A child was created as a clone of infant “Nathan Summers” in the hopes of salvaging his techno-organic virus ravished body. Thinking this child to be Nathan, Apocalypse kidnapped him and raised him as his own, giving him the name “Stryfe” and encouraging the boy’s arrogance and cruelty in preparation to one day transfer his own consciousness into Stryfe’s body. Years later, during the ritual of transferring Apocalypse’s mind into Stryfe, it was discovered that he was actually a clone and thus unfit to house the essence of Apocalypse. Feeling betrayed by both what he thought were his real parents and his adoptive father Apocalypse, Stryfe grew up as an embittered madman seeking vengeance on those who wronged him.

STRYFE’S Mechanics

Stryfe uses Heavy Attacks and his Invisibility Cloak to build Telepathic Charges, using these as a resource in his kit! With these charges he is able to Concuss the opponent, block Unblockable attacks, stun Unstoppable opponents, glance incoming attacks, or ramp his damage potential! Telepathic Charges can also be stored as a persistent charge to carry throughout the quest by using Special Attack 3 or by winning a fight! All of this makes him a great option for really long and extreme fights like those found in the Abyss!

Base Stats & Abilities

HealthAttackPI (Max Signature)
(Rank 3, Level 45)

Character Class: Mutant

Basic Abilities: Concussion, Shock, Invisibility


  • High Damage Potential

By storing Persistent Telepathic Charges throughout a quest, Stryfe can ramp up his damage to rival other high damaging Champions such as Star-Lord, Ægon and others!

  • Great Survivability

Stryfe’s Telepathic Charges will cause incoming attacks to Glance, dealing a lot less damage to him. Additionally if Stryfe’s Signature Ability is unlocked, Glancing attacks can trigger his invisibility, giving him a great window to recover from the opponent’s combo!

  • Block Unblockable Attacks

While Stryfe has a Concussion on the opponent he is able to block unblockable attacks, this can be fairly easily throughout the entire fight if need be!

  • Stun Unstoppable Opponents

For the cost of 2 Telepathic charges, Stryfe can strike an unstoppable opponent, removing their unstoppable effect and inflicting stun! This is a very handy trick to use when fighting an opponent who goes unstoppable at unpredictable moments such as the final boss of the Abyss!


  • Power Lock, Burn and Drain

While suffering from any of the above effects Stryfe cannot build his telepathic charges.

  • Opponent power gain

Stryfe is unable to use his telepathic cloak invisibility while the opponent has more than 1 full bar of Power. Anywhere Special Attacks cannot be baited or where the opponent is gaining a lot of power will make it a lot more difficult to ramp his charges!

  • Vigilance and anti-miss

Opponent’s who are able to bypass Miss will counter Stryfe’s cloak and make it hard to ramp up charges quickly.

  • Shock Immune or Energy Resistance 

Stryfe gets a nice chunk of his damage through his shock and his basic energy attacks, anywhere where the opponent is immune or has resistance to energy damage will significantly reduce his damage output.

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion


Psionic Blasts:

  • Psionic blasts occur on Medium, Heavy and Special 2 attacks, these deal Energy Damage instead of Physical and cannot be Evaded.
  • Reduce the Potency of incoming Passive Direct Damage by 100%.

Dev note: In some niche scenarios, Stryfe is able to perform only Medium or  Heavy combos to completely ignore incoming Passive Damage and Evade effects!

Telepathic Charges – Max 20:

  • Telepathic Charges are unaffected by Ability Accuracy reduction but cannot be gained while suffering Power Lock, Burn or Drain.
  • All attacks gain +69.72 Attack Rating per Telepathic Charge.
  • 55% chance to gain +1 Telepathic Charge when landing a Heavy Attack. Chance increased by a flat 15% for each full Bar of Power.
  • Gain +1 Telepathic Charge when struck by a Critical Hit.
  • Gain +1 Telepathic Charge each time Stryfe or his Opponent Misses.
  • When Struck at 5+ Telepathic Charges, consume 5 charges to cause the attack to Glance. Glancing Hits cannot be Critical, deal 50% reduced damage, and suffer -100% Offensive Ability Accuracy.
  • Striking an Opponent or into their Block while they are Unstoppable consumes +2 Telepathic Charges to remove the effect and inflict a Passive Stun for 1.20 seconds. Cooldown 8 seconds.

Dev Note: Stryfe’s Heavy Attack is a great way to top up on Telepathic charges. The more full bars of power Stryfe has the higher this chance gets, reaching 100% at 3 full bars.

On Fourth Light Attack:

  • Consume 1 Telepathic Charge to inflict a Passive Concussion for 12 seconds reducing the Opponent’s Ability Accuracy by 20%.
  • While the Opponent is suffering from Concussion Stryfe can block Unblockable attacks.

Dev Note: These concussion effects can stack multiple times, effectively reducing the opponent’s ability accuracy to zero after inflicting 5 stacks. This also works great in combination with the SP3 concussion!

Heavy Attacks:

  • Deal a burst of 581 Energy Damage. +500% potency if Invisible.
  • Gain +3 Telepathic Charges if Invisible.

Special 1: Telepathic Camouflage

  • The second hit in this attack inflicts a non-stacking Passive Shock, dealing 2440.2 Energy Damage over 8 seconds. This Shock is removed and reapplied on each Psionic Blast.
  • After this attack, Stryfe activates a telepathic cloak to go Invisible for 3 seconds, giving the Opponent a 100% chance to Miss. This will not trigger when fighting an Opponent with #Psychic Shielding.
  • If Stryfe lands an Attack, Blocks an attack, or the Opponent activates a Special Attack, his position is revealed and Invisibility is removed.

Dev Note: When playing Stryfe you will never want to throw your SP1 while the opponent has 1 or more full bars of power since the opponent might retaliate with a Special Attack of their own and strip away Stryfe’s cloak. Instead bait the Opponent’s SP before using Stryfe’s, this way you have free and easy access to Heavy Intercepting via the cloak!

Developer’s Note: 

Special 2: Exceptional Psionics

  • The first hit and final 2 hits in this attack are Psionic Blasts, each dealing a burst of 697.2 Energy Damage. +80% potency if the Opponent is Shocked.
  • Psionic blasts gain +139.44 Attack Rating per Telepathic Charge.

Dev Note: In an average or shorter fight SP2 is a great finisher. Open with an SP1 to build Telepathic charges then use those charges to detonate some chunky damage in SP2! If Stryfe has his Signature Ability unlocked he can also store a bunch of his charges as Persistent charges when closing a fight!

Special 3: Your Mind, My Playground

  • Gain +5 Persistent Telepathic Charges, these last for the rest of the quest but are capped at 100.
  • Consume all Telepathic Charges, each becoming +1 additional Persistent Telepathic Charge.
  • Persistent Telepathic Charges cannot be consumed to trigger abilities, but still grant Attack Rating bonuses.
  • If the Opponent is Shocked, inflict a Passive Concussion for 30 seconds reducing the Opponent’s Ability Accuracy by 30%.

Dev Note: SP3 is best used in longer fights such as the Abyss since it allows Stryfe to store up to 25 Telepathic charges permanently for the rest of the quest. If a fight is long enough Stryfe will be able to hit his maximum ramp in four SP3 rotations, then he can switch over to SP1 into SP2 loop to hit massive damage very consistently.

Signature Ability – Substantial Psionic Power

  • When gaining Telepathic Charges from any source other than this ability Stryfe has a 20.01% chance to gain +1 additional charge.
  • Whenever the Opponent Glances a Basic Attack Stryfe has a 40.00% chance to Activate his Special 1 Invisibility for 3 seconds.
  • Winning a fight converts 70% of Telepathic Charges into Persistent Telepathic Charges.

Dev Note: Stryfe’s signature is extremely useful for ramping charges in the average fight where he might never reach an SP3. It’s also a great way to help him ramp quicker! 

The signature chance for a Glancing hit to activate Telepathic cloak is also extremely valuable when making a mistake and eating a hit since it has a good chance of not only saving Stryfe from eating a combo, but also allowing him to rebuild a portion of charges lost on the Glancing hit by causing the opponent to miss!


MISS ME? with Ebony Maw (Unique Synergy)

Stryfe: Once per fight after being struck by a Basic Attack the Opponent is inflicted with a Passive Falter for 3 seconds giving them a 100% chance to Miss.

Ebony Maw: While the Opponent is suffering Black Tongue they are inflicted with a 3 second Falter Debuff every 13 seconds. Additionally, while the Opponent is Faltered, Gain +40% Attack Rating.

BULL TARGETS with Guillotine, Thor and Hood (Unique Synergy)

Stryfe: Start the fight with Invisibility active.

Hood: gain +50% Attack Rating while Invisible.

Guillotine: Souls last 30% longer and are paused during either Champions Special Attacks.

Thor: Activating a Special Attack grants +3 Fury Buffs each granting 10% Attack Rating for 6 seconds.

CLONED AT BIRTH with Cable (Unique Synergy)

Stryfe: Start the fight with +5 Telepathic Charges.

Cable: While the Opponent is suffering from a Degeneration effect Special Attacks grant 50% less power in the Opponent.

BIG BAD DAD with Apocalypse (Unique Synergy)

Stryfe: The final hit of Special Attack 2 pauses all Shock effects on the Opponent for 4 seconds. If this Champion is a Horseman of Apocalypse, become Passively Unblockable as long as 20 Telepathic Charges are active.

Apocalypse: Activating Special Attack 1 or 2 increases the potency of personal burst damage by +25%, this can stack up to +300% max

ENEMIES with, Beast, Mister Sinister, Havok

All Champions gain +155 Critical Rating.

FAMILY with Cyclops (New Xavier School), Cyclops (Blue Team), Cable, Phoenix

All Champions gain +6% Health.


  • Glass Cannon

Stryfe can play fairly safe at low health with his Glancing mechanic and Invisibility cloak, this means he doesn’t need a high high base health and this mastery is a great option to give him a bunch more attack!

  • Block Proficiency & Perfect Block

Landing Heavy Attacks is a great way to shortcut Stryfe’s loop, these masteries that help reduce block damage will help him get off more heavy attacks with less chip damage!

  • Assassin

This mastery allows Stryfe to close out fights much quicker, this also reduces the window of opportunity to receive an attack that might glance and remove Telepathic Charges.