Real name: Harry Rhodes. A descendant of a Battleworld version of War Machine, indirectly named after Happy Hogan, who serves as an Iron Legionnaire in the House of Iron. He is an ambitious soldier keen to live up to his family’s legacy and wears armor in the style of the Silver Centurion to honor them, he also just likes the retro look. Specializes in Recon via his Drones.


Silver Centurion’s drones need time to lock into an opponent’s position but once they are locked they can heavily punish them. While not locked, Silver Centurion can merge his Shocks and Incinerates into Plasmas, causing a lot of damage over time, but once he activates Lock-On he is able to deliver very powerful bursts of damage with his Second Medium and Special 2 Attacks.

Base Stats & Abilities

HealthAttackPI (Max Signature)
(Rank 3, Level 45)

Character Class: Tech

Basic Abilities: Plasma, Armor Up, Heal Block, Slow


  • Damage and Utility
    • Silver Centurion is able to deal a lot of damage under certain circumstances, but he always has a good amount of utility to support him. 
  • He does not trigger Critical effects
    • Silver Centurion inflicts Shocks in the Opponent rather than deliver critical strikes, consequently he does not trigger critical effects.


  • Armor Break
    • Much of his Armor comes from his own Armor Up buff, so removing that Buff puts him in a very bad spot. 
  • Shock Immunity
    • Anyone immune to shock is immune to his critical strikes. 

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion


Silver Centurion Armor

  • Start the fight with one indefinite Armor Up Buff, increasing Armor rating by +700. If this Buff is removed for any reason it re-triggers after 10 seconds.
  • While the above Armor Up Buff is active, Silver Centurion becomes immune to Bleed and Shock Effects.


  • To ready Lock-On Silver Centurion must remain near his Opponent for 12 seconds. As an Attacker, moving away from the Opponent before readying the Lock will cause progress to be lost over time.
  • Once Lock-On is ready it can be activated by throwing any Special Attack and is paused while standing near the Opponent.
  • The active Lock-On lasts 2 seconds, but each full Bar of Power adds 1 seconds to it’s duration. This duration is doubled for Defenders.
  • Lock-On lasts 25% longer against Mutants and 25% shorter against Cosmics.
  • Plasma effects are paused while Locked-On.

Developer’s Note: Though in many fights you can activate Lock-On as soon as it is available, in some cases waiting for the right moment to activate Lock-On increases Silver Centurion’s damage output greatly. Also, Lock-On progress loss is paused during his own Specials.

All Attacks

  • Whenever Silver Centurion would strike with a Critical Hit he instead inflicts a Shock Debuff that lasts for 3 seconds. The Potency scales with Critical Damage Rating.
  • If Lock-On is not active, inflicting Shock into an Incinerated Opponent or vice-versa will fuse those two effects into a Plasma Debuff that has the properties of both. This Plasma lasts for 12 seconds.

Developer’s Note: Plasma will be formed while landing a Shock on an Opponent suffering from Incinerate even if the Opponent is Immune to Shock. The inverse is also true, landing an Incinerate on an opponent suffering from Shock will form Plasma even if the Opponent is immune to Incinerate. 

Finish a combo with a Light Attack – Heat Punch

  • While Lock-On is not active, inflict an Incinerate Debuff, dealing 345.15 Energy damage over 12 seconds. This effect also removes Perfect Block Chance and reduces Block Proficiency by 50% while it is active.

Second Medium Hit – Plasma Blast 

  • While Locked-On, deal a burst of 690.3 Energy Damage per stack of Plasma.

Developer’s Note: Second Medium Hits are the most reliable way to deal damage while Lock-On is active, provided the enemy is suffering from a few stacks of Plasma.

Heavy Attacks 

  • Inflict a non-stacking Slow Debuff for 10 seconds reducing the Ability Accuracy of the Opponent’s Unstoppable and Evade effects by 100%. Opponents with a natural Class Advantage cannot be Slowed. 

Special 1 – Iron Barrage

  • On Activation if Lock-On is active, it is refreshed.
  • Inflict a Heal Block Debuff, preventing the Opponent from recovering Health for 10 seconds. 
  • If the Opponent is under the effect of a Regeneration effect the Heal Block is turned into a Passive and lasts for 15 seconds.

Developer’s Note: Sometimes refreshing Lock-On has a better pay off longer term than trying to reach Special Attack 2 for a big burst of damage. 

Special 2 – Drone Onslaught

  • On activation if Locked-On, all Plasma effects are refreshed.
  • While Locked-On if the Opponent has 5 stacks or more of Plasma the last hit deals a burst 2301 Energy Damage for each stack of Plasma. If the Opponent is under 5 stacks of Plasma inflict 3 stacks of Plasma instead.
  • If Lock-On is not active, the last hit inflicts a Plasma Debuff dealing Energy Damage based on the last hit landed over 12 seconds. The potency of this effect increases with Critical Damage Rating. 

Developer’s Note: The only way to inflict Plasmas on the Opponent while on Lock-On is by using Special 2.

Special 3 – Electrical Cage

  • Activate Lock-On even if the conditions are not met.
  • Inflict a Slow Debuff for 28 seconds, reducing the Ability Accuracy of the Opponent’s Unstoppable and Evade effects by 100%. Opponents with a natural Class Advantage cannot be Slowed. 
  • Inflict a Power Drain Debuff that removes 1 Bar of Power plus an additional 25% of a Power Bar for each stack of Plasma over 10 seconds.

Developer’s Note: Silver Centurion can use his own Special 3 Attack without any fear of pushing the opponent to 3 Bars of Power because of the long duration Power Drain he inflicts on the Opponent with this attack. 

Signature Ability –  Improved Lock-On

  • Silver Centurion’s personal Shock and Plasma Debuffs become Passives and their duration is increased by 25%.
  • While Locked-On Block Proficiency is increased by +3150.06 

Developer’s Note: Silver Centurion’s increased Block Proficiency while in Lock-On allows him to play very aggressively and stay up close to the Opponent for extended periods of time. 


    • Silver Centurion: Critical Damage Rating is increased by +371. 
    • Solo Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate synergies.
    • Silver Centurion: While Locked-On Special Attack 1 inflicts Energy Vulnerability, decreasing Energy Resistance by 15% for 10 seconds.
    • Iron Man (Infinity War):Each Molecular Armor effect increases the potency of Armor Break by 10%.
    • Superior Iron Man: Gaining an Armor Up Buff grants a Fury Buff, increasing Attack Rating 30% for 12 seconds.
    • Iron Man: Special Attacks inflict a Plasma Passive dealing 40% of Attack over 6 seconds.
    • Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate synergies.
    • Thor: Landing any Special Attack inflicts a Shock Debuff dealing 40% of Attack over 8 seconds.
    • Thor (Jane Foster): Personal Shock effects last 25% longer.
    • Thor (Ragnarok): Heavy Attacks inflict a Shock Debuff, dealing 50% of Attack over 8 seconds.
    • Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate synergies.
    • Captain America, Captain America (Infinity War), Captain America WWII: Each time the Opponent is immune to a Stun effect, gain an Unstoppable Buff for 1 second.
    • Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate synergies.
    • Silver Centurion: If the Opponent is suffering less than 5 stacks of Plasma, Special Attack 2 inflicts one extra Plasma. 
    • Squirrel Girl, Mole Man: Gain 20% Attack Rating during Special Attack 1.
    • Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate synergies.
    • War Machine: Increases Maximum Health of all Champions by 6%
    • Hulkbuster, Civil Warrior: All Champions gain +4% Perfect Block Chance


  • Double-Edge
    • Silver Centurion can play super aggressively since he does not suffer from the Bleed Debuff, but since the prerequisite Mastery Recoil still affects him this means he would need to rely more on Special 3 to activate Lock-On than he normally would.
  • Collar Tech
    • This Mastery is particularly good for Silver Centurion since it allows him to stay in Lock-On for longer since there is less need to bait Specials.
  • Perfect Block 
    • Being able to not take damage while blocking allows Silver Centurion to stay near the Opponent for longer, which allows him to keep his Lock-On going.