About SPIDER-MAN 2099

Miguel O’Hara, a brilliant geneticist from the year 2099 goes through a series of incidents that culminate with him having his genetic code spliced with the DNA of a spider. He gains several spider related powers similar to the original Spider-Man, like superhuman agility, strength and wall crawling. However, his powers are slightly different from the original, he can organically create his own webs, he has retractable claws and instead of spider-sense he has a hyper accurate vision which is so powerful that it essentially works as an early warning system.

Base Stats & Abilities

HealthAttackPI (Max Signature)
(Rank 3, Level 45)

SPIDER-MAN 2099’s Mechanics

Spider-man 2099’s Light and Medium attacks inflict Rupture on the Opponent, and those Ruptures explode in bursts of damage then the Opponent gains a bar of Power.  Additionally his Special Attack 2 inflicts a burst of damage for every unique Debuff on the opponent. When he gains a Buff he pauses his personal Debuffs on the Opponent for a few seconds. As a result, he can stack many Debuffs on the Opponent and use Dexterity to trigger a Buff to pause his Debuffs. This means he can keep his Debuffs paused until he reaches Special Attack 2.  

Character Class: Science

Basic Abilities: Rupture, Wither, Exhaustion,Resistance Up


  • Opponents with Power Gain
    • Spider-Man 2099’s Wither is so powerful that one stack is strong enough to reverse any Power Gain on the Opponent.
  • Resonate and Despair Mastery friendly
    • Spider-Man 2099 greatly benefits from stacking as many Debuffs on the Opponent as possible, the Resonate Mastery makes that easier to accomplish and Despair further capitalizes on the Debuff stacking.


  • Purify
    • Spider-Man 2099 needs to keep the Opponent Debuffed in order to maximize his damage, removing those Debuffs causes his damage to decrease.
  • Dots that deal direct damage
    • His resistances won’t be able to do much against Damage Over Time effects that deal direct damage.

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion


Always Active

  • Spider-Man 2099 cannot gain Buffs, whenever he would gain a Buff he instead pauses his personal Debuffs for 5 second(s).
  • While Dodging backward, Spider-Man 2099 is not struck by attacks. Dodging an attack this way triggers his Debuff pausing ability.
  • Gain 75% Damage Resistance if the Opponent is under the effect of True Strike or if the hit deals True Damage.

Developer’s Note: Any Buff from any source will trigger his Debuff pausing ability.

Rupture – 20 Stacks

  • Light and Medium attacks have 25% chance to inflict Rupture, dealing 505.4 Physical Damage over 10 second(s). 100% chance to inflict Rupture on a block if the Opponent is suffering from a Wither Debuff.
  • An Opponent takes a Burst of 758.1 Physical Damage for each Rupture on them if they reach zero power or when they gain a bar of Power. Ruptures are consumed after this effect takes place.

Developer’s Note: Striking into the block of an Opponent suffering from the Wither Debuff is the most reliable way to inflict lots of Rupture.

Heavy Attacks

  • Inflict an Exhaustion Debuff, decreasing Critical Damage Rating by 61.17 and the potency of their Power Gain effects by 15% for 15 second(s). Max 5 stacks.

Resistance Up – Max 100 stacks

  • When attacked there is a 100% chance to gain an indefinite Resistance Up Passive, increasing Physical Resistance by 87.5 and Energy Resistance by 56.06.
  • Interrupting Spider-Man 2099 while he is charging a Heavy Attack removes all Resistance Up stacks. If at least 20 stacks were removed this way, he inflicts a Wither Debuff, reducing Ability Power Rate by 150% for 20 second(s).
  • When Spider-Man 2099 pauses his personal Debuffs, he consumes 5 stacks of Resistance Up and increases the pause duration by 5 second(s). This effect has a 10 second(s) cooldown.

Developer’s Note: As an Attacker, Resistance Up is better used as a resource that helps to increase the duration of the Debuff pauses. It is usually not worth saving it for its defensive value. 

Special 1 – Raging Claws

  • Last three hits have a 100% chance to inflict Physical Vulnerability Debuff, decreasing Physical Resistance by 233.33 for 15 second(s). Max 15 stacks
  • On activation gain 15 stacks of Resistance Up Passive, increasing Physical Resistance by 87.5 and Energy Resistance by 56.06.

Developer’s Note: This Special provides enough stacks of Resistance Up to allow for Spider-Man 2099 to extend his Debuffs for up to a total of 30 seconds. More than enough time to reach Special 2 with many paused Debuffs.

Special 2 – Maximum Pressure

  • On activation inflicts a Wither Debuff, reducing Ability Power Rate by 150% for 15 second(s). Max 5 stacks.
  • Each hit deals a Burst of 947.63 Physical Damage per Unique Debuff on the Opponent.

Developer’s Note: Special 2 is the biggest source of damage for Spider-Man 2099, provided that the Opponent is suffering from lots of Debuffs. This attack also inflicts a Wither Debuff which allows Spider-Man 2099 to inflict Rupture through blocks, increasing his damage even further.

Special 3 – Spider Venom

  • Inflict a Stun Debuff for 4 second(s).
  • Inflict a Slow Debuff,  lasting 25 second(s), reducing Unstoppable and Evade Ability Accuracy by 100% and preventing the effects of Unstoppable. Slow won’t trigger against natural Class Advantage. Slow counts as 4 Unique Debuffs.

Developer’s Note: The Special 3 is not required for his ideal gameplay loop, but in a long fight a skilled player can use his Debuff pausing ability to bring Slow all the way back to Special 2, where it would count as 4 unique Debuffs and thus doubling the potential damage for Special 2. 

Signature Ability – Persistent Ruptures

  • Ruptures have 80% chance to not be consumed when a Burst of Physical Damage triggers.
  • +25% Combat Power Rate while the Opponent is affected by a Wither Debuff.

Developer’s Note: Against a Champion that has Power Gain, Spider-Man 2099 can invert their Power Gain with Wither, hit them until they gain a bar of Power, let the reverse Power Gain bring their Power down, then hit them back to a bar of Power. This would allow you to trigger a lot more burts of damage with Rupture than it would normally be possible. 


  • Spider-Verse Veterans with Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Ham, Spider-Man (Miles Morales)
    • Spider-Man 2099: Gain 100% chance to Evade the first time he is struck in a fight.
    • Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Ham, Spider-Man (Miles Morales): Gain an Unstoppable Passive for 1 second(s) after an Evade triggers. This effect has a 9 second(s) cooldown.
    • Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate synergies.
  • Symbiote Problems with Venom, Carnage
    • Spider-Man 2099: Special Attack 3 inflicts a Poison Debuff, dealing 85% of Attack in Direct Damage and reducing health recovery by 30% over 25 second(s).
    • Venom: On a Heavy Attack gain an Aptitude Buff, increasing the effect of Fury, Armor and Precision Buffs by 50% for 10 second(s). This effect has a 10 second(s) cooldown.
    • Carnage: Unblockable Specials gain 25% increased Attack Rating.
    • Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate synergies.
  • A.I Enthusiasts with Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced), Iron Man, Scarlet Witch (Classic)
    • Spider-Man 2099: Second Medium attacks have a 25% chance to trigger Spider-Man 2099 Debuff Pausing ability.
    • Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced): On a Well Timed Block 33% chance to gain a Bulwark Passive, granting 700 Block Proficiency for 10 second(s).
    • Scarlet Witch (Classic): When granting a Buff on herself, gain 15% of a Bar of Power over 3 second(s).
    • Iron-Man: Heavy Attack inflicts a Power Drain, removing 50% of the Opponent’s current power over 5 second(s). This effect has a 20 second(s) cooldown.
    • Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate synergies.
  • Co-Workers with Sabretooth, Longshot, Psylocke
    • Spider-Man 2099: Spider-Man 2099 gains 85 Critical Rating per Unique Debuff on the Opponent.
    • Sabretooth: Blocking an attack has 10% to grant a Regeneration Passive that heals 25% of the damage taken from the block over 25 second(s).
    • Longshot: When Longshot Nullifies a Regeneration Buff, gain a Regeneration Buff, healing 5% of base health over 10 second(s).
    • Psylocke: Attacking an Opponent with 0 Power reduces their Defensive Ability Accuracy by 50%.
    • Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate synergies.

Developer’s Note: Sabretooth’s Signature Ability increases the Ability Accuracy of this synergy.


  • Resonate
    • The extra Debuff from Resonate will increase Spider-Man 2099’s Special 2 damage potential.
  • Despair
    • Spider-Man 2099 inflicts many Debuffs on the Opponent, causing despair to greatly reduce the healing effectiveness on the Opponent.