Champion Spotlight – Spider-Ham


Peter Porker picked a profession of punishing punks. How so, you ask? Well, Peter was once an everyday spider who (in a horrible accident involving a scientist and an atomic hair dryer) was bit by a radioactive pig! Peter was transformed, retaining all of his spider powers but taking on the form of an anthropomorphic Pig. With these new powers, he adopted the surname of the scientist who bit him, May Porker, and became Spider-Ham!  Now he’s set out to send the bad guys of The Battlerealm crying all the way home.

SPIDER-HAM’s Mechanics

Spider-Ham places his Patent Pending Porker Poppers on the Opponent when he strikes them with Medium Attacks. These Porker Poppers are improved versions of Power Sting, and deal additional damage to the Opponent when they use a Special Attack. On top of that, he builds Spider-Nonsense over time as long as the Opponent has at least 1 Bar of Power, and the higher his Nonsense is, the higher chance he has to re-apply new Porker Poppers whenever they’re triggered. Taunt and bait the Opponent’s Specials at the right time to deal huge bursts of damage and give them a real dose of slapstick!

Base Stats & Abilities

HealthAttackPI (Max Signature)
(Rank 3, Level 45)

Character Class: Science

Basic Abilities: Spider-Nonsense, Porker Poppers, Spider-Sense, Taunt


  • Champions who launch repeated Special Attacks in quick succession
    • Champions like Sasquatch and Doctor Doom are able to activate lots of Special Attacks back-to-back. Spider-Ham punishes these champions by applying fresh Porker Poppers each time they activate another Special, dealing a lot of damage.
  • Power Gain Champions
    • Spider-Ham’s abilities are significantly improved while he has a high level of Spider-Nonsense. Nonsense increases faster for each Bar of Power the Opponent has, so against Champions who gain additional power, he’s able to spend more of the fight at high levels of Spider-Nonsense


  • Champions with powerful Basic Attacks
    • Spider-Ham is great at punishing Special Attacks, with his Porker Poppers and Spider-Nonsense. However, if a Champion is able to get through a fight simply using powerful basic attacks, then they can avoid a lot of Spider-Ham’s threats
  • True Accuracy, and other anti-Evade effects
    • Spider-Ham uses Evade both on Attack and Defense, so he struggles against Opponents who are able to ignore or disable Evade.

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion



  • +286.36 Physical Resistance


  • Spider-Ham’s cartoonish nature increases the more danger he is in. Spider-Nonsense starts at 0 and increases over time as long as the Opponent has at least 1 Bar of Power, increasing faster for each additional Bar of Power they have.
  • Every stack of Spider-Nonsense reduces Degeneration effect potency by 15%, and Passively reduces damage taken during the Opponent’s Special Attacks by 5%.
  • While Spider-Nonsense is at 6 or more, Spider-Ham has a 35% chance to Evade. This Evade will not trigger while Blocking.
  • While Spider-Nonsense is at 10, Spider-Ham will not gain any for 6.50 second(s), after which it resets back to 0. Spider-Nonsense resets to 3 against Mystic Champions.

Developer’s Note: Spider-Nonsense is one of Spider-Ham’s main mechanics. In addition to the always-active benefits listed here, a few of Spider-Ham’s other abilities also grow stronger the more Spider-Nonsense he has. So when playing as Spider-Ham, try to keep your Nonsense as close to 10 as possible, as much as possible.

When playing against Spider-Ham, you also need to keep track of his Nonsense, because once it hits 6, he has a very solid chance to Evade.

Heavy Attack

  • Remove 2 Spider-Nonsense.

Developer’s Note: Since staying close to 10 Nonsense is very beneficial to Spider-Ham’s abilities, you can use his Heavy Attack to reduce Nonsense when it gets too high. If this is used while Nonsense is at 10, it’ll also stop the reset timer.

Medium Attacks

  • 50% chance to place a Porker Popper on the Opponent for 9 second(s), dealing 1584 Direct Damage when they activate a Special Attack.
  • The chance is increased by 25% flat if the Opponent is Stunned or Spider-Ham is Unblockable.

Developer’s Note: Porker Poppers are Spider-Ham’s other main mechanic. See below for the full list of their effects, but the important thing to note here is that his Medium Attacks apply Poppers, and he has a higher chance to do so while the enemy is Stunned, and while Ham is Unblockable

Dash Back and Hold Block

  • Activate Spider-Sense, granting 100% chance to Evade. This Evade will trigger even while Blocking.
  • When this Evade triggers, Spider-Sense goes on cooldown for 12 second(s).

Developer’s Note: This ability is a nice bit of utility for Spider-Ham’s kit. By dashing backwards and holding block, he is guaranteed to Evade the next incoming hit. While this won’t help him if he’s already getting struck during an enemy combo, he can use this to Evade certain tricky Special Attacks or hits from his Opponents.

Evade Effects

  • Whenever Spider-Ham Evades, he becomes Unblockable for 1.20 second(s) and Taunts the Opponent for 7 second(s).
  • Opponents that are Taunted have their Attack reduced by 40% and have a 70% higher chance to activate a Special Attack.

Developer’s Note: These effects will occur whenever Spider-Ham Evades, whether it’s through his Nonsense, by dashing back and holding block, or from a Quest buff. This is also a convenient way to trigger Unblockable and increase his chance to apply Porker Poppers.

Porker Poppers

  • Any Power Sting Debuff on the Opponent is automatically upgraded into a Patent Pending Peter Porker Power Popper Debuff. Porker Poppers are still treated as Power Stings for all other abilities.
  • Whenever a Porker Popper is triggered, there is a 8.50% chance per Spider-Nonsense for it to be replaced by 1 new Porker Popper(s), each lasting 9 second(s) and dealing 1584 Damage.
  • Porker Poppers deal a burst of up to 1980 additional Passive Direct Damage when they trigger, scaling with how much Power the Opponent had.
  • The additional damage is increased by 60% for each Bar of Power the Opponent had when they were triggered.

Developer’s Note: Porker Poppers are like Power Stings, but better. To start off, they deal damage when Opponents trigger Special Attacks, and will count as Power Stings for any Quest buff that cares about them. However, Poppers also deal significantly more damage if the Opponent had more Power when they were triggered, and they have a solid chance of re-applying themselves afterward, depending on how high his Spider-Nonsense is.

Special 1 – The Set-Up

  • Pause any Porker Poppers currently on the Opponent until they activate a Special Attack.
  • After this Special Attack, Taunt the Opponent for 7 second(s).

Developer’s Note: This Special Attack is great for ensuring the Opponent takes damage from Porker Poppers, since they will be paused until the next time they use a Special Attack, which is when the Poppers deal their damage. This attack also Taunts the Opponent, to increase the chance of them using a Special Attack.

Special 2 – The Punchline

  • This attack is Unblockable if the Opponent is Taunted.
  • Set Spider-Nonsense to 10, and pause its reset timer for 7 second(s).
  • Place 3 Porker Poppers on the Opponent, each lasting 9 second(s) and dealing 1584 Damage.

Developer’s Note: This attack is great for boosting up your Nonsense, and keeping it there for a while. This means that any Poppers triggered while Nonsense is paused at 10 will have an 85% chance to be re-applied, as well as all the other benefits that Nonsense grants. Be careful of this attack while fighting Spider-Ham, since Spider-Ham has a couple different ways to Taunt the Opponent, and this attack is very hard to dodge with Dexterity.

Special 3 – That’s All, Folks!

  • If the Opponent has triggered fewer than 15 Porker Poppers in this fight, place 4 Porker Popper(s) on them.
  • If the Opponent has triggered 15 or more Porker Poppers in this fight, place a Porker Popper on them for every Porker Popper that was triggered. This can only occur once per fight. Max: 25 Porker Poppers.
  • Each Porker Popper placed by this Attack lasts for 10 second(s) and deals 1584 Damage.

Developer’s Note: With the right amount of setup, this attack has the potential to deal ridiculous amounts of damage. First, use the rest of Spider-Ham’s abilities to get the Opponent to trigger at least 15 Porker Poppers. They have to actually trigger, you can’t just apply them.

Then, push the Opponent to at least 2 Bars of Power, get Ham’s Nonsense to 10, and use this attack to apply 15-25 Porker Poppers. If the Opponent then uses a Special Attack while those Poppers are active, they’ll take a huge burst of additional damage for how high their Power was, and they’ll get 12-21 new Porker Poppers because of how high Nonsense was.

You can then get Ham back up to an SP1 and Pause these new Poppers for another big burst of damage.

Signature Ability – Hamming It Up

  • Whenever Spider-Ham Evades, he places a Porker Popper on the Opponent.
  • Whenever Spider-Ham is Struck while Stunned, 30% chance to remove 1 Spider-Nonsense and place a non-stacking Porker Popper on the Opponent.
  • These Porker Poppers last for 14.01 second(s) and deal 924 Damage.
  • While Spider-Nonsense is at 10, it lasts for an additional 2 second(s) before resetting.

Developer’s Note: While attacking as Spider-Ham, this sig is a nice way to apply additional Porker Poppers to the Opponent whenever you use his dash-back-Evade mechanic. The last point there is also incredibly useful, since it increases the amount of time that he gets to spend at 10 Nonsense before it resets.

On defense, this signature ability is very threatening, since he gains the ability to apply Porker Poppers to the Opponent whenever he is struck while he’s Stunned.


  • 2 Days? Try 30 Years! – Unique – 3-star and up
    • With Spider-Man (Miles Morales)
    • Spider-Ham: Spider-Nonsense resets to +3 more than it would normally.
    • Spider-Man (Miles Morales): Venom Blast can trigger Fatigue, Stun, and/or Power Drain, regardless of the Opponent’s Class. Triggering any Venom Blast Debuff grants a Fury Buff, increasing Attack Rating by 20% of Base Attack for 6 second(s).
  • Saturday Morning Cartoons – Unique – 4-star and up
    • With Mojo
    • Spider-Ham: Whenever an Opponent’s Special Attack triggers at least 10 Porker Poppers, the Special Attack Damage Reduction from Spider-Nonsense is 100% stronger for that Special Attack.

Developer’s Note: Each point of Nonsense provides Spider-Ham with 5% damage reduction against Special Attacks. With this synergy, that reduction is doubled. So if the Opponent launches a Special Attack while they have 10 Poppers, and Ham has 10 Nonsense, then the Special Attack won’t deal any damage.

  • Mojo: Whenever one of the Opponent’s Buff’s expires or is Nullified, pause the Anti-Life field for 1 second(s).
  • Swinester Six’s Most Wanted – Unique – 4-star and up
    • With Spider-Gwen
    • Spider-Ham: When fighting #Sinister Six or #Symbiote Champions, the damage from Porker Popper Debuffs, and their additional burst of damage, is increased by +50%.
    • Spider-Gwen: When fighting #Sinister Six or #Symbiote Champions, Spider-Gwen begins the fight with Trap-Spider and Hunter-Spider active.
  • Fourth Wall Crawler – Unique – 3-star and up
    • With Gwenpool, Goldpool, Platinumpool, Squirrel Girl
    • Spider-Ham: Porker Popper duration is increased by 20%.
    • Gwenpool: Gain Vigilance while the Opponent is Bleeding, making attacks unable to Miss.
    • Goldpool, Platinumpool: Gain an indefinite Fury Buff whenever a Debuff expires on the Opponent, increasing Attack Rating by +10%, stacking up to 10 times.
    • Squirrel Girl: Well-Timed Blocks have 30% Perfect Block chance, and inflict Tippy’s Medium Attack Bleed.
  • Teammates – 2-star and up
    • With Spider-Man, Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced), Spider-Man (Stealth Suit)
    • All Champions gain  +3/4/5% Perfect Block Chance.


  • Despair
    • Spider-Ham is easily able to apply lots of Debuffs to his Opponent, mostly though Porker Poppers and Taunt. Thanks to the Despair mastery, he can therefore also easily reduce his Opponent’s Regeneration Rate down to 0%, causing their healing abilities to do nothing.
  • Greater Strength
    • Both the baseline damage of Porker Poppers, and their bonus damage based on the Opponent’s power, scale up with Spider-Ham’s attack. So he gets additional benefit from raising his base Attack Rating through the Strength masteries.