Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced) enters The Contest July 6th at 10AM PDT!

About Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced):

Most kids Peter Parker’s age rush home after school to play video games or do homework, but not New York’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Donning his new suit with high-tech web shooters and some awesome upgrades courtesy of Tony Stark, Peter protects his home of Queens. But a new threat has risen from the ashes caused by the Battle of New York, and Parker must look beyond his own desires and understand the true meaning of great responsibility.

Base Stats & Abilities

*All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

  • Health: 12467
  • Attack: 1283
  • Max PI
    • Without Signature: 3857
    • With Signature (99): 4745

Character Class: Tech

When Attacked: Spider-Man’s burgeoning Spider-Sense grants him a Passive 3% chance to Evade an incoming attack.

Stark Tech AI

  • Against Special Attacks the Stark AI warns Spider-Man of incoming danger and increases his Evade chance by a flat +60%.
  • If Spider-Man is struck by a Cosmic Champion or is struck by a Heavy Attack, the Stark AI shuts down for 10 seconds while it Reboots and is completely inactive during that time.


  • Each time Spider-Man Evades an attack or uses the Dexterity Mastery, he gains a charge of Poise. Cooldown: 0.8 Seconds.
  • Each charge of Poise grants 256 Attack rating.
  • If Spider-Man lands 5 uninterrupted attacks, he converts a Poise charge into a Taunt Debuff on the opponent for 3 seconds. Taunt lasts 50% longer against Villain Champions.
  • Dodging back and allowing Spider-Man to idle for 1 second allows him to smack-talk his opponent and refresh an active Taunt.
  • Opponents that are Taunted have their Attack reduced by 40% and have a 70% higher chance to activate a Special Attack.

Heavy Attacks:

  • An EMP webshot drains 45% of the opponent’s Power Meter. Cooldown: 30 seconds.

Special 1: Spider Strike – Uppercut. Place webs. Launch self at criminal. No problem. Just like back in Queens…but what about the name?

  • 50% chance to Stun the opponent for 2 seconds. The chance is increased by 100% if the Stark AI is active.

Special 2: Stick & Shock – Electric webshots! Thwip thwip, zap, sizzle!

  • Electric webshots have a 70% chance to Shock the opponent, dealing 1154 Energy Damage over 6.5 seconds. These Shock effects are overcharged and deal double damage to Robot Champions.

Special 3: Whatever a Spider Can… – Awesome entrance. Check. Blast the opponent with webshots. Got it. Launch opponent into wall. Nailed it. Strike amazing hero pose…good enough.

  • 100% chance to Ensnare the opponent for 18 seconds. Ensnared Champions suffer 30% reduced Ability Accuracy and cannot trigger Passive Evade effects.

Signature Ability – Hero’s Mantra

  • Great Power (Above 50% Health) – Spider-Man’s Taunts last 2 seconds longer and each charge of Poise grants him an additional 253 Critical Rating.
  • Great Responsibility (Below 50% Health) – Spider-Man’s chance to Evade an attack increases by a flat +7% and each charge of Poise grants him 82 additional Block Proficiency.

Synergy Bonuses

Iron Man or Hulkbuster – Knowledge Share [Unique]

  • Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced): A.I. Reboots 30% faster.
  • Iron Man and Hulkbuster: +30% Special Damage

Vulture – Avengers Tryout [Unique]

  • Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced): +15% Ability Accuracy while the A.I. is active.
  • Vulture: +40% Incinerate Damage

Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) and Spider-Man (Miles Morales) – Contest Noobs [Unique]

  • Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced): Stun, Shock and Ensnare Debuffs last 30% longer.
  • Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan): Fury Buffs gain +30% Potency.
  • Spider-Man (Miles Morales): Begin the fight with 2 additional Spider-Sense charges.

Recommended Masteries


  • Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced) gains Poise charges when successfully using Dexterity, granting him additional Attack Rating and enabling him to Taunt the opponent.

Physical Resistance & Block Proficiency

  • Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced) is able to Evade Special Attacks reliably, adding Block Proficiency and Physical Resistance to overall increase his durability will make Spider-Man a hard Champion to defeat.


  • The new “Taunt” mechanic will allow players to easily bait Special Attacks in order to avoid being hit by the opponent’s unblockable third Special Attack.


  • Karnak & Hyperion: Karnak is able to completely negate Spider-Man’s Evasiveness and Hyperion is able to deactivate the Stark AI when attacking, because of his Cosmic Class Advantage