Negative

  • Shang-Chi: Dodging an attack with Perfect-Timing inflicts a Falter Passive, causing 100% of the Opponent’s attacks to Miss for 2 second(s). Contact Attacks bypass this Falter and remove the effect.
  • Mister Negative: Degeneration Debuffs triggered in Special Attack 2 have a 10% chance to inflict an additional copy of themselves.

Master Martial Artists – Unique

With Iron Fist, Iron Fist (Immortal)

  • Shang-Chi: Start the fight with 4 Chi Charges.
  • Iron Fist, Iron Fist (Immortal): Each hit in all Special Attacks are Guaranteed Critical Hits and gain a flat +35% personal Armor Break Ability Accuracy.

The Way of the Spider – Unique

With Spider-Man

  • Shang-Chi: Critical Hits bypass +20% of Armor and Resistances.
  • Spider-Man: Spider-Man can use Perfect-Timing while performing a Well-timed Block or Dodging an Attack, gaining a Cruelty Buff, increasing Critical Damage Rating by 45% for 30 seconds.

Eyes of the Dragon – Unique

With Captain America (Classic), Black Widow, Beast, Ant-Man

  • Synergy Members: Landing a Critical Hit grants an additional +2% Critical Damage Rating. Max 100 hits.

Heroes for Hire

With Luke Cage, She-Hulk

  • All Champions gain +85 Block Proficiency & Physical Resistance.


With Elektra

  • All Champions gain +155 Critical Rating.


  •  Pierce/Pure Skill
    • These masteries allow Shang-Chi’s Critical Hits to bypass more Armor, helping him to deal with bulkier Opponents.
  • Stupefy
    • Stupefy allows Shang-Chi to squeeze out more hits during his Parry Mastery stun and Pin-Point Strike stun.